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Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Today's column is the 125th consecutive column, and since I figured that the number 125 is kinda significant, I decided to add a surprise. Expect a MONSTER COLUMN from me today, so bear yourselves and get ready. On to the PDC.

-Outside Tidbit Contrary to what many people think, Steve McMicheal is NOT on his way to the WWF. That's according to the Ross Report, and according to Cody Monk of, Mongo is officially retired. Good. Now I'm not trying to knock the man, as I have enjoyed him during his football years, but he's one of the worst wrestlers to ever step into the ring. He did try, but hey, nobody can be great at one thing, and be great at another. Everyone will probably tell me how great he was since he was U.S. Champ at one time. I'll laugh and say: "Look at the U.S. Champ now!!!" Anyone can be U.S. Champ.


-Ha, according to Dave Meltzer and Georgiann Makropoulos, two very reliable wrestling info sources, the Dudley Boys are in talks with the WWF right now. Yes, I stated yesterday for everyone not to believe the rumor that the Dudleys were in the WWF. Well, they aren't officially signed yet, so I'm partially right. Until they are signed, I'll eat my words then. I'm wondering why the Dudleys are talking with the WWF. They are a great tag team, but did something happen in ECW? Maybe ECW is cleaning up their acts for the upcoming television show on TNN. Maybe TNN executives were upset at the Dudley's language during the Pay Per View. I'm wondering, because Gertner has made some statements and he hasn't been talking to other federations.

-Like I reported from yesterday, the Ross report says that Stone Cold suffered a spained knee. Ross says that Stone Cold will be given some time off to allow that to heal. WWF is probably breathing a sigh of relief now, because if Stone Cold was out of action for a long time, they would be doomed since Stone Cold is heavily involved in storylines. Whether this injury seals the deal for Triple H to beat Stone Cold at Summerslam to allow Stone Cold to completely recover is another story.

-Ross also stated that Jericho's contract is in effect this week. Yes, that means he is now allowed to show up on WWF programming!! If you think he's debuting this Monday, just read the spoilers. Besides, if he showed up on that taping, would have announced it like they did with Public Enemy's arrival. Can't wait for Jericho's arrival, most likely August 9th!!!


-Since ECW is getting really popular again(not that they weren't popular), expect WCW to make another ECW talent raid. According to Meltzer and Micasa, WCW has none other than Rob Van Dam on the top of their list. I highly doubt that the Whole F'N Show would sign with WCW, as I have heard many times that RVD is very happy at ECW, especially because he can be the star of the new TNN show. WCW will have a tougher time this time around, since all of the wrestlers are pumped for the new TNN show.

-Wow, many readers sent me the statement about ICP in WCW that was on the official Insane Clown Posse page. Ha, they sent it to me because the know how much I love ICP.(HAHA) They state that they enjoy WCW, and that WCW treats them with much more respect than the WWF did. Impressive. (Wow, I'm also impressed by the ICP official page design) Anyways, that's good for ICP as the relationship didn't work out in the WWF. I just hope none of the problems, like actually punching wrestlers, comes up again in WCW.

-When the hell is Lex Luger coming back? I hear he is ready and able to wrestle again, but WCW is holding him back for some reason. I think WCW is really confused about the direction of Luger especially because he was rumored to be the picked Hummer driver. Since they dropped the Hummer driver angle, Lex is without a returning angle. WCW wants Luger to be a heel, and Luger wants to be a heel to further his career. How this will happen is very unknown at this point, but WCW wants him to feud with Sting as a classic feud.

WCW Possible Angles Update

It's back...the Possible WCW angles. When reading this, keep in mind that these are the predictions of Mr. Tito, and Mr. Tito only. This isn't fact, nor is it what WCW has scripted. These are my opinions on what will happen to certain wrestlers or angles for the future. Remember..this is OPINIONATED...not fact. I wish it could be fact. :)

Hollywood Hogan - If he doesn't get injured, he will remain champion for a while. It's very unclear who will defeat him, as it seems unlikely that Nash will defeat Hogan. It's hard to say if Hogan will hold the World Title until Bret comes back, if he does. Look for Hogan to probably remain Hollywood. Hulk has a copyright by Marvel Comics, so he'll keep Hollywood because he and WCW will get all of the benefits.

Kevin Nash - I don't think he'll defeat Hogan, nor will he be World Champ for a while. With Hogan back, look for his character to be less pushed. Nash will probably remain heel, and continue to form heel stables.

Randy Savage - It's hard to say where his career is going, as his partner, Sid, has sided with an enemy, Nash. Also, it's rumored that his contract is coming up in late winter. If that's true, and he doesn't get re-signed quickly, look for Macho to be used less.

Bill Goldberg - Since he re-signed with WCW for a new contract, look for Goldberg to get monster pushes again. He'll probably win the title sometime this year, and maybe, just maybe feud with Bret Hart if he comes back. I see Goldberg really taking over in WCW..eventually.

Sting - Look for Sting to always be wrestling with the title contenders, but never to be given a title shot. I think WCW really wants him to be with Hogan as possibly a way to attract fans. As for his presidency, I think he'll use it for a while, but as reported, he might turn it over to Eric Bischoff.

Ric Flair - Ric Flair's years are dwindling, but he'll still be around. Look for him to continue to help out his son, and be associated with the Triad. Hey, maybe he could side with the Triad for the new 4 horsemen. Just a thought.

Eric Bischoff - Look for him to continue his 1st hour announcing at times, and if Sting does give him back presidency, look for Bischoff to become a heel again. He really loves to be a heel.

