Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column, the Sunday edition. Today, according to the schedule, I must award my "Show of the Week" award to a certain show, and that I have to predict WCW's pay per view, Bash at the Beach. There is lots of rumors floating around tonight about the World Title match, and I'll discuss them in my predictions. Without any more hesitation, on to the PDC

-Show of the Week-

WCW Thunder- This week's title was a war, as 3 other shows had to come in at a very close second. Heat, Smackdown, and ECW on TNN were all excellent shows, but Thunder tops them all. Thunder is the last show of the Terry Taylor booking era, and this style, WHICH GENERATED THE SAME RATINGS AS RUSSO, will be thrown in the trash and ignored by Vince Russo when he returns. I just hope that the push for Booker T continues after Russo comes back, or this night where Booker T did one hell of a job stepping up, will mean nothing.



What the hell is Vince Russo thinking to reunite the New World Order with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan? What on earth was he smoking on his break? Doesn't he remember what happened to his precious NWO 2000 last time? What's even worse is that he's not considering what happens when you put Hogan at the center of focus, especially when he's in the NWO. This is LEGIT proof of how bad Vince Russo truly is. If his plan is allowed tonight, look for WCW to fold up and disappear.

-Bash at the Beach Predictions-

Booker T vs. Positively Kanyon
I'm a little cautious on this one, since Booker T did pin Kanyon on Thunder last Wednesday night. But if WCW is smart, they will see that Booker T did one hell of a job in his main event match on Thunder, and this should be another walk in the park.... Besides, I think that DDP just might show up and BANG! diamond cut Kanyon. If not, well.......
Tito's Pick: Booker T

Wedding Gown Match: Ms. Hancock vs. Daffney
Wow, Terry Taylor kept Russo's fantasies alive on this match! It will be just like the Hardcore Evening Gown match between Brisco and Patterson a few weeks ago, but only with women.... I'm sure those wonderful sites with those HUGE WOMEN OF WRESTLING GALLERIES will be capturing images off this one, and they hope someone will toss off on them in order to get hits for their sites. What am I talking about here? David Flair will probably interfere.
Tito's Pick: Ms. Hancock

Mike Awesome vs. Scott Steiner
It would be rather strange for someone to get the win over his opponent after just ending a suspension, especially when he refused to job to that same wrestler. But hey, this is Scott Steiner, and we MUST make him happy. Lord only knows that punishment doesn't mean anything in WCW.
Tito's Pick: Scott Steiner

The Perfect Event vs. Kronic for the World Tag Titles
It's time to give the titles to the guys who are soooo over, right? Yeah, I just must be listening to the wrong crowd noise. But hey, might as well get their title reign out of the way now, especially with a few younger tag teams moving up, thanks to Terry Taylor. Besides, now the Perfect Event can play with Woody more in the truck, instead of having to defend those titles. If you missed that joke, just think of the word "Woody" here.
Tito's Pick: Kronic

Juvy vs. Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight title
Ooops! I made a boo boo in Thursday's column, as Juvy did NOT win the Cruiserweight title. *FINGER OF SHAME* is pointed at myself. Since the Cruiserweight title is an excuse for the Misfits to have some recognition, Chavo will keep it here. Plus, I guess the loss Thunder, which confused me, is Chavo "paying his dues" for this match tonight.
Tito's Pick: Lt. Loco Chavo Guerrero

Buff Bagwell vs. Shane Douglas
Russo is coming back, nuff said. Shane is a good bud of Russo from what I'm told, plus, Buff is the worst thing going in WCW. How can he act like a face in the ring, when he's a psychopath in the back? I still don't get that, and I think people like Russo should understand this.
Tito's Pick: Shane Douglas

Vampiro vs. Demon
It will be revealed tonight that the Great Muta is the evil driving force in this angle, thus setting up a sweet feud between Muta and Vampiro. If Muta fans of old start watching this again, the angle could be a strong ratings draw for WCW. Then again, the Great Muta can't speak English on the mic, so in Russo's eyes, he's finished. Just let him spit the green mist! Muta will cost Vampiro the win here, and it will butter up KISS to see Demon actually win a match at a Pay Per View. They should have labeled it "special main event".
Tito's Pick: Demon

Kevin Nash vs. Bill Goldberg for the sake of Scott Hall
I smell a swerve!! I don't think this whole situation with Hall is real, as I think he'll turn on Nash. Then again, WCW's surprise is supposed to turn back into a face, REAL SOON. Hard one to call, but I will say this.....
Tito's Pick: Bill Goldberg

Jeff Jarrett vs. Hulk Hogan for the World Title
I have a feeling that Hogan will do the same thing he did for Sting a while ago...walk down to the ring, and lay down. Hogan refuses to job to Jeff Jarrett, as he feels he's nothing but Russo's boy(which he is), and he probably feels that Jarrett isn't a good enough wrestler for him to job(which in turn, is true). This match should be the one to watch, and not for the "wrestling" talent, but for the major politics swinging around. I'll be a fool, and bet against Hogan for once this month. I know...it's dangerous, but I'll predict the laying down effect here like he did with Sting.
Tito's Pick: Jeff Jarrett

If I forgot any matches, blame the Flash type Bash at the Beach site!

@Not much going on in the world of wrestling, except for the Bash at the Beach. I'll be back tomorrow with the Monday Night Hype column, along with any thoughts of what went down tonight. See you tomorrow!

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