Happy 4th of July Everyone! Nothing like a nice day off to actually sleep in and then relax for the rest of the day. But, before I relax, I have to do the Monday Night Impressions, complete with thoughts, grades, and Phat Stats. Yes, they are opinions, as everyone in the entire world has them. On to the PDC.

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My Gosh, this thing with Tank Abbott helping out 3 Count is rather crazy. He helped them destroy the Jung dragons last night, and demanded a close up performance after that. I still suggest that WCW make him their manager, you know, like those managers of real life boy bands, who control all of the money they generate and tell them where to be, what to do, and what time to do it.

My Gosh, get the Misfits of the top shows, and put them on World Wide. WCW puts them over other good wrestlers, but yet the Misfits can't generate heat without Major Gunns. But hey, we just can't listen to that crowd cheer, they mean nothing right? Also tonight, Terry Funk taught his student his final lesson...take an ass kicking by the Funker! I like this whole mentor thing, and it's going to lead to a good hardcore match at the Bash as well.

I guess Buff Bagwell attacked more WCW employees or something? He certainly wasn't there for the Shane Douglas/Kanyon vs. Booker T/Buff Bagwell match, as that turned into Shane Douglas vs. Booker T. Good win for Booker, as I wonder why he didn't even save Booker during this match. Something is up here. Wow, the Demon defeated Vampiro! I'm sure KISS is very happy now that Demon finally got a decent win after months of jobbing to everyone. Then again, they probably don't care less, because their contract with WCW is paying them very good right now.

Nothing like repetition baby. Lance Storm/Billy Kidman lost to Rey Mysterio/Juvy tonight, in a rematch from last week's Thunder. Why not have the rubber match on Thunder? Ahh, nothing like a good Battle Royal to end Nitro.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Ehh, Nitro was OK at most. It had LOTS of interviews this week. I don't know if it's Russo's idea or what, but he loves for wrestlers to cut promos. Whatever it was, it hurt the show for me. When they did wrestle, the matches were generally good though. I'll give it a


and a 2.6 in the ratings for their second hour versus RAW. Speaking of RAW....

-RAW is WAR-

Oh my God, the WWF finally did it! They threw Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero against each other! Good opening match, with a sorry ending. Could this be the beginning of another long series of matches, but now in the WWF? I've seen them wrestle in WCW at least 15 times...no lie. Of course, at the end of this match, Benoit's gimmick, I guess, came into play as he gave Chyna the crossface. Damn that move looks rough! Of course, after a great match, the next segment is a damn long interview. Even if I was a "sports entertainment" fan, I would get sick of the same thing everyweek...but I guess some people just don't.

Wow, Triple H had an Intercontinental title match?!? Now that's funny. Just months after being one of the best WWF champs in a while too. Oh well, at least he's working with the younger wrestlers or midcard wrestlers. Those champs in WCW just can't say that, can they? For some reason, Triple H and Rikishi work well together. This match was nothing like their first encounter on Smackdown a few months ago, in a match that really put Rikishi over.

Hmm, I wonder what Tazz's intentions truly are. I'm still thinking he's just gaining a bunch of enemies, so that he can be on his own like he was in ECW. Who knows? Also last night, Chris Jericho pulled a swerve on DX by having the Acolytes join him in their match. It was a good effort from DX, but something new needs to be done with the Road Dogg and Xpac. I can't stop but to yawn at each time they come out and wrestle.

Hey, I somewhat predicted the Edge/Christian vs. Undertaker/Kane match! Give me a cookie! Since, I guess, Kurt Angle is good friends with the Blonde Duo, he ran in for the save. Ok? Now, I guess he will fight the Undertaker as those insiders said he would. Strange. Even more strange is that Crash Holly FINALLY went for the Lightweight title! But then Dean Malenko says "I'm the man in this division, and I'm waiting for X-Pac to finally join it to fight me", and defeats Crash. Now did you hear him say that? Hehe!

Oh my God, the Brooklyn Brawler returned to RAW! Hey, he's been on the WWF payroll for this long, so why not use him every once in a while? Good old Steven Richards...I'm sure the PTC will probably take all of the WWF's sponsors for now mimmicking them. Just when Stevie was getting a good gimmick! At least this gives a feud for the Godfather, who usually doesn't have any major feuds. I'm telling you, Steve Blackman won't loose that title for a while! His style as Hardcore champ reminds me of any of those cheap fighting movies late at night on HBO.

God, another Shane McMahon vs. the Rock match. Can I say stale? Yes, I could..until Chris Benoit attacks. I'd say that it's repetition since Chris Benoit and Rock have fought before twice, BUT, Chris Benoit pulled a great match out of the Rock in their first encounter.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 10
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 3
No Contests: 2

Last Word: Typical RAW, as I hope we see a better Smackdown this week. Some repetition, and angles that came from no where. 10 matches is a good number though, as this show, besides that long interview, was filled with action. I'll give it a


this week, and a 5.8 in their first hour against Nitro.

OVERALL, an ok night of wrestling. They could both freshen up a few things, or try something new.

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