Welcome to the one and only Phat Daily Column, a completely opinionated column. Don't pass off whatever you hear in this column as facts, which I have stated over and over again. The column is called MR. TITO's PHAT DAILY COLUMN, not Mr. TITO'S FACTS ABOUT WRESTLING. It's just a column full of opinions, for the last freakin' time. It's like I'm typing for a blind person to read it sometimes.

Lots of interesting feedback from yesterday's PDC, where I gave my "Predictions for a Declining WWE". Like I said in the column, these were predictions IF and ONLY IF the WWE were to continue sliding, business wise. Many thought it was preposterous that Jim Ross would leave the WWE. If things get worse, and with some recent events influencing him, it could turn out ot be very correct.

Another gripe was about the Smackdown cancellation prediction. Firstly, remember after the first season, UPN thought about making Smackdown an hour and a half show instead of 2 hours? Remember that? Also, as I repeated yesterday, the WWE makes a small amount of advertising revenue in comparison to what other regular shows would make. The WWE could have higher ratings than one show, yet be making less in advertising. This comes from the many attacks by the PTC on the WWE's advertisers, not to mention that advertising revenue has never been high for professional wrestling anyway. Hence, if the ratings continue to become lower, a decision to cancel Smackdown could be come likely. Understand?

Anyway, if you missed the "Predictions for a Declining WWE" column, then Click Here.

Speaking of the PTC (Parents Television Council), right after I posted my column yesterday, which I suggested that the WWE should have received more in the lawsuit settlement. Just moments after the PDC was posted, the man, William Martinez, posted news about the WWE receiving $3.5 million in the lawsuit settlement. I'd assume the WWE would receive more, due to the nasty publicity it gave them, but I'm assuming the WWE just wanted to shut these bastards up and move on.

What to do with the $3.5 million? Looking at the recent business numbers, the WWE is likely to use that money to cover loses, not paying the remaining free agents out there to join the WWE.

On to the PDC.


Lilian Garcia would come out and sing a beautiful rendition of "America, the Beautiful". Thank God the crowd didn't say "What?" after every lyric. Must be some respect in the city of Boston. Leave it to the WWE to drive some angle heat from something Patriotic on the 4th of July. The comments made by the new team Canada were totally tasteless and the FINGER OF SHAME goes to the WWE writers. I guess the writers are anti-American themselves? No wonder the WWE hasn't been up to par lately! The writers don't want to entertain American fans...

This anti-American tirade would lead into the first match of the night, Rikishi vs. Lance Storm. Why is it when Rikishi comes to the ring, my finger always moves towards the Fast Foward button? The match was Storm bumping around for Rikishi, with Storm now using his Canadian pals to help him win matches. At least it's an effective heel stable. Michael Cole talked about Storm's 40 inch vertical leaping ability. Yeah, he sure uses that to make all of Rikishi's moves look more powerful than they truly are.

Deacon Bautista and D'Von took on Randy Orton and Val Venis. I guess we are looking forward to an Orton and Bautista feud? Bautista is just an animal. Those clotheslines looked so vicious, but credit Orton and Val for selling them well. Bautista won the match with his powerful spinebuster, a move that many Ohio Valley Wrestling wrestlers love to use. Hell, Cena would do two of them later. Man, was it this hard to push Bautista from the start? The WWE totally buried him with the Deacon gimmick to start, and now they are trying to cover their tracks by actually pushing him. It will probably take longer to make him an effective superstar than before. Stupid WWE. If they didn't worry about certain guys trying to protect their spots, things would be much more entertaining right now or we'd at least see some fresh faces for a change.

Damn, that was a DEVASTATING slap that John Cena gave Chris Jericho in Vince McMahon's room. Funny how Vince keeps advertising the Keibler g-string poster in his room segments.

GOOFY segment between Rico, Billy, and Chuck. Man, they love those hotdogs...

Next, it was Billy and Chuck versus Hulk Hogan and Edge. I thought it was an entertaining tag match myself, and I especially loved crowning new tag team champions in Hulk Hogan and Edge. Perfect role for Hogan right now. I enjoyed this match very much, not so much for the wrestling ability in the ring, but the entertainment factor. Billy and Chuck seemed like good heels in this match. Then again, they were up against the most over wrestler, ever. Hogan as a tag team champion is a great idea that I can certainly live with. Gotta love the return of "Real American" for one night only. Chuck Palumbo has a MEAN belly-to-belly suplex, brother.

Chris Jericho vs. John Cena was next. Funny how Jericho and Angle are going out of their way to help out this newcomer. If it were Triple H or the Undertaker, they'd squash this guy. Isn't it funny how things operate in the WWE? Cena and Jericho had a hard act to follow with Hogan and Edge just winning the Tag Titles before them, but they did just fine. Cena needs some kind of gimmick. The name "John Cena" just isn't catchy enough for fans to care about him.

We had a taped segment of Jaime Noble showing Nidia his brand new trailer. For the amount of lower income viewers that WWE has for their shows, this was probably insulting to many people.

Man, another Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler bra and panties match. This is what, the 6th time or so by now? Not that I'm complaining, but it doesn't hurt to try new ideas. Out of all of their matches, I'd say this was probably their best one when trying to pose as wrestlers. Stacy's hot, but Torrie's SMOKIN'! I'm surprised Playboy hasn't come up to Torrie Wilson about doing a spread yet. Why not? They did two each on Sable and Chyna, and Torrie is much better looking than both of them.

I very much liked the idea of the WWE pushing for Rock's Smackdown return last night. Very well done.

By the way, I apologize for the Neurotica comments. I had NO IDEA that they were signed under Smackdown Records. I'm very sorry for dogging the WWE for over promoting this.

Our Main Event was Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker. It was watchable, as Angle bumped for all of Undertaker's usual offense. I very much prefer that the World Title be given to Angle, but we've got yet another week of Undertaker boring us on both shows. Ugh. The ending had some controversy, as Angle had the 'Taker in a "triangle choke" while the Undertaker had Angle's shoulders pinned to the mat. It was kind of cool, though, seeing a 3 count and a tap out occur at the same time. As a fan, though, I'm disappointed because I prefer Angle as champ, but that's just me.

LAST WORD: Solid Smackdown this week on the WWE's part. Top to bottom, decent show all around. I really like the idea of having Hogan as a Tag Champion. I'll give this show a


(B), meaning I liked this show better than last week's show, which many on the 'net really liked? Sure, why not? Last week's show had a few good moments, but it was dull in some parts and this one had a better main event.

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