The Phat Daily Column is upon us! Today, if you haven't read this column before, on a Tuesday no less, we'll be looking back on Monday Night RAW, which will probably become a WCW show, despite how bad of a decision that may be. I'll get to that a bit later.

You know what sucks? I had a topic I wanted to discuss in my intro, but damn, as of right now, I can't remember it. I must be getting senile and crazy at my old age of 21. Oh well, it would probably be an intro where I'd get considered more "negative" than I already am claimed to be. Whatever.

I have nothing else to say. On to the PDC.

You don't even have to watch the show to guess what the first segment is. If there's anybody becoming dumb with age, it's Vince McMahon. It's funny how he's questioning the ratings drop, when he does the SAME show format week in and week out. Gee, wouldn't fans get tired of watching, basically, the same show each week? But oh no, Vince doesn't see it that way, for he was a part of the big Austin vs. McMahon feud, and since that was successful, he thinks that the fans still want Vince interviews. That's why nobody exactly rushes to the television at 9:00 pm to catch the interview, eh? Vince talks stuff on Booker T, blah blah blah. Then Kurt Angle comes out, then Steve Austin comes out, they argue, and then Shane McMahon makes an entrance. BORING!

You know what amazes me? The Undertaker won't sell when he's wrestling the Dudley Boyz (even when it's 2 on 1) or anyone else not named Triple H or Steve Austin, but for Albert, he was selling like a champ. What gives right there? The stupid WWF probably got in Undertaker's face and told him "SELL ALBERT OR ELSE", while they let the Taker wrestle like a fool against anyone else. It was a nice continued dosage of Albert this week, with more of Jim Ross and now Paul Heyman praising the son of George "the Animal" Steele. How much do you want to bet that when Albert's pops drop, they'll mention that fact? Come on.... Diamond Dallas Page one of the worst looking Diamond Cutters ever, but that's because the Undertaker was scared to sell it. I'm sure he would have dropped flat on his body if Triple H or Steve Austin would have given him the move.

Finally some entertainment... Crash Holly vs. Molly Holly was a fun bout to watch, with Molly dishing out some great offense, and Crash properly excuting her moves. I've seen the same with Malenko when he wrestled Lita there for a while, when Dean would work with Lita to make her a 100 times better in the ring. Jackie swerved Crash at the end, thus costing him the match. Afterward, she swerved again by letting Crash have it. She's really hurting him these days.

Torrie Wilson played a big role on television tonight, for she kept drawing Vince to certain destinations to play the fun game of hide the salami! However, they kept getting interrupted until they made it to the laundry room, where Torrie ripped Vince's clothes off. Vince McMahon has cheated on his wife, many times in real life, so you know he was personally enjoying this segment. Oh, speaking of his wife, Torrie swerved Vince, meaning that she was only playing games with Vince to get him caught in the act with Linda! Man, I know the court system is very slow, but it's torture to put up with this divorce angle in wrestling. I'm sure the PTC is writing up their own little column about these little segments, and they'll probably hit another sponsor in the process.

I loved the ending to the Tajiri vs. Scotty Too Hotty match. The mist before the Worm rules! Everyone gets on me when I'm harsh to the Worm, but come on people, face reality a little bit. The Worm takes forever to do, ok? After he finally does the Worm, he drops down with a weak chop. Now what really makes me mad is that the move is able to fully pin someone without any struggle whatsoever. That's just ridiculous. It's about damn time something made sense with that move tonight.

I'm convinced that the WWF writers don't have any more ideas. We got a lovely handicap match between the Dudleys, who aren't fully heels yet, which they should be, against Chris Jericho. The match was OK, as great as any handicap will end up being, and it ended with Spike Dudley helping Jericho for the win. Oh boy, another Spike vs. his brothers feud, how original. I'm sure the Hollys will get thrown into that feud, too. By the way, Jericho gave a nice moonsault to D'Von's face to finish this match. That's why Jericho isn't WWF champion.

