Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column, where dreams come true. Well, not really. Today, is a special day....it's WWF DAY! Yes, it's indeed that case. I will say this...the new schedule for my PDC is helping me keep a fresh mind for writing these columns. Before, I'd be somewhat confused on what to write...now I know, and knowing is half the battle. On to the PDC.



Brooklyn Brawler wins! Brawler wins!! Not only that...but he defeated Triple H, a main eventer! You know, I don't know whether to laugh at this win, or the botched up bulldog and weak moonsault that Jericho "knocked out" Triple H with.

I think the WWF has been taking this rumor about the Main Eventers becoming an exclusive club WAY too seriously. Just look at what is going on.... Undertaker/Kane are feuding with Edge/Christian, and also, the Undertaker is feuding with Kurt Angle as well. Triple H is feuding with Chris Jericho, and the Rock is now feuding with Chris Benoit. I guess they are out to "prove the dirtsheets wrong", or something, because the next show after that rumor was released, things immediately changed. Hmm.

New Intercontinental champ tonight, which makes me question a few things. First, why Val Venis as the champ? He's a good wrestler, but he's damaged goods. Those months off television from injuries really hurt this man's career, and not only that, his gimmick as a "porn star" won't take him any further than the IC title. I don't know, I just think Val needs repackaged in some way or another, and not just thrown the IC title like they did for Rikishi.

Secondly, what the hell is going on with Tazz? The WWF keeps booking him to attack certain wrestlers, and he attacked Rikishi for the second time on Smackdown. Now I've said that the WWF is probably making Tazz out to be a loner, but at least remember who the hell injured Tazz. It's not like Chris Benoit, in the storylines, hurt him or anything. Oh wait, now they are in different angles, so we just can't use their history anymore.

Damn, I'm not much for interviews, but that promo that Mick Foley on Triple H in the back was spectacular! One of Mick's best ones in a while, as he threatened Triple H with the consequences of his actions. Good stuff.

Good old Steven Richards stole the Dudley's table in their match with Chaz and D'Lo. I wonder how Thrasher feels about that team anyway. Oh well, back to the topic. When Steven took the table away, I was about to panic. I didn't think a new tag team could defeat the Dudleys, but now they could have. But the Dudley's defeated those two held down wrestlers, cleanly.

Speaking of clean wins, good match with Undertaker/Kane vs. T&A. Very physical match up, and the Undertaker/Kane team had someone looking into their eyes for once. Both Albert and Test are pretty tall themselves, which made for a good match up. With Undertaker and Kane as a team, the WWF is so loaded with tag teams right now. I just hope that if they decide to give the titles to the two men from the Darkside, that they don't keep them and dominate the whole division for a while(*cough*New Age Outlaws*cough*), thus ruining the tag division.

How do you get a wrestler mad? Throw shit on their motorcycle! God, who the hell is booking these well wrote angles nowadays? *sarcasm*

I don't know about you, but those Dean Malenko vs. women matches are pretty rough. I've always said this about both Malenko and Benoit: they can make their opponents look REAL good. This was the case with Malenko, selling everything that Ivory and Jackie threw at him. He did the same for his match on Heat with Jackie as well last week. I don't know whether it will help the great Lightweight champ to get more "over", but who knows? Hey, Crash Holly did cause him to lose last night...and everyone loves Crash, right? You can't beat up precious Elroy Jetson!


The WWF is making a smart move by putting Shane McMahon with Chris Benoit. It somewhat helped the Big Show get over, but in this case, Benoit is a more violent and tougher wrestler than Big Show could imagine. With the addition of Shane, Benoit will probably reach new levels in the WWF. Shane's trash talking will help give some extra needed heat for the Crippler, and Benoit's killer instinct will keep making him a force in the WWF. I wouldn't be surprised to see Benoit win the World title at the next Pay Per View.

Oh yeah, I forgot this for Wednesday's column.....

Midyear Tag Team Award

The Dudley Boys- Easily, the most talented tag team in the WWF right now. Nobody gave them a chance in 1999, when they arrived, fresh off from being ECW champs. Now, they are the most loved Tag Team in the WWF. From their great title reign, to their efforts to put on a great show every night, I see no other tag team more deserving of this Mid Year award.

The Dudley Boyz are surprisingly over as faces....well, not really. They were cheered when they were heels more than the fans would cheer for their opponents, the faces. They are suffered from a rare case of "Stone Cold syndrome", where the heels become larger than life, and are much more over than the faces could imagine. Wrestlers like the Rock, Chris Jericho, and others have suffered from this. Well, not actually suffering, but you know what I mean.

