Welcome to the all new edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss Smackdown and Tough Enough, if you can dig that. I'd go on more with this introduction, but I have a limited amount of time to write this column for today, so on to it.

The opening match was Spike Dudley/Chris Jericho vs. the Dudleys, which was a pretty decent opener. The Dudley Boyz have yet to establish themselves as heels, which baffles me on what the WWF actually wants to do with those guys. The Dudley Boyz got the clean win, but Jericho ran in and attacked at the end to save face. Ya know, the WWF uses that method a lot anymore so that both wrestlers or tag teams "look good". Rather strange.

The backstage segments with Kurt Angle and Steve Austin were just hilarious! You gotta give some credit to the WWF for using them in a good way while both guys are injured. That hat just looked ridiculous on Kurt Angle.

With the referee brawl.... I'd have to think on which crew I like or think is better. I've always been a big fan of Charles Robinson, Billy Silverman, and Nick Patrick. Hmmm.....

The second match was Jackie versus Crash Holly. Ya know, Crash got pissed at me for calling him a jobber when he lost to Rhyno several weeks in a row, so when he loses to women for 2 straight days, what should I call him? Glorified Jobber? Oh wait, I must remember... it's not about winning or losing, it's about "entertainment". It is pretty entertaining to see women going over Crash. I'll agree with that.

I enjoyed the Billy Kidman vs. "Don't call me Shane" Gregory Helms match. It seemed as though Kidman had enthusiasm for the match, although he might have had that since he was going to win a title. But I do agree with the notion on giving Kidman the Cruiserweight title. Why? Because WWF fans have a better chance of knowing his name than Gregory's. Let's hope this newfound success for Kidman brings back the energy he once had when he was at his prime after leaving the Flock.

LONG Vince McMahon interview. Oh God was it such an ego trip! Look at me promoting myself! Wouldn't his time and focus be better backstage to make sure that the WCW invasion does better? Duh huh.

FINGER OF SHAME to the WWF for wasting the Hardys, once again. I'm sick and tired of this. When will the Hardys see their just due? When will they finally be able to beat any team that they want, without a stupid booking committee slapping together two LOSERS to defeat them. It's just a joke that the Hardys are getting pissed on like this, week in and week out. Billy Gunn and Big Show are shitty as a tag team, and will never amount to anything. NEVER!!!! They are both wastes in the company. Billy refuses to improve his wrestling ability, and Big Show refuses to drop weight. But hey, the Hardys are putting their lives on the line each time they wrestle, so why ignore that?

How about another FINGER OF SHAME? Ever since Edge has won the King of the Ring, what has it amounted to? A feud with Billy Gunn and a match with PRINCE Albert. God, what a fucking joke Albert is as Intercontinental Champion. Nobody boos him on the way down, unless he has X-Pac around him, who nobody likes. Please end this Jim Ross lovefest before it ruins the great IC belt forever, although it's been tarnished throughout the years.

Scotty 2 Hotty versus Dean Malenko was decent, with the WWF wanting more of the focus going to Perry Saturn. I don't honestly know where the WWF is currently going with Saturn and his goofy ways. I'm wondering if the WWF sees the vast goldmine of Lightweight wrestlers now at their disposal. It will be especially hard to see that when X-Pac is your champion.

Booker T vs. Diamond Dallas Page was a MUCH BETTER match than Buff vs. Booker T, but the crowd still wasn't fully into it because of seeing Buff vs. Booker T the night before. Both Booker T and DDP worked a pretty good match, in my opinion. I do wish, however, that Booker T would get more finisher moves than his kicks, because some of those are looking very sloppy anymore. What did I say in yesterday's column? I mentioned that the Undertaker would probably run down first, which he did. You don't even need to know the spoilers to easily predict some of the matches anymore.

LAST WORD: A much better show than RAW on all accounts, but I still worry about giving a full 2 hours of programming to WCW. Unless they have drastically great matches, it's going to be a complete bust. Also, if Invasion is just one Hardcore match and the big brawl, what will be the rest of the card? I'll give this show a B- (B minus).


The heavy focus of this show was definitely Triple H, and his appearance would send shockwaves throughout the house of contestants. Triple H came in and shocked the whole group and probably made them crap their pants. In the ring, Triple H asked several of them to take a bump. 3 of the guys did, and then Triple H bumped but at lightning fast speed! He then asked a contestant to punch him, and without hesitation, the guy slapped him a good one. Then, Triple H jacked him a few ones, which looked pretty good. Then the big bodybuilder guy, who I picked to win it all, was up next to take some punches. He must have been a big Goldberg or Undertaker fan, because he wasn't selling it. That pissed Triple H off, as he told the contestant that he'd hit him for real for that kind of sell job.

Then, the Game told them about how lucky and fortunate they were for their opportunity, and then he went into how hard the wrestling business truly is, in terms of time away from home. It obviously caught the attention, as the big bodybuilder guy quit the contest afterward! I guess he just found a great relationship with a girl that he didn't want to lose, and the thought of being away from her for a longer period of time really got to him.

At one point, I do agree with him. The wrestling schedule is hell, and it's not as rewarding as say a professional sports star in terms of money. Wrestlers have a lot of hell keeping in shape, travelling from hotel to hotel, doing lots of personal appearances, and giving their bodies a beating every night. To tell you the truth, there's no way I would that kind of life.

HOWEVER, the WWF should have informed everyone on what the life of a wrestler contains. That way they could have saves a spot on the Tough Enough roster for guys or gals who want that kind of life. Instead, he abruptly leaves the show, with a lot of contestants, who just missed the cut, cursing and swearing right now because this guy couldn't hang.

But anyway, I thought this show was WAY too much on the "Real World" side of things. This is what happens when you get on Mtv. Oh by the way, Tough Enough is gaining higher ratings than any of the Real World series. Isn't that ironic? But the stuff with the two people in the hot tub and just all of the bullshit in the house really hurt the quality of this week's show. I could give a rat's ass about how one person feels about another. I want to see the contestants jump into the ring and try to become wrestlers.

LAST WORD: The beginning with Triple H was just great, but the rest of the show was like a rerun of the "Real World". Next week's show looks a lot better, especially with Tazz back on the scene.

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