Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Yeah baby, this is the 99th consecutive Phat Daily Column! Tomorrow, if I'm alive, will be #100 in a row. Well, anyways, on to the PDC.


-Well, RAW is WAR tonight comes to us TAPED! Of course, I have to read the spoilers now, so I know what happens. I will say a "shocker" happens. It should be good as opposed to the so-called "Monday Nitro of the Year". According to the WWF, The Rock wants Triple H in a steel cage match for tonight on RAW. Yes, that's right, they are fighting again, but to hide the repetition, they put them in a steel cage. How innovative!! Anyways, look for the McMahons to attempt to do something about Stone Cold being champ. Looks like the McMahons are attempting to screw Stone Cold...again! Anyways, I forget what else is officially happening, but overall, from what my short-term memory provides me, it looks like a good show.-Sunday Night Heat was alright. I liked how the Acolytes provided the screwjob before their match vs. the Hardys for X-Pac and Kane. Good moves, as X-Pac and the Hardys really can put on some exciting moves. Mideon sucks no matter what title you put around his waist, as he beat Al Snow tonight with the help of D-Lo. I love D-Lo. Anyways, it looks as though Shane is freakin pissed about Test banging his sister, as he had his boyz, the Mean Street Posse come out and kill the intercontinental match vs. Jeff Jarrett. Damn, Holly can really attract the big man. I like that angle. Damn I love the Godfather and Val Venis tag team, as they escape getting something pierced vs. Prince Albert and Droz. Road Dogg vs. Big Show was alright for what it was worth. Nice to see the big wrestlers going after each other nowadays.

HEAT Phat Stats

Matches: 5Clean Pins: 0Screwjobs: 3No Contests: 2Disqualifications: 0====$Not a bad show, but not great either. I say this is just an average Heat with nothing spectacular, except some fuel added to the fires(feuds). I'll give this show a


for its efforts. Of course, going into this event I fully knew what was happening.


-What is being called the "Biggest Nitro Ever", well at least that's the hype, is coming to us LIVE from the Georgia Dome. Georgia Dome Nitros are always hyped as being rather large Nitros. It should be interesting what happens when RAW invades the Georgia Dome. Anyways, what will happen? Expect a hyped main event like Sid vs. Kevin Nash. Of course, you know Macho will run in on that one. Expect Bret Hart to come back and do some kind of interview. Of course, I've been told by many that he learned about his coming back to Nitro from a television plug, not anyone from WCW. Goldberg could be at Nitro, and who knows, he could do something like going after Hart for the Canada incident with the spearing into the metal plate. Will Shane Douglas be at Nitro tonight? He's bragging, and only an appearance tonight would prove if he's signed. Otherwise, he'll just keep surfing the indies(nothing wrong with independent wrestling though). A few reports suggested that Alex Wright might return with his new gimmick, oh joy, and rumors suggest that the "Hummer Driver" might reveal itself. My money, like I've said from the beginning, will be on Lex Luger to be the driver. WCW will be going all out tonight, so they will try anything and probably say anything to grab ratings. I'm interested if Jericho will somehow show up, or job. Who knows?-Everyone has been e-mailing me saying that Curt Hennig's song "I hate Rap" has been on their local radio station. Looks like Hennig made a hit! If his song gets played on a radio station, that means it's popular, and having him as a face would be the right thing to do against the No Limit Soldiers. The fans already cheer for the Country team more than they do for No Limit, so why not? Of course, then No Limit would fit that evil gangsta rap stereotype, and that isn't right.

Slow news day...which has happened alot, but I've tried to do something about it to keep daily and to keep the streak alive! :)

Tomorrow...the goal is finally accomplished. Tomorrow's PDC will be the 100th consecutive PDC...without any days off! I will have my usual Monday Night Impressions, along with a "surprise" segment on the column. So until the 100th consecutive PDC, just chill...till the next episode.

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