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-Some concern from the higher-ups at WCW is happening over the recent Savage domestic abuse angle. The higer-ups of WCW have always wanted their program to be "family oriented", but lately, especially last night, WCW stepped beyond that. How do I feel about it? It was horrible. WCW must really want viewers to create that kind of shock value. Sure, the WWF has the stripping, the language, the adult themes, but they sure as hell don't have wrestlers throwing their valets around. WCW made a bad move for viewers and their shows by having that angle. I'm hoping that something is done to whoever booked that segment.-What will become of Bret Hart's career in WCW? Well, as reported, he met with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan about future angles. Eric Bischoff told Bret that he wants to push him, and have him defeat the then world champ Hogan at a Fall pay per view. Hogan, at the meeting, agreed to do the JOB to the Hitman. Many people are wondering if Hitman's interview was real or an angle. Well, he's coming back, but he, of course, is still shaken up by his brother's death. I don't know if his thing where he is asking the fans if he wants to come back is an angle. I'll still say this, like I've said it millions of times before. It's real sad that it took a tragedy for Bret Hart to finally get his push. Many say that he was getting his during the Toronto thing, but that's not the case. That was just to attract attention for ratings since it was in Bret's native country. Oh well, I wish the Hitman the best.-The decision war in the back between jobbing Jericho on his way out or leaving him off TV continues. The bookers are pressuring Bischoff to have Jericho on television, to humiliate him and embarass him before he enters the WWF. Bischoff feels that he shouldn't be on TV, because if he was, he would get attention, and be in WCW one moment, and in the WWF the next. Bischoff is also holding him back because he's hoping that Jericho becomes forgotten. We'll just have to sit back and see if WCW decides to attempt to lay the screws into Chris Jericho.


-The WWF seems to be happy with the decision to make the Hardy Boyz champions. Apparently, they are happy about the crowd response they received when winning the titles, and they are happy with the e-mail feedback they received so far. I like the Hardys as champs, but I think it's kinda early. Their win proves that Jim Ross has some swing in the WWF, as he was a huge Hardy Boyz supporter. He supports the Brood becoming champions too, so look for their careers to soar as well. Just look at Edge, he defeated Bossman on Monday Night. That' the beginning of his massive push.-Well, Austin and the Undertaker are fighting in a "first blood" match at Fully Loaded. This proves my theory, yet again, that the WWF is beginning to suffer from repetition. Austin and Undertaker have fought many times, but the WWF thinks that it can be brand new by adding a gimmick to the match. Simply pathetic. The WWF needs to desperately push some wrestlers to main eventers. They have great talent like Ken Shamrock, Kane, Big Show, and now Mr. Ass that can be pushed somehow to stop the repetitiveness of the WWF.-Well, rumors say that DX will now form two factions. One, with Triple H, Chyna, Mr. Ass and some other wrestlers(probably) to go against the other team consisting of X-Pac, Road Dogg, and other wrestlers. I suppose this is a kind of interesting angle, since DX gets over with the fans. BUT, I'm not into this. I smell the NWO Hollywood and NWO Wolfpac situation all over again. The BAD DX will probably do well in the title situation, while the GOOD DX will be popular, but have no titles. Isn't that ironic.

Can Nitro Ever Produce a Great Main Event??

I've had it. After this week's Nitro, I've determined that WCW can't produce a good Nitro Main event. Sure, the matches look great on paper, but it always ends up in a disqualification or a no contest. It's guaranteed every week! It just hasn't happened recently, it's happened throughout WCW Nitro's history. How can WCW get away with such garbage every week? It's a total letdown to see a hyped up match have a horrible ending. Come on WCW, show us fans some respect, have a good main event with an actual win.If you look back to WCW's early Nitros, you will see the damned Dungeon of Doom running in on all of their hyped up main events. If you remember when Luger debuted on Nitro, and fought Hogan at first, the Dungeon of Doom always ran in. One of my favorite Nitro main events, until the ending, was the Hogan and Sting match. Sting had Hogan in the Scorpion Death Lock, and Hogan was about to submit while he was crying "He's gonna break it Macho". Was Sting going to defeat Hogan? NO! The Dungeon of Doom, once again, ran in. Ahhh!The great NWO run was a great angle, but face it, during those times, the main events were garbage. Every Nitro, they would hype a large Hogan match, but hey, the NWO would run in to make the save for Hogan. Every NWO match up had the same thing. NWO members would sprint to the ring either to make the save, or to kill the match. I liked the early NWO, but I remember getting pissed off every night when the main event had it's run ins. WCW gets confused on their endings, and they always use them to hype their Pay Per Views, so therefore, no real winners come from them. Nitro's main events, in my opinion, are one of their annoying ratings killers. A lack of a strong main event each week, turns viewers off. Just take a look at this week's main event. Sid vs. Nash had the makings of a great event, but it had tons of Savage interference, and tons of wrestlers running in. That left a sour taste in my mouth, and my Monday Night Grades showed that. I've determined a few things that are killing their main events. One, main event wrestlers don't want to do the JOB to other main event wrestlers. Two, doesn't have the sack to force any of the main eventers to JOB. Three, I think their shows are made as the show goes on, so no planning or scripting is made. Four, WCW tries to save their best for the pay per views. Five, WCW thinks that their programming that was successful during the great NWO run, which had tons of run-ins on main events, still works today. And finally, too much wrestler control over what happens in every main event. Oh well, maybe someone at WCW reads this column. Maybe they can give me a good main event sometime during Nitro. If not, I won't be afraid to continually bash their prized Nitro every week in the grades.

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