Welcome back to YET another edition of the Phat Daily Column. I've got something special lined up for today, and I also have some Phat Chat news. On to the PDC.Note: I am very behind on e-mail recently, so if you haven't received any expected replies from me, this is why. Sorry.


-The future of Goldberg is uncertain in WCW. Sure he appeared on Nitro after the Megadeth concert, but he probably only did that to promote Universal Solder 2, which he has a role in. Goldberg is still griping for more money, but Bischoff is not giving in. It will be interesting to see if this situation is still going on when that RUMORED "out clause" happens in October. If this dispute is still happening by then, and Goldberg does have that "out clause", don't be surprised if he takes it. He's very interested in one day fighting Stone Cold, and that could be his ticket to ride.-Well, according to Calvin's hotline report, Master P's final WCW appearance could be Bash at the Beach when his No Limit Soldiers take on the Country Team. If he's actually leaving, WCW can save their money, since he costed them $200,000 per appearance. That's ridiculous. Anyways, if it is his final appearance, that only means a super push for the Country stable. WCW is really starting to like the Country team. They are marketing the T-shirts, having the "I hate rap" promoted on radio stations, and they are giving them more camera time than the rap side. -Hogan will most likely come back at the end of this month, or maybe August. What is probably going to happen is that Hogan will have the title, and then eventually drop it to Bret Hart. Wait a sec, Nash has the world title, and it appears that he isn't losing it for a while. He has said so himself, that he won't job to Hogan again, so that creates controversy! Nash is much more powerful, WCW decisionwise, than he was when Hogan beat him back in January. The reformation of the NWO, which had Nash jobbing to Hogan on purpose, was actually scripted when Nash first started as head booker. We'll see what happens here.


-Well, the WWF is learning from WCW's mistakes. That's right, and this is directed towards recent musical acts. The WWF has wanted some music stars for a while, and they have always been after DMX, but now all hope is lost for musical acts in the WWF. Oh well, musical acts in wrestling equal bad ratings and problems for a federation. Musicial acts usually bring their egos into the lockerroom, and their egos just don't mix with the wrestlers. A good example was ICP. They acted like Gods backstage, and they were taking actual shots at the wrestlers in the ring. Wrestlers would get pissed at them, but they didn't hurt ICP since their job depended on it. -The WWF is really mixing around ideas on where to use Jericho when he arrives. He will be on his own, probably at first. It's unknown if he will do a shoot interview when he arrives. Many readers wish he would join DX, but I think it would be too obvious for the WWF to put him in DX. One thing that the great Ryan Brander pointed out to me, was the fact that the WWF now has a bunch of midsized wrestlers that look like Jericho or are shaped like Jericho(ex. Edge, Christian, Triple H). WWF is probably going to eventually push Jericho as a heel main eventer, because it appears that they see potential in Jericho; something WCW didn't see.-Everyone is wondering what is going on with Shawn Micheals these days. Well, right now, he's enjoying live. He's relaxing, styling and profiling, banging Whisper, and being very cafeful about his wrestling career ending back injury. The WWF just wants to use him for added shock value when they need it, since he's the commissioner in the storylines. It's very hard to say if he'll be part of DX, since the WWF wants active wrestlers to be part of the future DX factions. Plus, they feel that HBK has "been there, done that" with DX. They would rather him out of DX, since he can't wrestle with them.

Phat Chat RETURNS!!!!

-That's right. The most electrifying night of chatting is back for this Sunday Night at 8 PM Eastern. I'm not too sure who is the guest yet, but I'll find someone. Guest or no guest, Phat Chat will happen this Sunday! Oh yeah, Phat Chat is now on the LoP Chat Server!! You can now access the chat by going to http://www.lordsofpain.net/chat/phatchat.html. To access it now on mIRC, use the server lordsofpain.chatspace.com and go to channel #phatchat. I hope to see you there!

Alright, I'll admit it. Before the internet, and before I was Mr. Tito, I used to suscribe to Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Hey, it provided me with the news that I needed, plus I liked the pictures. I didn't have the internet then, so I needed something? Anyways, there was a feature in it that I enjoyed very much. It was the WCW-WWF Midyear report. Yes, I know that I'm 9 days over the midyear point, but oh well, I'll do it anyways! Hell, I'll even grade them to add a little spice to it. Enjoy!

WWF Midyear Report and Views

-Alright, the WWF is still hammering WCW in the ratings. Why? Because they can always put on a solid and entertaining program. The WWF, most of the time, puts on awesome Pay Per Views, and they can somehow always create shock value. The WWF can somehow get away with having a taped show against a live show every week, yet still win. The angles have been somewhat repetitive, and that's the only problem I see with the WWF. The WWF, so far this year, gets a


for their efforts this year. The repetition is the only REAL problem the WWF has.

WCW Midyear Report and Views

-This year, so far, has given us strange, and very confusing angles. The beginning of this year gave me a sour taste in my mouth with Hogan defeating Nash so easily. Ever since then, it's confusing as hell to decide what side someone is on. Horrible finishes to Nitro main events and watered down midcards have made me disappointed in WCW. They can do so much better, but they do nothing about it. The only thing they can think of now is bringing back wrestlers and hiring rap stars. The WCW receives a


, because they can do so much better.

=Just a note here. Controversy has happened with the recent events concerning the LoP Brian Christopher page. Brian Christopher made a commentary on WWF.com about this homepage, saying it was a fake. There is no need to bark at Calvin about this. The person who claimed to be Christopher was very convincing, and Calvin just made a mistake. Everyone makes a mistake, since nobody is perfect. Even the reporters or columnists that get paid for their work make mistakes. I make mistakes. The whole world makes mistakes! This is nothing to be worked up about, as Calvin Martin apologized, so that's it. He busts his ass to provide the best wrestling site on the net, Lordsofpain.net, so an error is really nothing.

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