Welcome back......to the one and only Phat Daily Column. You know what today is...it's WCW day for the PDC, as the schedule says. Basically, I'll throw in my Thunder thoughts, and then go in depth into other areas of WCW. I'll do the same with the WWF tomorrow, as I'll evaluate Smackdown and other notes of interest in the WWF. It should be such wonderful fun. On to the PDC.



THE GODS HAVE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS, as Booker T had a night in the sun last night. First, he pinned Kanyon in a special tag match, and then he had a World Title shot at Jeff Jarrett. Booker T was too much for Jarrett, having him beat several times. Jarrett took out the Cat, who was the referee at the end of the match, and ran away. Aww, what a pussy! But this proves that Booker is MAIN EVENT MATERIAL, and the crowd was behind the man the whole match. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY in WCW deserves it more than Booker T. Let's hope that Hulk Hogan is on his way out from WCW, and that it restarts this feud with Booker T.

Before this match, Jeff Jarrett, however, had an interview. In that very interview, he said that Booker T isn't even in his league and is NOT a main eventer. Now I know that could have been scripted for Jarrett to say, but it's very ironic considering that Jeff Jarrett had everything handed to him when he entered WCW. The second he jumped from the WWF, he was given an immediate push, which was even continued during the Sullivan era, and it, of course, is still going in the second Russo era. Booker T has earned it, and he has the skill to be the man in WCW. Just give him the chance, like last night, and he WILL shine.

Wow. You know how bad the Perfect Event is when Bryan Adams and Woody can defeat them. Now that's sad, and I don't care how "good" you might claim Adams to be. He has a sound technician for his partner!!! Looks like the match at the Bash will be a runaway victory for Kronic at this rate.

I don't really get the whole David Flair/Daffney/Ms. Hancock situation. I guess they are making David Flair out to be a mean and dirty bastard. I guess they are reverting away from his father, who used to respect the ladies. We have David here, becoming engaged to one, and making out with the other! Talk about a Jerry Springer show now! Then you throw in Crowbar, who I guess, is out for Daffney's interests. Um, ok. Crowbar pounded David's ass last night, and even forced him to tell the world that he was fooling around with Ms. Hancock, and that he was told by Ms. Hancock to cut Daffney's hair. Boy, I'm getting confused writing this paragraph!

Juvy, who many say is on the outs with WCW, won the WCW Cruiserweight title last night. Of course, he didn't win this in one on one action with Chavo....oh no! It was a mixed tag match between Tygress and Juvy vs. Major Gunns and Lt. Loco Chavo Guerrero(Note from Tito: If you haven't read Chris's recent Breaking the Walls Down, please do about women like Major Gunns wrestling). After a bunch of chaos in the ring with a woman who could POP at any second, Juvy gets the win. I remember one time when the WCW Cruiserweight title meant something. Remember this? Oh wait, that was when the rest of WCW's product was great, and that was the time when Terry Taylor was at his best in booking.

Wow, no Hulk Hogan at Thunder, which could mean a few things. One, he's actually hurt, and he is because his knee is badly damaged. Two, he REFUSES to job for the "Chosen One" this Sunday. I can actually agree with Hogan on that one! Three, WCW is just saving money from his "pay per appearance" deal, which is reportedly $25,000 a night(WOW!!!). I'd say it's a mixture of one and two, especially since Jarrett is Russo's boy, and Hogan is TOTALLY against Vince Russo right now. It should be interesting at the Bash this year, eh?

Yes, I do rip on Lance Storm, and I have ever since his days in ECW. However, I will admit that he's doing a great job in his early start at WCW. He's wrestling at his best right now, and he's in a good program with Billy Kidman. Sure, he can wrestle, but in this day and age, a good gimmick or a good attitude will help a great wrestler achieve superstardom. That's what Lance needs right now to go along with his good wrestling ability. Maybe try to give him a valet? It cheaply worked in ECW, so why not? Just don't let the man on the mic though, because that can get scary.


