Welcome to an all new Phat Daily Column. In one of those no-brainers, RAW's reviews, everywhere online, all agreed that the WCW Main Event of Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell was just hideous to watch, and that the whole build up of the WCW angle has been a failure. I'm glad to see an overall intelligence improvement of the internet.

And it should be a no brainer that the WWF fans want WWF wrestlers in every match on WWF timeslots. Now you could blame it on Buff Bagwell, who is one of the most overrated talents around, or you could just blame it on the bad presence that WCW has had for the past 3 years. I mean look, if WWF fans wanted to watch WCW programming, they would have. They didn't, and that's why the ratings were going below 2.0 at times.

But no, the WWF doesn't learn from their mistakes. Last night, Tough Enough was on AGAIN for Mtv!!! Mtv is just whoring around this show, with an obvious Viacom approval. Again, it's just garbage that the WWF can get lots of time on Mtv, but not TNN?!? That's so pathetic, and I'm going to cast a FINGER OF SHAME at all of the goofs at Viacom and one at the WWF for having no balls to stand up to Viacom.

On to the PDC.


-RAW is WAR-

First Hour: 4.3
Second Hour: 5.0
Composite: 4.65
Composite Last Week: 4.65
Composite Last Year: 5.9

-WWF Weekend Shows-

Livewire: 0.8
Superstars: 0.9
Mtv Heat: 1.4

........ At least the WWF didn't go down this week. I figured it would dip at least 0.2 points after what I thought was a terrible show. Personally, I just didn't see the WCW invasion angle clicking at all, especially with a small amount of WCW wrestlers on the show. I don't know if it's the writers (although I'll blame them a lot), Vince, or just the fact that nobody wants to push WCW wrestlers to kill WWF locker room morale. Who knows? But what I do know is that the savior for the WWF, the current WCW invasion angle, isn't providing sparks for the way it's handled.

That main event was soooo bad. It looked so out of place, especially since it resembled a Thunder main event. Even Vince McMahon, himself, was reportedly pissed off with the way the match turned out, and hopefully, he doesn't make a bad mistake by turning RAW into a WCW show. But he will, and it could singlehandedly weaken his empire for a new start up promotion to attack.

There is good news, however, about this week's ratings: it grew continuously throughout the night. It NEVER decreased. It started with a 3.9 opening interview, and kept steamrolling to a 5.7 overrun. But that's a problem, too. It looks like more and more viewers were tuning in to see if something GREAT would happen with WCW, but instead, they were dealt Buff Bagwell vs. Booker T. Keep an eye on how Smackdown does this week in the ratings, because if most regular fans were disappointed in the main event too, then it could reflect in a low number for WWF's Thursday show.

Livewire and Superstars.... WHATEVER! Mtv Heat increased, and I won't even guess why. Maybe the Acolytes as special guests were big draws? Maybe viewers are getting hooked on Tazz, and they tuned into Heat to get more of the Human Suplex Machine? Who knows, and who cares. Mtv Heat sucks, and that's that.

-Now I'm a big fan of Arn Anderson, and I always will be. He's one of the greatest speakers in wrestling when he gets on the mic, and he's one of the most knowledgeable wrestlers in the business. However, his commentating wasn't exactly great. He knew his stuff, yes, but he sounded right out of the 1980s Southern style of commentating. With Hudson on Monday, their commentating just didn't have the spark it needed to help WCW get over a lot better. Granted, they had to commentate Buff Bagwell doing weardown moves, but still. I wouldn't doubt that WCW will eventually get Jerry Lawler at this point, especially with the apparent anger Vince had after RAW's main event.

-For those of you who are wondering, July 30th still appears to be the night that the Rock returns to the WWF. Many of you insisted another date, and even tried to prove it to me. I believe I heard that the Rock should be finishing up his film very soon, and that he'll take a mini-vacation before his WWF return. It's still very obvious that the Rock will be heavily relied upon to make a good Summerslam, as that Pay Per View is one of the "bail out" PPVs that the WWF relies on each year to save their ass in the ratings or overall demand of their product. It should be interesting on how his return will be affected by the WCW invasion, if that's still around.

-It looks like "Sugar" Shane Helms has gone through a name change. He'll now go by Gregory Helms, since the name "Shane" is associated with a McMahon. If you'll remember, William Regal's original name was Lord Steven Regal. That was changed since the WWF already had several Steves, like Steve Austin, Steven Richards, and Steve Blackman. Now William Regal sounds pretty good, and it fits him very well since he's from England. But Gregory Helms for a high flying Cruiserweight? Hmmmm...

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!!!!!!

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