Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. The ratings are finally in, so I'm wondering how the WCW hype did for it's ratings. Let's find out. On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis

Monday Nitro

First Hour: 3.8Second Hour: 3.3Third Hour: 2.7Composite: 3.27


First Hour: 5.7Second Hour: 6.2Composite: 5.95

Head To Head

RAW: 5.95Nitro: 3.0

-Ok, this week had less viewers than last week. I suppose they didn't buy into the WCW hype, or someone read the spoilers. I think it was because of the holiday weekend, and many were traveling late. Whatever the case may be, many were tuned off on Nitro as the second hour started at 3.3, then dropped to 2.7 while RAW went up. WCW, in my mind had too many loose ends that they just can't fix. That lip syncing and the Megadeth portions killed it for me, leading up to the main event. Of course, WWF's main event was much better, and I think the fans knew that the Nash vs. Sid match wouldn't be a match at all. I know that WCW can put on a better show than this, and maybe close the gap on the repetitive WWF. Maybe, that is if WCW doesn't "drop the ball" everyweek.


-More concern over what happened with Macho Man on Monday Night is still going on days after Nitro. Right now, the WCW bookers are wondering how they can patch this up. It's hard to say what will happen with the Macho Man after this incident, but WCW, like they always do on controversial angles, could just drop it all together. WCW made a mistake by having that segment. Macho did look pissed as hell, and that probably drove some fans away thinking it was real. Whatever the case, that wasn't a great way to generate heat. Heat on disturbing angles isn't the right way to get a heel over. We'll see how this plays out.-Like the WCW hotline reports, you know the ones that Calvin only makes and everyone else rewords, say that the "Rap is Crap" song is really over with the Country audience. Like I've said before, some local radio stations have been playing it in my area, and in many fan's areas as well. This could be good publicity for WCW, that is why the Country team played it at Nitro. It seems that WCW is leaning towards having the Country team now as faces, not heels. Even as heels, the Country team gets more face heat than the No Limit soldiers. It would work out much better if they switched.-Well, I have heard that WCW has the 30 no wrestling guarantee on Chris Jericho. So when Jericho's contract expires, he has to stay off of WWF television for 30 days. WCW is STILL pondering over the decision to bring him on WCW television. The bookers want him for the ratings, but Bischoff feels that by having him wrestle on WCW for a brief period, and then show up on the WWF, would boost the WWF's ratings. Of course, if you job the hell out of him, maybe everyone will just laugh at Jericho when he arrives on WWF television. We'll see, and of course, the 30 day thingy could be just a rumor.


-Well, it's offical. According to WWF.com, Jerry Lawler is running for Mayor of Memphis! Good chances say that his local popularity will probably win him the election. I like the King, but if he gets the job as Mayor, will he still do commentating? I think he's the best heel commentator ever, and without him, the WWF shows wouldn't have as much life to them. If he gets Mayor, especially for a decent sized city of Memphis, then it would be hard to travel with the WWF and be Mayor at the same time. I only wish Lawler the best.-Well, the Big Show has been said to be disappointed with the WWF when they didn't make him King of Ring. He feels, as a huge WWF investment, that winning the King of the Ring would have gotten him the opportunity to become an instant contender. The WWF felt that they can get Paul Wight over anytime, but that Mr. Ass needed to win the King of the Ring to give him some credibility. The WWF has big plans for the Big Show, like the super push that he will receive real soon, and the early rumors say that he'll fight Stone Cold at Wrestlemania next year! It will be interesting to see how what the WWF does to make the Big Show get more over as a main eventer.

@That's it for today's PDC. Thanks for reading, and just chill..till the next episode.

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