X-Pac beat Christian in a very predictable match, because X-Pac has full reign on whatever he does in the WWF. Hey, where's Jeff Hardy? Shouldn't he be awarded a rematch for giving X-Pac a rematch last week on RAW? Of course not, for Jeff will now totally forget that X-Pac screwed him out of the Lightweight title. It's just amazing on how forgetful wrestlers can get these days. Billy Gunn, X-Pac's odd partner on Smackdown, was no where to be found on RAW last night. Could that be the final chapter of the Assman's television career in the WWF?

HOW MANY TIMES WILL Rhyno AND Test WRESTLE EACH OTHER?!? Even worse, this was a #1 contenders match for the Hardcore title, and it wasn't a hardcore match. Now that's funny. The WWF was running an angle to which they thought Test was the WWF mole by letting WCW wrestlers in the building. Later on, after Test got beat down, they would discover that Test was NOT the mole. D'oh. Oh, the drama! I'm not even wasting my time guessing who the "mole" might be.

The WWF seems to be doing a lot of mixed tag teams lately. Is Russo back already? Matt Hardy/Lita vs. Big Show/Trish Stratus was an OK match, with Hardy/Lita winning from Lita's moonsault off the top rope. Not much else I could say here.........

On to the WCW match.... BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My gosh, Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell was such hell to watch. What is Buff doing by using lots of wear down moves in a WWF main event? This match should have not been given the main event slot, whatsoever. The fans want WWF vs. WCW, and NOT WCW. If they wanted WCW, they would have watched Nitro or Chunder, but they didn't! Because they didn't watch WCW WRESTLING, the WWF was able to buy them out at the end of March this year. Duh!!! Little did the WWF know that Buff Bagwell is not a main eventer, nor can he carry a match if his life depended on it. I really hope the crowd reactions give the WWF a clear message. The first one was a "Goldberg" chant, which is the instant ratings answer that the WWF needs right now. The second was the "This Match SUCKS" chant, which should tell the WWF what not to do with RAW.

The WWF should NOT turn RAW into a WCW show, for it would be suicide for their company. When you have a hot crowd chanting "This Match Sucks" on two guys that the WWF will rely on to be big parts of WCW, that should tell you to back off on the idea. And you know what? The fans cheer when Booker T attacks Steve Austin or Vince McMahon during other segments, because that's WWF vs. WCW! Hello??? The match ended with Steve Austin running down, which was too predictable. It was pretty funny to see Buff join in on the beatdown, but only to get attacked, too, at the end of RAW.

LAST WORD: Yuck, what a bad show that was. The WWF, again on RAW, took 2 steps behind when they should be taking one step ahead on the WCW invasion angle. No match was a standout, and the sports entertainment wasn't entertaining. I'll give this show a


(C minus) as I shake my head at how Stephanie McMahon and company can just screw up a big money angle right before my eyes on the booking. It's so sad, because the WCW angle is the ONLY thing that will save wrestling at this point.

Oh yeah, I just remembered what I wanted to discuss in my intro. Now I could edit it up top, but this seems like the perfect time. If you unfortunately caught any of Mtv during the weekend, you'll know that they are showing reruns of Tough Enough. When I was watching, they had on the very 1st episode of Tough Enough, followed by the latest episode. So that's 1 and a half hours of extra WWF programming... Then, for Sunday Night Heat, they showed a replay at 11 pm, which is an additional hour of WWF programming. Gee, that's 2 and a half hours of WWF programming, extra, that Viacom is giving the WWF on Mtv.

That's interesting. So you're telling me that Viacom REFUSES to give the WWF 2 hours of programming for WCW on TNN, but they can give over 2 hours, extra, to the WWF on Mtv? Wow, what a hypocrite Viacom is. Viacom is clearly exploiting and undermining the WWF, by refusing 2 hours for WCW, but giving them 2 hours on Mtv for reruns of other shows. Yeah, that's really nice, especially when WCW would probably get higher ratings than the WWF shows on Mtv, but not RAW.


-Rhyno vs. Mike Awesome
-Booker T vs. Steve Austin
-Diamond Dallas Page vs. the Undertaker
-Shane vs. Vince
-Big WCW vs. WWF match

Note on the first 3 matches: they could be slapped in the big WCW vs. WWF brawl on Pay Per View, which I don't think would spike the buyrates whatsoever. But we'll see how this card will develop, because I have no clue at all on what Stephanie and her band of morons writing backstage will come up with.

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