Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. This is #98 for the record books, and the 100th consecutive column is within reach! I just want to say that I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-The recent word around the WWF is that there will be a contender match, at Fully Loaded, with the Rock fighting Triple H. Is anyone else sick of these two fighting one another? They will probably put a stupid gimmick within the match. They should make it a ladder match! Oh wait, they already did that. Ok, how about something where they both have casts on? Oops, that was already done too. Maybe they could have someone as a special referee? Like that's ever done in the WWF. Just another proof why repetition is bothering me.-Alright, let me ask...what on earth is the WWF doing trying to strike a deal with the NFL? Jim Ross said so in his Ross Report the other day, and this leads me to think that the NFL is becoming afraid of professional wrestling. The NFL is attempting to milk the WWF's success. Now sure, the NFL is always popular, but you have to admit that they must have "shit" their pants when they saw their Monday Night Football ratings go down. The NFL is afraid of wrestling, which proves how popular wrestling is nowadays.-Well, the WWF is going to file a suit against Sable for the use of the name "Sable". Yay, a dispute over a stupid name. Who really cares about the use of her name anyways? She has her new site, renamero.com, so why on earth would she care? For some reason, she cares about it greatly. Even though she opened her new site, she wants that name for future use. Looks like she wants to keep the name to milk off her WWF popularity. Speaking of her, I'm not too sure when the lawsuits will happen. I'm not too sure about Marc Mero's WWF career also. I'll look into it.


-Well, more stories about Shane Douglas signing with WCW keep coming out! ARgh! Once again, he's bragging at independent shows about signing with WCW, like he did a couple weeks ago. Of course, he might pull a Sid and come into WCW without anyone knowing that he signed. If he comes into WCW, I think WCW will really misuse him. But just imagine if he was on Nitro this Monday at the Georgia Dome. It is supposed to be the largest Nitro ever, and having him do a shoot against the WWF would really gain some ratings. Interesting if he shows up.-Will WCW make a fool out of Chris Jericho before he leaves? Some say that the WCW bookers want Jericho to wrestle on TV, and to job like never before. I heard that Eric Bischoff wants him off of television so that viewers can, well I guess, forget about him. I doubt that viewers forget about him, and I think he'll make a big impact once he enters the WWF. WCW is stupid not to jump at the opportunity to embarass Jericho on televised broadcasts. I hate to see a wrestler abused like this, but it's a great way to tarnish a wrestler who is jumping ship. Just look what it did for Paul Wight. WCW jobbed the hell out of him before he left, and it took him a while to get over in the WWF. We'll see what happens for the rest of this month. If he was on Nitro this Monday for the HUGE Georgia Dome show, that would attract viewers.-Well, WCW is starting their bonus system for wrestlers that actually wrestle at the house show. Any WCW wrestler that wrestles a house show, will get a little extra on their paycheck. Ok, this is stupid. You have to pay wrestlers extra in order for them to show up at a house show event? How pathetic! With their damn high contracts, they should HAVE to wrestle the shows, no matter how much they don't want to. You don't see this problem in the WWF, as the top stars, unless they are hurt, wrestle the house shows. WCW needs to grow some testies and enforce some rules on their crybaby wrestlers.-Ouch. At Bash at the Beach, Disco Inferno and the Cat, Earnest Miller will have an interesting gimmick match. Apparently, the loser of the match will never be able to dance in the ring again!?! Ahhh!! Whoever loses, is really screwed! This match is way unfair, and it will bring a tear to my eye no matter who wins. I'm hoping for a double disqualification, a double pin, a double countout, or a no contest. This match is simply wrong, and it shouldn't happen. Come on WCW, don't torture me like this.

@That's it for today. I'll be back with another edition of the Phat Daily Column to continue the road to 100 consecutive columns. So until then, just chill...till the next episode. :)

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