Alright folks, sit tight and get ready for the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll be serving up some Daily Apples and hyping Smackdown. Do you have a problem with that? Just kidding there, but if you honestly do, feedback is welcome.

Overall, I don't really know what to think of the WCW invasion. I don't see much of an invasion, nor do I find it compelling, just yet. It's not that I'm underappreciative about it, but just that I feel it could be better. Just look at the shows... the WCW wrestlers are getting thrashed, and they aren't able to assemble in numbers to really fight against the WWF. The NWO made a big splash because they were compelling to watch and they attacked in numbers to make the fans believe that they were a true force. WCW, as of right now, isn't doing it. It's especially sad because this "invasion" is what should save the WWF from their ratings woes.

On the book front.... Yes, I am available to pick up Foley is Good to read, since I finally finished up on the Wrestlemania book. But did you see how slow I went on finishing that book? It seems as though I have no time to sit down and read a book, which would make reading Foley's book hard right now. I do want to read Missy Hyatte or Kurt Angle's book, along with Gary Capetta's, but time is money, and I'm running pretty low on it anymore.

Oh well. On to the PDC.

-A big thinking in my columns is that I don't wish any wrestler to lose their job. No matter how many times that I state that Billy Gunn sucks, I don't say the WWF should fire him. Now a demotion to Ohio Valley would work, for Gunn will still have food to put on the table. But this one guy, if you've ever heard of him, Buff Bagwell should be FIRED from the WWFE right now. He's got a proven history of being a complete asshole backstage, along with a small crime record. He's already bitching about how the WWF uses him, despite being in a MAIN EVENT on RAW. God, what a fucking baby. Can't Buff ever appreciate anything in his own profession? Can't he become a team player? Obviously not, or he would have ditched that WCW attitude at the door. He's a waste of time, and something bad for the WWF lockerroom when he's able to get away with such garbage without getting fined, suspended, or fired.

-I'm not about to guess who the WCW mole is in the WWF. I've tried to guess who the "Greater Power" was, or the masked man in WCW. I've wasted my time in those aspects because most of those "mystery man" angles turn out to be complete busts or just complete insults to the current storylines. It's the same thing with the mole, who is letting WCW wrestlers into the building. Now wouldn't logic tell you that it's Shane McMahon, since he still owns a part of the WWF, even in the storylines? Yeah, but logic escaped the WWF sometime during 1999, so we can't have that. Knowing Stephanie McMahon, who is the head booker these days, she'll book herself as the role of the Mole. There is my guess, ok?

-Now I know I'm not an expert or "insider" on this situation, but when I see every statement that Jerry Lawler puts out, I keep seeing the same exact thing. Jerry wants the WWF to give a contract, back, to his wife the Kat or Stacy. After they do that, then Jerry will gladly come back to the WWF with open arms. Now Lawler said that Stacy had a contract where she was paid per appearance, to which the WWF didn't have to use her at all. If that's what Jerry wants for his wife again, and if the WWF hardly used her anyway, then why is Jerry using it as leverage to get back into the WWF? Wouldn't it be better to NOT include your wife so that the WWF wouldn't be able to release her without warning, just like they did to her earlier which made Jerry Lawler quit the WWF? That does make sense.


Well, it's round 4 of the WWF television fix to present the WCW invasion as a "good" thing. On Monday, we saw a ridiculous example of WCW presented, with Buff Bagwell doing weardown moves on Booker T in the main event of RAW. So will the WWF learn by their mistakes? Apparently not, for they'll take one more big crack at having WCW matches on WWF television. Now what are those matches you ask? I'm not one to ruin spoilers for you. tells us that we'll expect more backlash from Vince McMahon getting his pants pulled down on RAW. Vince could say that the pants were around his ankles to keep his feet warm, har har. I'm guessing for a long 20 minute interview on the matter, and about 10 backstage segments with Austin and Angle hugging Vince, while Linda presses on for the divorce. Such compelling television.

One match that you'll see tonight will be the Dudley Boyz against Chris Jericho/Spike Dudley. I don't really think turning the Dudleys heel by having them wrestling faces is working yet or not? I suppose Chris Jericho is playing the role of New Jack or Balls Mahoney, if you want to look at it with an ECW perspective. This looks to be a good match, but I really hope that the WWF does something to lean the Dudleys more into the heel direction. Making them wrestle faces everynight and taking away the noises on their moves like "WASSSSSSSSSSUP" or "D'Von.......... GET THE TABLES" won't fully get the fans pissed off and provide heel heat to the Dudleys. It won't.

Well, leave it to to spoil things. Their preview hypes a WCW match between Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page. Now before reading the spoilers or watching the show, I bet you that you're easy to figure out the ending. It's most likely that the Undertaker would exact revenge than Austin or Angle, and that's a big guess because I haven't read the spoilers yet. Just tune in tonight to see if my prediction is true. Should be a good match, otherwise, and a lot better than Buff vs. Booker T, no matter what.

Also tonight, we get to see Crash get beat up by Jackie, again! Man, this is one case where the Tough Enough push is very funny when it works. But I guess we are going for what's entertaining, eh Crashy-Poo?

Edge, the King of the Ring Champ, will take on PRINCE Albert, the IC champion. It's Jim Ross's future superstar against who everyone believes is the potential of the WWF. Sadly, Jim Ross's opinion, besides that covering the Lightweight division, always has a say in the WWF, and this King of the Ring push will continue to amount to NOTHING.

Are you sitting down? Billy Gunn and Big Show, two of the biggest underachievers in the WWF, ever, will take on two of the hardest workers in the WWF, the Hardy Boyz. Damn it, I'm fucking tired of the WWF just wasting away the Hardy Boyz. Week in and week out, they are forced to tag up against jobbers or to put other teams over. When will their hardwork be looked at and appreciated by the WWF? Both the Hardys will probably end up in wheelchairs when they retire, but yet the WWF does NOT appreciate the risks that they take. That's such a joke, and I point the FINGER OF SHAME at the WWF for their poor use of the Hardys lately.

In what will probably be a decent Lightweight bout, Scotty 2 Hotty will take on Dean Malenko. Their feud, last year, over the Lightweight belt was pretty good, but that was last year. Both wrestlers have suffered various injuries since then, so we'll see how they perform tonight. One should note that the WWF has a nice stockpile of Lightweights now that Hotty and Malenko are back, but hey, look who has the Lightweight title........ (X-Pac). You have Spike, Crash, Dean, Scotty, X-Pac, Tajiri, Jerry Lynn, Essa Rios, and probably many others you could use. But hey, we must get in those 20 minute interviews and reserve these Lightweight matches for Mtv Heat, which nobody watches these days.

TOUGH ENOUGH HYPE: Tonight's show is one you do NOT want to miss. Triple H will show up and put fear in the wimpy Tough Enough contestants. It should be a great show, especially when Triple H shows the wrestlers how to take a punch. Just real quick... I don't honestly see any true stars out of these kids. They all seem to be a bunch of pussies when it comes to complaining for the Mtv cameras. Sure, training like they are doing sucks, but they are quick to jump in front of the camera and cry rivers. Come on...

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