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      Submitted by Mr. Tito on 7-05-00 @ 10:16 EST

      Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Today was supposed to be Ratings Analysis, BUT, since yesterday was the 4th of July, the ratings haven't come in. It was indeed a good 4th for me, as I was able to have NO work or NO school, and just enjoy the day for once. The batteries are recharged, and the column I intended to be on Sunday will now be today! What is that column you ask? The Mid Year Grades and Awards column! Yes, I will give a grade for each federation, and then prodeed give achievement awards to shows or wrestlers. It should be such wonderful fun. On to the PDC.

      Mr. Tito's Mid Year Grades

      -WCW Mid Year Grade-

      The main problem of WCW has been their management and booking. There is no control over the wrestlers under salary at WCW. Especially the main event wrestlers. We started out the year with the horrible finish to the first Russo run. Russo was obviously a failure in his first run, and was damaging the WCW product with his crazy angles. Then, he was ousted, but his replacement was EVEN WORSE. Kevin Sullivan came in, and completely ruined WCW. Not only that, but he lost 4 key midcarders that WCW is still hurting from. When WCW just let Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko go, the lost, and let the WWF gain.

      For a few months, the Sullivan era was the worst thing possible for WCW. For one thing, Sullivan had a bad roster to work with. Not saying he was a smart booker, but many injuries occurred within WCW during the first Russo run. Sullivan reverted to the boring wrestling product, the complete clean and no attitude one. Plus, if you weren't friends with Kevin Sullivan, you could forget about a push. Might as well go to Saturday Night or World Wide just to get on television. Sullivan gave Nitro it's lowest ratings in a long time, and almost buried the WCW product.

      Then, a gamble happened. WCW released Sullivan as a booker, and picked up two former WCW guys who went bad at the end of their runs: Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff. That meant Bill Busch was out, as he was a man who was just like Sullivan. The Russo-Bischoff era started off very well, with interesting angles starting. Hell, I enjoyed it so much to give my first every A+. Then, the "wrestling" product of it disappeared. Even worse, many swerves and heel/face changes completely confused the product. Heel/face changes came out of no where, especially when they would side with someone who threw them off of a 3 tier cage! Russo was supposedly burnt out, and he threatened to quit. He's taking time off, and will return shortly. However, in his absence, a good WCW product emerged with some excellent Tag Team wrestling. Can this last?

      Last Word: The end of the first Russo run, the whole Sullivan era, and the end of the current Russo run have been an absolute eyesore to a federation who used to dominate the wrestling ratings. The deserving wrestlers still haven't been pushed or even been considered getting a push. The morale of the locker-room has been horrible no matter what, and nothing has been done to save it. No matter what in this era, Hulk Hogan will rule whoever he wants at any time. This federation needs help, especially with Russo coming back really soon. WCW gets a


      for the past 6 months. Please, someone with a brain or at least some logic, come in and save this company from further ruin.

      -WWF Mid Year Grade-

      The WWF has been continually strong for the first 6 months of this year. Although the storylines have been VERY repetitive, they have at least kept up with good wrestling. WWF started off the year with the unfolding saga of Triple H and Stephanie ruling the WWF. Mick Foley was the man in January, as he challenged Triple H to a hardcore World Title match at the Royal Rumble as Cactus Jack.....and man, was that a match! Then, the WWF is handed a gift from WCW: The Radicals. The Radicals provided the WWF with some actual great "wrestling". Especially Chris Benoit, who has brought the best out of every opponent he's fought.

      As for the history of the 6's been centered around the Triple H-McMahon era. This eventually led to a hyped up 4 way match between Big Show, Triple H, the Rock, and Mick Foley, each with a McMahon in their corner. What's the problem here? All McMahons. The McMahons have been hogging the spotlight in the WWF, and not allowing more midcard action to occur. Remember, those long interviews? Mostly McMahon related! We've seen the McMahons screw everyone in the WWF, and it was terrible when Vince turned on the Rock at Wrestlemania 2000.

