Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. 100 is only 3 days away! Lots of huge wrestling headlines have happened thoughout this week, both good and bad. Anyways, on to the 97th consecutive Phat Daily Column.


-Some weak rumors suggest that Chris Jericho would be brought back on WCW television to do some jobs to wrestlers to give him a bad reputation before he enters the WWF. Since his contract officially ends on July 27th, WCW can do whatever the hell they want, since Jericho is contractually obligated to do so. This would be a great move for WCW if they did it, and it works. Just look at what WCW did for Paul Wight. He jobbed to everyone and their mother before he left, therefore, it took him forever to get over in the WWF. WCW could really attempt to destroy Jericho if they wanted to.-Everyone has heard about Master P being upset with his reception in WCW. He is mad because the crowds love their cowboys, and not his No Limit Soldiers. He has talked about quitting all together, and WCW wants to use him on a limited basis now. I say, turn the No Limit Soldiers heel! That always gets some crowd reaction, but of course, Master P can't become a heel, because some of the wrestling fans wouldn't buy his lovely albums if he was bad. Something must be done with the No Limit Soldiers, because they are just draining WCW's money.


-According to the Ross Report, the WWF is cracking down on out of shape wrestlers to the point where they are making them work out harder, or they will be fired from the company. That seems reasonable, as this policy should have been around for when Vader was in WWF. He became very out of shape when entering the WWF, and his weaker wrestling skills when he came in proved it. The WWF kept trying to get Yokozuna into shape, but he wasn't very willing like any other wrestlers. Right now, Mark Henry is busting his ass to lose around 40 pounds. Wrestlers like Mideon and Paul Wight will probably be affected by this policy.-Well, look for the members of the Brood and the Hardy Boys to be pushed very soon. Look for Edge to get a huge singles push, but it's uncertain how Christian and Gangrel will get pushed. The Hardys will probably be pushed, because the WWF is very impressed with their tag team capabilities. Jim Ross is the one pushing for these pushes to happen. He feels that all 5 wrestlers have great talent, and that they all are the future of the WWF. I agree.

Mr. Tito: An Essay - Wrestling's Annoying Repetition

Wrestling has many flaws, and they are so easy to spot out. Some storylines are wrongly written, and some wrestlers are horrible to watch. Wrestling strives on keeping a great product, and not repeating something that does not need repeated. Repetition is beginning to kill wrestling today.How is repetition killing wrestling? Just take a look at wrestling's main event scene anymore. Everyone has fought everyone already. I, personally, am getting sick and tired of seeing the same matches. To attempt to hide their repetition, the federations add stupid stipulations to the matches. That's horrible. A great example was the Rock vs. Mick Foley feud. I don't know how many times those two fought, but each match gave me a weaker interest. Another great example of repetition is WCW's stupid run-ins during main events. I swear, every week during the NWO's great run, they had a hyped up main event match up pitting WCW vs. the NWO, but it always ended up with the New World Order running in to make a save. More repetition includes the wrestler's interviews. I'm tired of seeing Hogan's and the McMahon's interviews. I've seen them a million times, and I don't care how powerful they claim to be either. The WWF can't think of any new main events anymore, therefore, I get to see Rock vs. Triple H much much more! It gets very annoying.It also seems as though the federations are beginning to run out of ideas. Good proof of this is the reforming of the NWO. WCW didn't know what to do when they were losing ratings, so what did they do? They reformed Hall, Nash, and Hogan along with other wrestlers to reform the NWO. Another great example was Vince trying to "screw" Stone Cold again. It seems as though we have had a dream season just like Dallas did, where we are back where we were a year ago. Why can't the federations bring up brand spanking new ideas? It's hard to write storylines in a federation, but still. Why do something that has already been done?It's easy to see that this repetition could kill a federation, and drive the new wrestling fans that were made recently, away. Point is, we like new ideas. Old ideas or matches recycled bother us. We are always expecting more, but what can you expect from something that we have already seen? A good angle is very hard to produce these days, but at least attempt to do something new or innovative...we won't mind.

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