Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. It's been a LONG week for myself and it's been a long week in professional wrestling, as well. It seems that time is going soooo slow anymore, and it seems to be lightyears in between each television show. I guess that's nice to happen in the summer, for me at least.

Time is money, so on to the PDC.

This past week was Week 2 of the WCW Invasion into the WWF, with the WWF experimenting with the exposure of having WCW matches on WWF shows. On RAW, we had Buff Bagwell vs. Booker T, which wasn't exactly a great match by any accounts. In fact, it reportedly pissed off Vince McMahon due to its poor quality. On Smackdown, however, we had better matches. First, it was Gregory Helms against Billy Kidman, which was a strong Cruiserweight match with Kidman winning the title, and second, it was Diamond Dallas Page vs. Booker T in a better main event than RAW.

So were these matches successful? Well..... The ratings were practically the same on RAW, and they were just slightly up on Smackdown. What can we say about this? At least the Invasion Angle isn't LOSING viewers, but at the same time, it's not quickly gaining them, either. I don't know. I guess we'll just see if a steady ratings incline will occur, or if this is the final bottoming out part.

As far as the news is concerned.... The WWF is already experiencing some ego problems with Buff Bagwell, who is already off to a bad start with his attitude. The WWF originally picked his contract up from Time Warner/AOL because they thought his attitude came from a poor working environment, but they were totally wrong. Another big name in the news was Jerry "the King" Lawler. Last weekend's reports said that Lawler agreed to show up on RAW as part of Team WCW, but the deal fell through. Now, it's very unknown if the King will return to the WWF, or not, especially with a WCW team that has already announced 2 shows now.

Finally, the injury bug just won't go away in the WWF. Steve Austin's injuries seem to get worse, as his back just won't feel better ever since the bad table spot at King of the Ring. That's why we've been seeing Austin doing a lot of backstage skits. Austin even hurt himself doing beatdowns on Booker T, which shows you the extent of Austin's injury. Angle, although he's still roughed up, appears to be a lot better than he was 2 weeks ago.

On to the awards......

-Best Tag Team-

The Hardy Boyz

I don't care how unsuccessful they were as a team this week, for they lost to the weak duo of Big Show and Billy Gunn. The Hardys are just getting wasted in the WWF by booking them with looney inter-gender matches, like the one we saw on RAW, or they'll get booked into losing against sloth teams like Big Show/Billy Gunn. After 3 years of putting their bodies on the line, do they deserve this horrible treatment by the idiotic WWF writers or bookers.... or even Vince McMahon himself?

Along with the Dudleys and Edge/Christian, the Hardy Boyz have put their bodies on the line for the sake of adding that extra spark to a show that is in great of need. Now the teams of Edge/Christian and the Dudleys get their fair share of jobbing to sloths like the Hardys, but not as much as the Hardys.

The Dudleys would have gained the honor, but they are sort of repetitive fighting Jericho this week.

-Match of the Week-

Billy Kidman vs. Gregory Helms

These two talented Cruiserweights showed the WWF why the Cruiserweight division was booming at the very end of the Time Warner/AOL owned WCW. Lots of good spots hit in this match and non stop action that both wrestlers are capable of delivering. Helms is very consistant in all of his matches, while Kidman wrestles better when he's happy. I wonder how hard Kidman was kicking himself when he had the opportunity to be one of the Radicalz in early 2000. Just think how things would have been back then.

Billy Kidman made the first WCW title change under the WWFE rule when he defeated Gregory "I used to be Shane" Helms for the Cruiserweight title. This make a lot of sense, for Kidman is a more well known name than Helms, at this point, to WWF fans. Rumor has it that we'll see Billy Kidman and X-Pac go at it for a Cruiserweight interpromotional war. Damn, that will be good, especially if both competitors are up for it.

I didn't really feel there were strong matches this week, making this Cruiserweight match an obvious choice.

-Surprise of the Week-

Triple H on Tough Enough

Yeah, I know this isn't a surprise, for Mtv and the WWF were advertising this for a while now. However, it was Triple H's words that made the unexpected surprise on Tough Enough. The really buff contestant, Jason I believe, was very moved by what Triple H had to say. The Game told all of the contestants about the hard times as a wrestler, as they travel over 200 days a year and so forth.

Jason, who just found a great girlfriend, had second thoughts about being a part of Tough Enough, and without even thinking that he might be throwing a once in a lifetime opportunity out the window, he just left. Now, he can just find work close to home and enjoy life without the pain or hell of being a pro wrestler.

No real surprises on the wrestling shows this week.

-FINGER OF SHAME of the Week-

Billy Gunn and Big Show's victory

This one beat out Edge vs. Albert, just because Albert does have a title, while Show and Gunn are just a slopped together tag team. Since they are a slopped together team, it further made it ridiculous when they beat a very established tag team, and cleanly at that, in the Hardy Boyz. What is the WWF thinking?

Instead of rewarding hardwork, the WWF is rewarding two underachievers with a victory over a team who has basically risked their lives over the past 3 years. Big Show and Billy Gunn refuse to improve themselves, and instead of punishing them by jobbing them out or sending them to the minors, they are put together as a team and they are allowed to win.

Some say that the WCW Empire of 1998 fell because WCW rewarded those who slacked, while they shit on those who worked hard. Could we be seeing a reoccurring pattern here?


5. Crash Holly: Anyone who loses to 2 women and is very entertaining should get the precious #5 spot for this week. You da man Crash! YOU DA MAN!

4. Diamond Dallas Page: Glad to see DDP back in action, but in a better federation.

3. Billy Kidman: Big victory on Smackdown, and his feud with X-Pac COULD be good.

2. Chris Jericho: Solid all-around wrestling week, I guess.

1. Booker T: See Below

-Best Wrestler-

Who else could I honestly give this award to? This week's wrestling presented us with a lot of "sports entertainment" and not so high quality matches. Booker T did wrestle in 2 main events, and he did decent in both. He beat Diamond Dallas Page on Smackdown, although tainted, and he had to work with Buffy the Locker-room Morale Slayer on RAW.

The WWF honestly needs to find a role for what WCW is. Are they heels or faces? Well, the WWF has presented them as faces, but the WWF fans are booing them, making them heels. Booker T's matches, both being main events, have been hurt by that factor. Just remember that the NWO invasion was cool because the Outsiders were heels, and it made for a believeable hostile takeover.

I do believe that Booker T is in need of a new finisher move. His kicks just look ackward anymore, and the axe kick isn't that strong of a finisher. Hey, he can't do the Bookend, now can he? I guess Booker T is still somewhat of a work in progress, as is the rest of this WCW Invasion.

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