Stone Cold Steve Austin will either return at Summerslam, or just a few RAWs afterward. The Summerslam thing is just a projection, and not fact. He might come back much later than that, but who knows. The storylines are still centered aroung Austin, as the WWF tries to hide it with having Triple H, Rock, Undertaker, and Kane in separate feuds. I guess the criticism and the lowered ratings were starting to light some fires there in the WWF for them to keep having Triple H and the Rock fight one more time.

Looks like that cult also named as the PTC is starting to lose some power. Some sponsors are starting to dump the PTC on their heads, especially Toys R Us, a big toy seller of the WWF. I only wish more sponsors of the PTC would see how false this cult truly is, because the WWF has done everything asked of them to tone their Smackdown show down, but yet they still go after their advertisers. Their real purpose is to NOT let their kids enjoy a good wrestling show, and that's all. I'm sure if the WWF was on UPN for a couple years, then the PTC would back off. But nooo, the WWF has been on UPN for less than a year, so they attack it. Too bad the WWF is backed by Viacom now, which means that the PTC won't be as strong before because Viacom could threaten sponsors to lose their spots on top Nick or Mtv shows. Even CBS. So I think we are seeing the PTC starting to lose that power they once had.

Speaking of the PTC, I've had many offers to join those "anti-PTC" sites to fend off against this cult. I've turned them all down. Why? Well, the PTC does have many e-mail addresses and ways to contact them for their attacks on wrestling. They don't listen. If you e-mail their sponsors, they don't listen. Fact of the matter is that the only way the PTC takes notice is if it's a money factor. Like, Toys R Us stopping their support of the PTC. They are furious about that. Just because myself and others could write a column about them, doesn't mean it would do anything, which I know it wouldn't. Just let the sponsors decide for themselves about the PTC, and once they see the real monster behind it all, the PTC will crumble.

I've seen many individuals criticize Kurt Angle for his moonsault last Thursday, which broke Hardcore Holly's arm. They say that he shouldn't have even tried a move which he isn't perfect at. In some ways, I agree. However, I really feel that it was a total accident on Angle's part, and a light mis-positioning for the stunt. Accidents do happen in wrestling, like they do in any sports or forms of "sports entertainment". Holly was just on the receiving end, and he'll return like a ball of fire.

Reports are that Heat will turn into a musical show rather than a wrestling show once it hits Mtv's airwaves. Oh joy, that's all we need is for Mtv to ruin a WWF show. Sunday Night Heat, lately, has been a refreshing joy to watch lately. Great matches are always on the show, with each wrestler giving full effort to make that show good once again. There are at least 4 or 5 solid matches on that show every Sunday Night, but with Mtv sinking its teeth into it, that memory will be gone of a once promising show. Especially with the WWF's massive growth of midcarders, it's needed to get everyone television time.

BUT, before that happens, USA Networks just happened to appeal the victory by the WWF to sign with Viacom. Yikes! This could definately stall any plans on the WWF making the jump to expand their company, and could be very dangerous if USA Networks just happens to win the appeal. I guess this backs the thought that the USA Network executive once said about having the WWF, and that was that USA doesn't need the WWF to be the top cable station. Yep, that's why you'll fight till the end for the WWF.

And finally......

Mr. Tito's Phat Webpage Review

Alright, I've never done this before, but since the WWF recently repackaged their website, I've always wanted to review it. Since it's WWF Day here in PDC land, I'll review it now!


Basically, it still has the same exact features from the old design, but with the new design, we get drop down windows from Java script. That, my friends, is a big difference between the old design and the new. The old one had those moving letters for the features, but the new one has the drop down windows. The difference is that the new design, with those windows, takes FOREVER to load compared to the old. Someone on WWF.com needs to realize that not everyone has bought a DSL or Cable Modem connection yet. Many of us are restricted to only 56k, which makes it rough on the computer to check out the WWF's official webpage. At least this page has no Flash, another bad thing the WWF webmasters love to use.

Last Word: That's all I really need to say about the site. Nothing else has changed on the site, as the design is the only new feature. The old features are great on the site, especially the Titan trons. Oh, how I love those. The new design gets the webpage a


for long loading and nothing new added to their promoted revamped page.

@That's all for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow with...ECW day, as I'll cover ECW on TNN from top to bottom. Be sure to check out the Backyard BBQ for an updated Newsboard on Backyard Wrestling, along with great columns and sites. Phat Pharm: NEW "Bad Wrestling View" to Read! Click HERE to READ it!!! Take Care, and Thanks a Million for Reading.

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