Guess who's back? Another Monday Night is upon us. Two being WCW, a federation with their hired gun returning(Vince Russo), and the other being the WWF, who will try to impress us with their so-called new storylines. Anyway, I have the wonderful Monday Night hype, along with the NEW Phat Daily Column weekly schedule in this very column. Yes, the PDC is organized and has meaning for each day. On to the PDC.


-Nitro Hype-

Oh my God. On Nitro, Jeff Jarrett will have tryouts for "several large women" to sing for Hulk Hogan at Bash at the Beach. Yes, Vince Russo is back folks, so you can all just SMELL THE RATINGS in the air once again.

For more smut television, Miss Hancock...or according to her website, Ms. Hancock plans to unveil her wedding gown for her match against Daffney at Bash at the Beach. Good eye candy, and you know it's a Russo booking here. They will probably roll around in the ring, and R&B security will kidnap both of them. Yay.

The Cat, who I feel is doing an excellent job at Commissioner, will make a special announcement about Big Poppa Pump. Actually, he'll make the excuse why Scott Steiner is suspended for threatening Terry Taylor about the Thunder booking. But hey, Scott Steiner will get his way anyway, and still defeat Mike Awesome at the Bash. You always get your way in WCW, even with Russo around. Just look at Hulk Hogan, who will make Russo cry again when he returns.

Good tag action could occur during the Booker T/Buff Bagwell vs. Shane Douglas/Kanyon match, if they let them wrestle and if Shane Douglas is ok. I'm sure with Russo around, this match will be short and with lots of run ins. Oh, we just can't have a good match with Russo, since he's not a "wrestling" booker, but a "storyline" booker. Ooops.

More with Bill Goldberg and Kevin Nash. It somewhat seems obvious that Scott Hall could return and just "screw" Kevin Nash out of his match and turn New Blood. Especially with "Mr. Goes for Shock Value whenever Possible" Vince Russo in charge once again. With the angle, you'll probably see Goldberg act like a face, once again! He's such a monster heel, isn't he?

Many other wrestlers will be there including Kronic, the Filthy Animals, Billy Kidman and Lance Storm, Vampiro, The Misfits in Action, 3 Count, Tank Abbott, David Flair, Big Vito, Terry Funk, Jindrak and O'Haire, and much more since WCW loves to throw in anybody on a run in. I hope Jindrak and O'Haire get some time to "wrestle", but it will be rough with Russo around.


Basically, from this Nitro Hype, you can see that I'm not happy with Russo's return. The past 2 weeks have been a blast of fresh air, as we've seen some good performers FINALLY be able to show their talents without some crazy angle or gimmick holding them back. With Russo, it's all about the gimmick or angle, and NOTHING else. Terry Taylor, although I still don't agree with him on the Big Show cancer angle, did a good job mixing angles with some truly excellent wrestling. That's what WCW needs to be strong, especially for the long run of their company. With Russo, he just tries to shock everyone, and it could only do some short run ratings effects, and that's it. He does nothing for WCW in long term planning.

I also caught *parts* of WCW Saturday Morning. Man, that's a terrible show. It's so boring with Hudson and the Living Legend hosting that show. No real emotion for that show, and recap shows suck anyway. I really hope it reverts back to studio wrestling in August or whenever. WCW really needs a good show to develop young talent in. Those guys need to get out of the Power Plant, and present themselves on television so that they can make an easy transition when they step it up. But hey, we aren't looking at long term planning here at WCW.


-Sunday Night Heat-

Many readers ask me why Perry Saturn tolerates wrestling Heat, instead of the main shows. He was once a strong midcarder in WCW, but now he's working the 3rd rated show. Well, I'm thinking that the WWF is just saving him up until a perfect angle comes along for him to join. Either that, or they are just putting him on Heat for something that sticks. As for if he's happy or not, well, yes he is. He no longer has a bickering locker-room to work in, and if you've been to his site, he says nothing but good things about the WWF. I think the WWF is holding him back now for Raven's debut in the WWF(Note: Yes, I know he was in WWF before. I'm talking about the Raven gimmick.) since Saturn and Raven worked well together in ECW.

Although very short, the final match with Lita/Hardy Boyz vs. T and A/Trish Stratus was pretty entertaining to watch. The Hardy team quickly eliminated Albert, and then Lita defeated Trish with a beautiful moonsault which could have bursted Trish's top. Then, Test was left alone, eliminated BOTH of the Hardys. But what made things great was the offense by Lita on Test. She nailed him with a sweet Frankensteiner and a Moonsault, but neither could pin Test. Then, out of no where, Test KILLED her with a big boot.