Mike Awesome, in my opinion, is being under-used right now. WCW tries to use him more for the angles instead of their "wrestling" product. Do they know what this tough mofo can do in the ring? Then again, Awesome is one of the stiffest wrestlers out there. He hurt Booker T, and has let others complain about his stiff style. Of course, he ran into a rough roadblock last week when Scott Steiner refused to job to him on Thunder. That could possibly hurt Mike Awesome, as others in the locker-room might not respect him because Steiner wouldn't job to him, even though Steiner was guaranteed the win at the rematch for the Bash. I just hope WCW lets this man wrestle more, even at a less stiff rate. The man can fly off the top like a Cruiserweight, and he's pretty good on taking bumps. Why not let him wrestle?

As for Scott Steiner, I'm glad they suspended him. It's about time some enforcement was thrown around at WCW, even though it could be ignore as Steiner is heavily predicted to defeat Awesome at the Bash at the Beach. Hey wait a second....isn't Hogan refusing to job to Jeff Jarrett? Why can't you suspend him too? If we are going to be fair to Scott Steiner, you must be for Hogan too. Then again, Scott Steiner threatened Terry Taylor and the rest of the bookers about it, while Hogan would kiss and make up, and STILL get his way.

Bill Goldberg seems to be the topic of WCW discussion lately, as many question his status as a heel. He's only really played a heel in the storylines, but yet the fans want to cheer for him. A real heel will dog the fans at every moment he gets. Just look at Goldberg's good friend Triple H. He was a HUGE fan favorite, and when he turned heel, he had no reaction. Then he started ripping the fans, while ripping his opponents, and BAM, he's the best heel in the business now. Goldberg should try it....but oh wait! Word is that WCW wants Goldberg to slowly turn back into a face now! That sort of hurts the credibility for that famous "surprise", because that surprise isn't lasting too long anymore.

It's being said that Sting will come out of the Burn Ward(even though he's missing from it now), and return as the Blond surfer Sting. Now, that's just a rumor, but from the Promo last night of Vampiro and Sting, they showed that very Blond Sting in a few parts of it. Now, if Sting comes back as the Blond one, I'd probably mark out like crazy! BUT, I don't know if the Blond Sting could get by in this era of "sports entertainment". What I really mean is that could it fill seats? The return of Hulk Hogan got lots of cheers, but that only came from the core Hogan fans. The Blond Sting would get cheers from the core Sting fans....like myself. It's very hard to say if the Blong Sting would attract attention to the WCW product or not. I certainly hope it would......IF WCW decides to try it once again.

Lots of news floating around about Scott Hall either returning or being held back from the Bash at the Beach. I personally think it's a "swerve" to make it more of a surprise, as he'll show up for the main event....well, co-main event with Bill Golberg and Kevin Nash, probably turning on Kevin Nash because it's all about the swerve! Well, whatever it is, I think he will return to WCW this Sunday, and that's my opinion.

Speaking of opinions, I think it's rather interesting to see WCW employees now discussing Goldberg's attitude and the happenings at WCW. You know, those loveable column writers at WCW.com, who just happen to own their own sites or write on others. Times must be really bad for WCW, because those guys usually praise everything that WCW does, even when the ratings or the rest of the viewing world don't agree. Then again, they could each be putting on their own little "swerve", especially when WCW helps them put food on the table. I doubt that's the case here though, but I wouldn't be a happy wrestler if I saw some WCW columnists talking about my attitude online.

And finally, my favorite rap group, Insane Clown Posse, has helped to sign Vampiro to a 6 figure deal to their record label. I'm guessing that ICP and Vampiro are "boys" again. Yeah, throughout history, it will show us that Vampiro has almost walked out of WCW a few times....but when was this? Why, it was when he was close friends with ICP of course! I'm betting that this newfound partnership with ICP will lead them to some appearances with WCW again. Oh boy, I can't wait to change the channel for that one! Better yet....I have a GREAT IDEA. Why not sign Eminem to a wrestling contract, that way he could team up with Sting and KICK Vampiro's and ICP's asses!!!

@That's all for the first ever WCW day. Tomorrow will be the first ever WWF day, so just chill till the next episode.

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