      The "wrestling" product, however, is the best its been in years! With Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Tazz, many other midcarders, and a now hardworking Triple H, the matches are great to watch! The WWF has really cleaned up its act as well, toning down the adult themes which many critics didn't watch the WWF because of that. Now, those critics are praising the WWF product. Besides the King of the Ring, the WWF has been on point with their Pay Per Views. When the RAWs or Smackdowns were bad, you always knew that the PPV shows would be good.

      Last Word: The WWF is now making a lot of money and will expand with this HUGE deal with Viacom. Their great wrestling and continued effort to put out a decent product each night earns them a lot of respect and keeps their ratings high every week. The only real thing hurting the WWF is the stale storylines, which is allowing for wrestlers to fight each other over and over again. That needs fixed, and I'm giving the WWF a


      for that main reason. If they freshen up the angles, everything will click again, and nothing could stop them. Besides, Stone Cold will return in September or so, and this is what the WWF has been waiting for on the storylines.

      Mid Year Wrestling Awards

      Wrestler of the Year

      Triple H- This man has stepped it up in his wrestling matches. Not only has he been a great World Champ this year, but he's made his other opponents either look good, or he has worked with another wrestler to put on a great match. He's busted his ass to this point, and has carried the WWF product for this long.

      Match of the Year

      There are 3 in my opinion. The first, as mentioned above, was Cactus Jack vs. Triple H at the Royal Rumble. Damn that was a rough match! The next one was Triple H/Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko/Perry Saturn vs. The Rock/Rikishi/Too Cool, which was a treat to watch. The whole crowd was pumped for that match, and each wrestler made put up a great effort to have a great match! By far, the best 8 man match I've ever seen! The third is the 3 Way Ladder match between the Dudleys, Hardys, and Edge/Christian. I just watched it again the other day, and DAMN it was a crazy match! I seriously question how some of those wrestlers survived that match.

      Promotion of the Mid Year

      WWF- Well, duh. No federation has been stronger in television, merchandising, Pay Per Views, and just in the media alone.

      Best Pay Per View so far

      Royal Rumble- The debut of Tazz was awesome, and the Triple H vs. Cactus Jack match was an excellent finish. Too bad we can't say the same for this year's Wrestlemania.

      Best Surprise

      Kurt Angle- Mr. Angle was a wrestler who myself, and many others thought would NEVER come through in the WWF. With the best mic skills in the business, and dirty cheating tactics in the ring for a former Olympic wrestler, Kurt Angle has emerged as one of the best in the WWF right now. It's true, It's true.

      Most revived Wrestler

      Mikey Whipwreck- With the help of the Sinister Minister, Whipwreck has been a treat to watch. His wrestling has become better, and his crazy antics have helped him boost his career, which needed life support before. I guess all you need is a little craziness in your life to become great again.

      Worst Wrestler

      David Arquette- Costly mistake made by the second Russo era that will ALWAYS be pointed out as the first mistake of his second run. Arquette DID NOTHING for the buyrate for the pay per view following his title win.

      Best Promotional Jump

      Chris Benoit- The other Radicals are doing fine, but Chris Benoit made the career decision of his life. He's now appreciated for his hard work ethic in the ring, and he makes even the worse WWF wrestlers look great again. Every wrestler who steps up to the Crippler has fought their best match. The Rock will experience another great match with Benoit coming up.

      Best Bump

      Chris Kanyon- That leap off the 3 tier cage was a nasty one, even if the floor below was gimmicked. It's a shame he just happened to side with Mike Awesome, who just so happened to be the one who tossed him.

      Biggest Disappointment

      ECW on TNN- It's a damn shame that TNN didn't really give a rat's ass about this show or this company. They just pushed it aside, although it drew higher numbers than any other TNN show. Hopefully, USA picks ECW up and shows TNN how to promote a show!

      Congrats to AWOL, the Backyard BBQ site of the Month for July!!

      @I hope you've enjoyed the Mid Year report. There is no Thunder preview up yet, as it will be live tonight. I'll be back tomorrow with Thunder thoughts and more. Just chill...

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      Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

      Mr. Tito 2000 Exclusive to

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