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Mr. Tito July 06, 1999
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Welcome to the 100th consecutive Phat Daily Column!!! It has finally arrived for me, and I want to thank everyone for their support. Well, before I reveal the "surprise", I have to do the Monday Night Impressions. So let's hop to it! On to the 100th consecutive PDC.

Monday Night Impressions

Monday Nitro

Note: I am now grading the whole Monday Nitro, not just the crucial 2 hours. We'll see how it goes.

-The first match on Nitro was Juvy vs. Chavo jr. It had the makings of a good lightweight match, until team Savage ruined it. I guess this is just hype for later on.

-David Flair crowned US champ. Another title bites the dust...

-Vampiro still must be in the WCW doghouse, for no reason, as Rick Steiner mowed through him.

-Good Bret Hart interview, but I want to see him wrestle again.

-The Kickboxing match was alright I suppose, but it would have been better as a shoot. Hehe.

-Lodi had no chance tonight, but I'm sure Lenny Lane will make him better in the back. Yecch!

-God, I hate Piper interviews.

-Nothing like a messed up tag match between Taylor/Finley vs. Rey/Konnan. Nothing like the Country team stomping a mudhole in the No Limit and company.

-David Flair defeats Buff...that made me puke.

-I loved the Eddy segment with the Luchadors. Funny stuff.

-Hak challenging someone to a junkyard match? Interesting.

-Hmm..the Country team playing "I hate Rap". Wish they could wrestle for us instead.

-The Triad vs. Saturn/Benoit/Malenko was a great six man. Easily the match of the night!

-Not that I'm going to lay into Megadeth again, but they have no part being in front of a main event. Stupid. The only purpose was to bring Goldberg back. But still, I want wrestling!

-The main event and the end was crap..nuff said.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 2

=====$Nitro didn't live up to the hype obviously. Can't they ever produce a good hyped up main event. This was a very weak show for the hype, there for I'm nailing them with a


for the great six man. I'm disappointed, highly.


-Hey, Undertaker and Stone Cold will fight once again! Joy!

-Good job Hardy Boyz, I'm proud of ya. Looks like J.R.'s influence on getting them pushed is working.

-Prince Albert and Droz as hoes was funny. Godfather gets the win on a pissed off Gangrel.

-Good big man match with Joey Abs vs. Test. Too bad nothing came out of it. :(

-Damn it, my boy D-Lo didn't beat Al Snow in the hardcore match. Hopefully, the European title comes back OFFICIALLY so he can win it again.

-Nothing like getting taken out of a match because you are arrested, eh Road Dogg?

-Wow..Thrasher came back to help his former buddy Mosh. I hope the Headbangers return.

-Damn, Edge has a sweet spear. Looks like some sort of push with Edge is beginning.

-Good win for Mr. Ass vs. Meat. Nice to see Chyna disposing of Jacky. Jacky was supposed to be tough, but I guess she really isn't.

-The Undertaker and Big Show feud seems to be firing up, but isn't Undertaker fighting Stone Cold at Fully Loaded. Too many feuds for the 'Taker. Oh well, it was nice to see Kane helping his brother out..maybe he'll join the Ministry? Possibly.

-Alright, a good main event with the Rock vs. Triple H in the cage. I've seen them fight way too much, but it's good to see a classic cage match.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 10 <---wow!!!
Clean Pins: 8 <---even better!!
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 2

=====$As I usually say, Taped Raws are weak, but not this one. A very strong night for RAW, and they probably toughened up for Nitro's hype. 8 matches out of 10 were clean wins. That's impressive, so that deserves an


. Splendid job WWF!

Wrestling News

-The recent word is that the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith is doing well in rehab lately, and he has great plans to return to wrestling. Rumor has it that he wants to return to the WWF in honor of Owen. He's unhappy about WCW releasing him, but that is not the reason for him leaning towards the WWF. Not only does he want to do it for Owen, but he feels that he was over more as a wrestler in the WWF. I like Bulldog in all, but it's hard to say how "over" he would get now in the WWF. Besides, his belt, the European title is being made into a mockery, so maybe he can come back and restore some credibility to it.

