Welcome to the WEEKEND edition of the PDC. Today, we'll take a look back at the news and events in professional wrestling that occurred throughout the week, give my personal top 5, and then try to sell some comedy with my cheap awards. Nothing more, nothing less.

The main feedback from Smackdown was the anti-American speech done by the Canadian trio, Lance Storm, Test, and Christian. Many disagreed that it was of poor taste, as some would say, they are just words and nothing more. True, but still in the light of 9/11 and on 4th of July, the day America declared its independence from Great Britain in 1776, it was somewhat tasteless to me. Sure, rip on America for some things, but the stuff with "the whole world hates America" is going a tad too far, IN MY OPINION. The Vietnam war comments were a tad harsh, too.

I understand that Storm, Christian, and Test need crowd heat and to get noticed. But cheap heat by cutting what I call tasteless promos given to them by WWE writers? But that's just my opinion, as some didn't have any problems with what the trio had to say.

On to the Week in Review.

Apples Per Day


Nothing much in the news, other than Sean O'Haire, former WCW tag champion, being brought up on the roster, starting off with good ol' Sunday Night Heat. O'Haire was quickly dropped off the WWF roster because of problems working the boring WWE style of wrestling, or just taking beatings from the Undertaker, so he was sent down to OVW to get "polished". The man has the look, so let's hope this time around pans out for Mr. O'Haire.

On RAW... OK show, probably better than previous weeks, but still lacking of what Smackdown can put on lately. Show started out with Ric Flair vs. Brock Lesnar in a good opener, with Flair doing well to sell for Lesnar and using his old trademark cheapshots to keep the match interesting. Lesnar would win after a Heyman distraction led to the F-5. Chris Nowinski beat Bradshaw in a very quick match. Can't wait to see the rematch that will be a Hardcore Title match, where Nowinski will learn the hard way when getting a victory over Bradshaw.

Chris Benoit returned to the ring for some wrestling action, as he tagged up with Eddie Guerrero to take on Spike and Bubba Ray Dudley in a solid tag bout. Benoit looked great for a man out for a year. NASTY chops given to poor Spike. The Big Show lost to Booker T via count out, and got superkicked for his efforts. Shawn Michaels was openly inviting Triple H to join their group...

The Undertaker beat Jeff Hardy in the ladder match main event match. Jeff took a whopping, and the Undertaker pretty much had Jeff beat throughout the match, with the small exception of the end where Jeff almost pulled it out. Yeah, the Undertaker putting over a wrestler younger than him, although I would argue that Jeff Hardy is far from ready to become Undisputed champion yet. You'd figure that the Undertaker would act injured for his match against Kurt Angle on Thursday, right?


Looks like nobody wanted to see another Jeff Hardy beating from the Undertaker, eh? RAW scored a 3.6 in the ratings, based on low hours of 3.2 and 3.9. You do not realize how quickly the WWE is sliding right now. Right now, the WWE is equalling the ratings scored when Vince Russo began writing the shows in 1999 and early 2000 in WCW. That is scary, because a year later, WCW died. The WWE is approaching lower ratings more rapidly than Nitro ever did. Yikes!

The real ratings news came from Saturday Night... Here we go:
Velocity: 1.2
Confidential: 1.3
Divas Undressed: 1.8(!!!)
The Divas Undressed number is amazing for the timeslot that it was in. Velocity, too, was up, as they are usually in the 0.9 range. I guess WWE fans appreciated the extra programming given to them on a Saturday night.

With the possible Undertaker face turn, he may be the one to fight Brock Lesnar at Summerslam for the Undisputed title. NOOOOOOO!!! I'm sorry, but I just groan whenever I see the Undertaker still at the top of the card, despite being old, a crappy wrestler, and very slow. Let's not forget that bland personality, too.


Wednesday was NWA-TNA day... I can't say that I've watched the show yet, so I can't comment.

But word went out that Vince Russo was backstage at the show, despite being a PAID WWE employee. He was "just visiting friends". Uh huh. I'm convinced that Russo is an idea pitch man for BOTH the WWE and NWA-TNA. Ideas like the Johnsons, the excessive women around the arena, and more appear to be the brainchild of Russo. Man, what a powerful man he is if he's able to send ideas to both feds.

AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn won the NWA Tag Team Titles, as the NWA-TNA certainly enjoys the services of AJ Styles. Nice to see he's appreciated there, eh WWE? Hell, Styles and Lynn both are doing great in the NWA-TNA.


Congrats to the WWE... they recently settled a lawsuit with the PTC (Parents Television Council) over the PTC publicly blaming the WWE for Lionel Tate murdering another child, citing that Tate was influenced by the WWE or something of that nature. The settlement required for the PTC to publicly apologize to the WWE for their claims and to keep that apology on their website for 6 whole months. Also, the WWE was compensated for the bad publicity with a cool $3.5 million. Now if the WWE were to sue the PTC over the many advertisers that the PTC influenced to leave the WWE with propaganda...

Thursday was SMACKDOWN night. Good show overall, I thought. Opened up with Storm, Christian, and Test making very anti-American statements, which I discussed above. Deacon Bautista looked good when tagging up with D'Von to take on Randy Orton and Val Venis. It truly makes you wonder why they didn't initially push him as a badass. Again, my theory is that the WWE was trying to protect him from any "GOLDBERG" chants.

The team of Hulk Hogan and Edge became the NEW tag team champions! YES! This is a perfect role for Hulk Hogan. The crowd was totally into their match with Chuck and Billy, who in my mind, finally looked like a great heel team. Chris Jericho beat John Cena and actually gave Cena a chance to wrestle him well. Kurt Angle and Undertaker wrestled to a draw, where Undertaker tapped out while trying to pin Angle in a triangle choke. Rock is coming back next week...


Nothing to note on Friday... No Smackdown ratings yet, and Kevin Nash has been cleared to wrestle (Jim Ross).


5. Hulk Hogan - Tag champion.

4. Chris Jericho - Doesn't mind wrestling and helping younger wrestlers.

3. Ric Flair - Still the man.

2. Kurt Angle - Still the best the WWE has to offer.

1. Undertaker - Hate to say it, but he had one of his better weeks.


MATCH of the WEEK: Edge/Hogan vs. Chuck and Billy (great entertainment value)

WEAK of the WEEK: Giving away a Flair match, unannounced, and not building up in-ring return for Benoit.

KNOW YOUR ROLE: Hulk Hogan as a Tag Team champion.


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