It's Monday!!!!! Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Tonight we get to enjoy, or at least watch, the Monday Night Shows. The WWF received strong RAW ratings last week, coming of their Pay Per View, which they haven't received in a while. On the other hand, WCW gained in their Head to Head competition by a small amount. Last week experienced the most wrestling fans in a while for the Monday Night shows, and we'll see tonight and tomorrow if it continues. On to the PDC


-Nitro Hype-

Tonight on Nitro, we have a Double Main Event! WCW is trying their best to spike the ratings beyond belief, and good performances in both matches, along with good endings, will help this show out.

Probably the top of the hour Main Event will be Sting vs. Booker T. As long as there is NO interference and that Russo decides to give these guys time to "wrestle" and "put on a show", then it should be good ratings for WCW. I'm hoping that nobody just storms the ring, and that my boy Sting puts Booker T over, just like Ric Flair did for him around 10 years ago or so.

The Main Event of the evening will be Scott Steiner vs. Kevin Nash, which has Goldberg run in all over it! I just wish Steiner was fighting Goldberg in this match, alone again. I really enjoyed seeing Goldberg get tossed around, and being forced to sell moves for once. That's the main event I want to see again.

Lance Storm.....from Calgary...................................................................Alberta, Canada will be on hand to discuss plans for his Hardcore Title. Oh my God, will it become the Canadian Hardcore Title? I'm guessing he's going to vacate it, or make some kind of strange challege to anyone who wants some. Maybe he'll give the belt to Awesome, because anyone who can stand having a "Fat Chick Thriller" gimmick IS hardcore.

Hey, a 3 way dance tag match! It's between Jindrak/O'Haire, Muta/Vampiro......and Kronic. Yes, it's time to sell Kronic moves, and then let them NOT sell your moves. Hopefully, the titles will be on the line so that a good, and technical tag team can hold the belts. Not this horrible Legion of Doom or Demolition imitation.

It's NOT's Quee-Wee! Yeah, way to market his name already. I really hope that this match is during the second hour of Nitro, that way I can change the channel and NOT be subject to crap like a Quee-Wee vs. Artist match. Artist will lose this match too, since the SNL bad imitation will have the help of Paisley. Oh my God, I can just feel the ratings for this one!


-RAW Hype-

So what's in store for us on RAW? Well, from Smackdown, we saw Triple H and Stephanie have their little misunderstanding. Hey Triple H, just show her the tape from Smackdown! That will get you out of trouble! Oh wait, this is like Big Brother, and that means cameras will be ignored. Anyway, look for them to either reunite here, with the wounds still in place, OR look for Stephanie to start flirting more with Kurt Angle, you know, to finally get that feud started.

Look for more stuff by Shane's stable, as they will attack or try to hurt everyone. Yay. I'm sure Shane will intimidate Mick Foley with his supergroup as well. Hey, I bet they start something with the Rock(sarcasm).

The DirecTV preview states this:
Hour 1- Trouble with Stephanie and Triple H's marriage
Hour 2- Shane tries for the WWF Title
The first one, I discussed. The second one could mean a few things. For one, we could see the Rock vs. Shane McMahon, again. However, I think he's sending a henchman after the Rock, like the Big Show for a big Georgia Dome showdown to smell the ratings. Something like that, as these DirecTV love to make stuff up at times. Either that, or the WWF changes their minds on occasion.

Tonight's RAW will be in WCW Country, and at the heart of it, in Atlanta, Georgia. I found it rather odd that the WWF hasn't sold out the building yet. Yes, I understand that it is a nice sized arena, but the WWF sells out most arenas, especially for RAWs or Smackdowns, in 5 minutes. When I saw Micheal Cole saying "plenty of good seats still available" last week on Smackdown, I was intrigued. Maybe they are opening more seats, somehow, for this event? I don't know, but I found this to be rather odd.

@That's it for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual "Monday Night Impressions" to attempt to strike some nerves. So until then, just chill....till the next episode. Be sure to check out the FINAL edition of Makin' the Tag, ever, on the Phat Pharm. After today, you will NEVER see it again on the Phat Pharm.

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