-Well it seems that ICP is leaning towards WCW again, and a few say that they have already signed with WCW. If they do sign with WCW, then that will end their quest of working for all 3 of the biggest wrestling federations in the country. ICP will probably be used for mostly a track on the WCW theme album, and some suggest they will be in association with Raven. That's strange, as Raven is mostly grunge, and they are rap. Strange, like fish and ice cream, they don't mix. We'll see what ICP does IF they come into WCW. Maybe they could wrestle No Limit in a rappers leave WCW match!

-Well, as stated, Vince was in a motorcycle accident which sent him flying 30 feet and broke his tailbone. Luckily, he wasn't seriously hurt. Anyways, if he would get hurt seriously it would really jeopardize WWF angles if it happened..or would it? I have received many e-mails telling me how sick fans are of seeing Vince on the scene. I don't mind Vince in the angles, but I kinda liked him before he was the "Greater Power". I thought he was over as a face, but oh well.

Let the festivities begin!

The Road to 100

I would never think that I would ever do 100 consecutive Phat Daily Columns. I haven't taken a day off since the end of March, thus the streak happened. I never meant to do 100 in a row, it just happened. I didn't realize one day that I did 25 consecutive columns without a day off, and then when I mentioned it in my column, everyone told me to "shoot for 50". I made 50, and that was a feat itself. After that, I kept going, never taking a day off, and I shot for 100. Today, I finally made it. I want to thank all of the readers for their support, as everyone has been great to me. I also want to thank Calvin Martin, because without him, I would have never received the opportunity to produce a daily column everyday. Also, thanks to everyone at LoP and Top-rope. Who knows what I'll attempt next, as everyone wants me to break Goldberg's wrestling streak of 174. Haha. I think a day off is coming, because it's hard to write through writers block. I've done it, but it really fries your mind after a while. I'm very lucky to even get to 100 in a row, since no emergencies or anything that would keep me away from posting my Phat Daily Column happened. I just want to say thanks to everyone, that's all.

Oh yeah, I promised a surprise! Well, my surprise is something that I promised a while ago. A while back, I purchased the Wrestlemania box set. I said that I'm going to watch them and rank all of them. Well, I'm finally done watching them, and I have the ranking and reviews ready. Enjoy!

Mr. Tito's PHAT Wrestlemania Rankings

15. Wrestlemania 11

A very weak card her, as it shows that the WWF powerhouse was weakening. Lawrence Taylor beating Bam Bam Bigelo was pathetic, even though Lawrence Taylor put up a good show in the ring. Bret Hart defeating Bob Backlund in the "I Quit" match was good, but you saw Bret Hart winning it a mile away. Nice to see Owen finding Yokozuna to take the tag belts away from the Smokin' Gunns. Diesel vs. HBK was good, but I didn't like the ending with Sid interfering.

14. Wrestlemania 7

Good win for the Rockers vs. the future Faces of Fear. Nasty Boys beat the Hart Foundation..that sucked! Warrior vs. Savage was good, except for the 5 elbows from the top that the Warrior took, but still kicked out from. Hogan vs. Slaughter was a weak main event in my mind.

13. Wrestlemania 12

This one only had a few matches that I really enjoyed. I loves seeing Piper beat the living shit out of Goldust. I also enjoyed seeing the Warrior come back to defeat Triple H. Undertaker vs. Diesel was alright for a big man match, but it was a clean win! HBK vs. Bret in the "iron man" match was too long and boring in my mind. Bret did get screwed in that match in my mind. HBK should've put in the Sharpshooter to start the overtime.

12. Wrestlemania 13

Good, strong card for the WWF, even though their talent was weak. Sid vs. the Undertaker was a good title match, but having the Undertaker dress "oldschool" for the match made the winner way too predictable. Bret vs. Stone Cold was a great technical match, and bloody too! Ahmed Johnson/LOD vs. NOD was a battle! Every match was good on this card.

11. Wrestlemania 9

I loved the Headshrinkers vs. Steiners match up. I also enjoyed seeing Money Inc. win against Hogan and Beefcake by disqualification. I mark for Money Inc. Luger got lucky in his win against Hennig. Darn Giant Gonzalez making the Undertaker pass out with whatever chemical he put on the cloth was interesting. Hogan wins the WWF title, after the Hitman got screwed against Yokozuna. Odd finish. I didn't like the Outdoor effect on this one.

