Welcome one and all to the Phat Daily Column, once again. Yes, there was no PDC yesterday, but there was a good reason. I spent a nice portion of yesterday re-installing Windows on the Compaq from Hell, and setting up things on my computer to my likings. That's why there was no PDC, besides the fact that I had no idea what to write, actually.

Argh, I'm so upset that I missed Chuck Palumbo/Sean O'Haire vs. Chris Kanyon/Mark Jindrak. I tuned in for the last 15 minutes of the Heat replay last night, thinking that I'd see that match since it's the Heat main event. Oh no, I get an interview with X-Factor and a recap of the Vince vs. Shane feud instead. Joy, joy, joy!

You know what I find very funny? I'm soo laughing at how the WCW wrestlers are saying that the Time Warner WCW had better long term planning for the storylines than the WWF. It's true, actually. WCW had long term plans, especially for the World Title involving Steiner and Booker T. That's why you didn't see that many hot-shot title changes on Chunder or Nitro at the very end. Ace may have been a 1980s thinking booker, but he was aiming for long term storylines. The current WWF scheme, headed by Stephanie McMahon and overlooked by Vince McMahon, goes for booking on the fly, which means that they book each wrestling show just hours before it airs on television. They DO NOT book anything past that day. That's probably what the WCW wrestlers are noticing and probably wondering on how the WWF can get by from being so unorganized.

Let's hype RAW. On to the PDC!


Week 3 of the WCW Invasion................ The first week, we had a small taste of the WCW wrestlers. The second week, the WWF experimented with having WCW matches on their shows, especially since the eventual plan is to have RAW become a WCW show. So what will come of the 3rd week? Well, there's 2 Full Weeks until the Pay Per View, so we might get some stalling, knowing the current WWF booking team who can't build up feuds if they tried.

RAW will be in the HEART of WCW country, as they come to us from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA. Now you're thinking: hey, WCW fans will cheer the WCW wrestlers! Yeah right. The last few times that WCW travelled to Atlanta, they barely had a 1/4 of the capacity in attendance! I believe that attendance projections were soo poor for an Atlanta show that WCW cancelled it to move to a smaller venue in Georgia, once. The South is NOT WCW country anymore, for WCW lost their fanbase when let the maniacs run the asylum backstage, like Russo. The WWF sold waaaaaaaaay more tickets in Atlanta than WCW has ever dreamed of in the past 2 years.

By the way, the WWF.com preview keeps insisting that Atlanta is the "former home of WCW". Yeah, their offices, maybe, but not the fanbase from the last 2 years, thanks to WCW abandoning their fans with poor wrestling content.

For my Smackdown review, I was PISSED that I forgot to comment on the very last segment of the show. After seeing all of the WCW wrestlers attacking the Undertaker, and then the weird swerve with Shane getting attacked by DDP, I was going to ask if Russo was back writing for WCW. That was such a quick and senseless swerve, and it was probably booked by Shane so that he could set up his own match with DDP on RAW. Not that I mind, for both Shane and DDP work hard to make their matches look good......

This match has run in marked all over it, to which I see DDP and Shane rejoining forces to start part of the 10 man match that we'll see at Invasion. Once they rejoin, you could ask: "why did they break up in the first place?" I'm wondering that too, and I'm still wondering why the Big Show was given the Hardcore Title a month ago or whatever. You see, the current WWF booking staff doesn't think accordingly and they refuse to use logic when they quickly scribble down the storylines.

The match will be a Street Fight, to which Shane McMahon will probably break his neck and lose a lot of blood, again. Shane has the heart to do anything for his company, and he's the most hardcore wrestler in the fed. Give him the damn Hardcore title! That makes sense, but...........

I'm wondering if we'll see Mike Awesome in action tonight? They should have him defend his Hardcore Title to show the fans that Rhyno will be up for the fight of his life at Invasion. However, I don't know what WWF superstar or WCW wrestler would be willing to take his stiff moves. Yeah, Rhyno can take his punishment, but he's fighting him at Invasion. How about Spike Dudley? D'oh! Broken ankle for him. Raven? He's a 40 year old man now; he won't be taking any insane shots for anybody. Well, whoever the sacrificial lamb will be, Mike Awesome needs to look good on WWF television to hype the match. It's very vital.

Since I unfortunately caught the final 15 minutes of Mtv Heat, I saw the lame X-Factor interview. I can't wait to see the ratings for this show. Ahem. During their interview, X-Pac just stood up and started to scream weird things. While he was screaming, he eventually challenged Billy Kidman to a match at Invasion. So will we see something to hype their feud tonight? I'd die to see a Rey Mysterio/Kidman vs. Credible/X-Pac match, but I don't think Rey-Rey will be getting a contract-contract from the WWF. You know what wouldn't hurt? How about mentioning that X-Pac was a former WCW Cruiserweight champion, and that he was one of the longest reigning ones, at that? X-Pac, named Syxx back then, held that belt forever until he pissed off Eric Bischoff after a while. To show that Syxx was in the doghouse, Bischoff made X-Pac lose to Chris Jericho at a houseshow for the title, I believe. Maybe X-Pac could say that he is still the champ since he was wrongfully screwed out of it by Bischoff?

Other than that, who knows what could occur on RAW? All I know is that the past 2 RAWs during the WCW Invasion has been very poorly booked and prepared, while the Smackdowns have been much better. It would make more sense to book a better show for RAW to deliver higher ratings for Smackdown, right? Last time I checked, that was the current logic working.

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