Also on the card, there was a very entertaining match between Dean Malenko and Jackie. I think that Malenko can make ANY wrestler look good, as was the case with Jackie. She accepted Dean's challenge for anybody in the back to take him on for the Lightweight title. Malenko, after selling many moves, defeated her easily with the evil Texas Cloverleaf, which actually hurts in real life.

Overall, good show here on Heat, as it's going to be hard to beat this show for the new "Show of the Week" part of the Sunday's PDC.

-RAW Hype-

Tonight, you can expect MORE of the same stuff on RAW. More stuff with Chris Jericho and Triple H, as they've already fought 2 good RAW matches. I think the WWF should hold off this feud for a while for that simple fact, as we don't want the Rock or Mick Foley vs. Triple H syndrome to hit the television waves once again.

Maybe expect more from Undertaker/Kane vs. the tag team champions, Edge/Christian. I bet the WWF will do one of three things:
ONE-They will do Undertaker vs. Christian and Edge vs. Kane
TWO- They will do a tag match for the World Titles between Edge/Christian vs. Kane/Undertaker to SPIKE the ratings
THREE-They will all be in separate matches, and they will run in or ruin those matches.
I could be wrong.

I bet we'll see something to start up the Chris Benoit vs. The Rock match at the next Pay Per View. I personally think that Chris Benoit carried the Rock to his best match EVER when they first fought, and with the Rock's attitude and mic skills, the Rock could just help Benoit get that extra help needed for more fans to catch on with him. We'll see tonight!

You know we'll see an opening or second segment, 20 minute interview. Why not predict what COULD be said in this very interview? Parody time!

*****Triple H comes out with Stephanie and the rest of the goons from DX*****

Triple H: I am the Game. (After 7 minutes of promoting himself) You know that Chris Jericho? I'm gonna kick his ass!

******BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!! Chris Jericho comes out*****

Chris Jericho: Welcome to RAW IS JERICHO! (15 repetitive phrases later) I can beat you Triple H, and your wife is a dirty, trashy, horny, corny, stupid, dumb, annoying, disturbing woman. I just ran out of adjectives.

*****Crowd Chants: TITO! TITO! TITO!*****

Triple H: Would you people shut the hell up? I'm the Game damn it! Anyway, Jericho! How dare you call my crazy, looney, high pitched, spoiled, prissy, and natural looking wife those bad names! I'm gonna kick your ass!

*****Out comes Mick Foley*****

Mick Foley: Since I'm the ONLY wrestler to make fun of these stupid interviews, I'm appointing a NEW co-commissioner tonight! His name is...

*****The Next Episode hits the's Mr. Tito!*****

Mick: Tito!

*****Crowd Chants PDC! PDC! PDC!*****

Tito: Yes, I am the new co-commissioner, but I'll go in the back and do my job and NOT promote myself during a long interview. Bye.

*****Tito Leaves*****

Mick: Triple's going to be you, Road Dogg, and Xpac vs. the Dudleys and Chris Jericho.

Triple H: Hey, we did that on Smackdown?

Mick Foley: Yes, I know, but since Vince Russo is back, we can do what we want once again! No need to even try to go for ratings, because nobody can touch us!

Triple H: Ah yes, it's so nice in this free world we are living in.

Mr. Tito News

Alright, to keep myself fresh and the column fresh, I've decided to set up this schedule for my column. So here's the line up for each day:

Sunday- The Show of the Week will be announced in this column. For Pay Per Views, I'll give my predictions. When there is no Pay Per Views, anything will go I guess?
Monday- This column will mainly consist of Monday Night hype of Nitro and RAW, with possible PPV thoughts
Tuesday- Monday Night Impressions, with probably ECW on TNN ratings analysis
Wednesday- In depth Ratings Analysis, with more discussion on what happened earlier in the week
Thursday- WCW day, with thoughts from Thunder or everything from WCW. Some WWF thoughts, if any
Friday- WWF day, with a look at Smackdown and what is currently going on in the WWF. Some WCW thoughts, if any
Saturday- Nothing but ECW on TNN, as I am the official ECW on TNN show recap guy now. I'll include all of my thoughts on ECW in this column.

So there you have it. I've somewhat followed this pattern, but never officially announced it until now. I'll have the multimedia or any kind of reviews at any day. Same with special columns, and also breaking news columns.

Future Reviews: The Rock Says(I'll find time to read this soon), and possibly the two WWF Rock videos which I haven't seen yet to make one day dedicated to Rock media. No other videos at this time interest me, but if you have any suggestions, please send them along.

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