10. Wrestlemania 15

This one had strong matches with mid card wrestlers. Every match had some kind of excitement, except for the low point of the night, Undertaker vs. Bossman in the Hell in the Cell. The Triple H turn was the best! Nicole Bass's debut was great too. The main event, Stone Cold vs. Rock, although it was very easy to predict, was the match of the night. Exciting match there.

9. Wrestlemania 6

The final main event, Hogan vs. Warrior, helped save this card. The undercard was alright, but nothing impressive. Hogan vs. the Ultimate Warrior, in my mind, is one of the greatest matches in the history of wrestling. I say this is the best showing by both of these men, and it was reported that Warrior and Hogan rehearsed this match for 3 months in advance. It shows, and that match, not their recent Halloween Havoc match, needs praised.

8. Wrestlemania 10

Only a few good matches in this one. Owen bs. Bret was great, as Owen defeated Bret. Poor Flexy Lexy couldn't defeat Yokozuna for the title, but Bret Hart later beat Yokozuna in a good match. The match of the night however, was HBK vs. Razor in a spectacular ladder match. Damn, what a match that was!!

7. Wrestlemania 4

It was all tournament, with a few other matches. Classic tournament win by Macho. Great tag match with Demolishion defeating Strike Force for the titles. How on earth can Heenan and the Islander defeat the British Bulldogs and Koko B. Ware? Koko sucks, that's how! The battle royal was great too, with Bad News Brown winning it, only to be attacked by Bret Hart.

6. Wrestlemania 14

Good Wrestlemania, which was the beginning of the great WWF run. The tag team battle royal was great! I liked the Aguila vs. Taka Michinoku match. My favorite match was the Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie vs. New Age Outlaws dumpster match. Gotta love the Rock vs. Shamrock, as Shamrock snaps at the end. The main event was exciting, and I thought HBK hid his back problem good. Very nice hook by Tyson on HBK at the end. HA.

5. Wrestlemania 5

Classic tag battle between Demolishion and the Powers of Pain. The Brainbusters(Blanchard and Anderson) in the WWF..gotta love it! Red Rooster crushing Bobby Heenan was funny. The match of the night was Warrior vs. Ravishing Rick Rude. Classic screwjob there. Hogan defeating Macho was a good match, despite the hardest Savage elbow that I have ever seen.

4. Wrestlemania 2

The 3 city theme was interesting, and it had some classic matches. My favorite match was the Macho Man vs. George the Animal Steele match. The final cage match was good two, pitting Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy with both of them bleeding. The 20 man battle royal was fun to watch, especially the end when Andre eliminated the Hart Foundation to win it. Super tag team match with the Bulldogs defeating the Dream Team. Wow, Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr. fought Tito Santana and the Junkyard Dog.

3. Wrestlemania 1

The first Wrestlemania layed the groundwork for many great Wrestlemanias to come. The main event will always be the most chaotic match, since it seemed that Piper and Mr. T wanted to kill each other. Andre the Giant vs. Big John Studd was a classic too. I was upset when the classic duo of Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham lost the titles. Mean Gene needs to work on his singing of the National Anthem.

2. Wrestlemania 8

Good singles win for HBK defeating Tito Santana. Midcard was alright, but the main event matches were very strong. WWF really had the superstars for this event. Matches like Undertaker vs. Jake "the Snake" Roberts, Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper, Flair vs. Savage, and Hogan vs. Sid helped make this Wrestlemania a great one.

IN MY OPINION....the best Wrestlemania is.....

1. Wrestlemania 3

This the Wrestlemania that put the WWF on the map. The crowd for this event was spectacular. Piper's final match, then, was good and it marked the beginning of Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake. Steamboat vs. Savage was the match of the night, and one of the best WWF matches ever. So many attempted pins in that one. The Andre vs. Hogan match was the biggie in this one, as it gave the WWF their strong fan base. Good, solid, all around card.

IN CONCLUSION: I must say, that watching these Wrestlemanias again was so much fun to do. I will say, that I enjoyed them all. You may notice that I critisized many parts of some, but that is what this segment was for; to rank the Wrestlemanias, IN MY OPINION, from first to last, therefore, I had to critisize. I think that the Wrestlemania series, easily, puts on the best wrestling show around. I hope you have enjoyed this segment, as I have enjoyed creating this segment. Thanks for reading.

@Phew! What a time killer that was to type. Anyways, thank you very very very very very much for reading. So until the next PDC, like always, just chill...till the next episode!

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999

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