Sid Vicious - Sid will probably float around from feud to feud until he gets in better ring shape and polishes his wrestling skills a little. Sid will probably lose a few big matches, but I think WCW has big plans for Sid. In his contract, a World Title was promised....keep that in mind.

Rick Steiner - Look for the DFG to remain the television champ for a much longer time. WCW really doesn't feel the need for him to lose the title right now, and he could also remain with Nash and Sid for some time to come. He could also side with Scott Steiner...if he ever comes back.

Buff Bagwell - I expect Buff to eventually get the better end against the Cat, and I also expect him to win the US title soon. He'll only get that US strap if he tones down his cocky attitude backstage though.

No Limit Soldiers - As far as the rappers, they will probably never show up on WCW again, but the rest of the faction will milk the No Limit title in attempt to get them over. If that doesn't work, they will all turn jobbers.

Triad - They will always be in the tag title hunt, no matter who beats them. Whoever beats them, they will win it back in the rematch. I expect more of a siding with Flair, so that Flair can attack Shane Douglas, Saturn, Benoit, and Malenko.

Vampiro - WCW is really loving this guy right now, so I expect him to get pushed, and start a young, powerful stable with Raven sided with ICP. I feel bad for the other Luchadores, because WCW shows interest in him, so he will probably destroy them all.

NWO Black and White - I expect for this group to be finally finished soon, as a few of the wrestlers are getting new gimmicks, or joining up with old tag partners. The others will become jobbers!

Diamond Dallas Page - I expect for DDP to never be World Champ, at least for a while, and be a powerful heel with the rest of the Triad. WCW will mainly focus on DDP as the top man of the group, and he could go after the World, but not win it.

Booker T - His potential singles career is now finished with siding with his brother again. Harlem Heat was a tough team, but young Booker carried the team, and now he'll just be a tag wrestler again. Damn shame, eh Coolbeans?

Scott Hall - He is NOT going to the WWF like some crackers have said, as he will probably be returning sometime soon. What he will do is beyond my knowledge, but I'll guess he'll side with Nash again because with Hogan back, Nash will have to become a tag wrestler or something again.

Earnest 'the Cat' Miller - He will probably be on the losing end of Buff, but he'll still be pushed. He probably has the US title also in his reaches soon. I don't think WCW will push him as a main eventer, and that's a damn shame.

Possible New Horsemen - You know, the Cancer doctors: 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas, Perry Saturn, Chris Benoit, and Dean Malenko. Look for them to encounter whatever Ric Flair throws at them, and then some. They could eventually have a "Winner gets to become the Horsemen" match, or maybe not. I just hope that WCW pushes these wrestlers on their own, instead as a group.

Rey Misterio Jr. - I think his title reign as cruiserweight champ will just be extended because WCW really wants him to be the longest champ ever. (Quick Factoid: Syxx, now known as X-Pac is the longest ever) Then, maybe he'll actually defend that title. Look for him to form a stable with Eddy Guererro and Konnan to attack the new stable of Vampiro. Interesting matches there.

Konnan - He's always in the WCW doghouse for his backstage and off camera actions, so I doubt any success is in his future. He'll probably go after Vampiro as well, along with his Mexican buddies.

Lex Luger - Flexy Lexy should be coming back to action real soon, but don't expect him to be a nice guy. He's most likely coming back as a heel, but I'm not too sure how. I was figuring maybe the Hummer driver or Nash's tag partner, but that didn't work. He'll probably come back and go after Sting. Luger and Sting are a great team, but they have great feuds too. Luger wrestles his best vs. Sting.

Stevie Ray - Unfortunately, he talked his brother into reforming Harlem Heat, but that will make him a star again since he was a loser in singles.

Disco Inferno - Look for Disco to return soon, with some kind of weird gimmick. Whether it's the memory loss or not, his gimmick will really be altered in some way.

Raven - He's probably going to help out with Vampiro, and then he'll come back and receive the push that he was ready to receive before he was injured. Maybe not though with the current politics, which have always held Raven back from becoming a true superstar in WCW. Damn shame.

Billy Kidman - Billy Kidman will eventually reenter the scene and he will probably defeat Rey Misterio once Misterio beats Syxx's cruiserweight title reign. Kidman should be used more, and I think WCW is going to realize that soon. I feel Kidman = ratings.

Perry Saturn - Out of the 'new Horsemen', I expect Saturn to receive the biggest push out of the group. WCW really respects Saturn, so I see most of the glory coming from Saturn.

Shane Douglas - He'll probably help out with Saturn, Benoit, and Malenko until he finally has his showdown with Ric Flair. That one should be interesting.

Chris Benoit - Just a supporting role in the 'New Horsemen' stable. Nothing else big.

Dean Malenko - Same as Benoit.

Kanyon - Supporting role, but he will eventually get more respect and more responsibility in the Triad.

Bam Bam Bigelo - Supporting role in Triad, helping an enforcer..

Hardcore Hak - He'll probably continue to get pounded on in Hardcore matches, but he'll eventually take over the division. I also see Sting bringing back the indoor hardcore matches. Anyways, Hak should be getting pushed somehow soon for his hardwork.

Rest of Hardcore Division - Hopefully, Hak will be their daddies.

Uncle Eddy - I call Eddy Guererro, Uncle Eddy, because that last name is annoying to spell. Anyways, I see him helping with Misterio with Vampiro, but I also see him feuding with all of the other Luchadores. I expect some kind of push for Uncle Eddy since WCW kinda feels bad for treating him bad before his car wreck that put him on the shelf.

Women of WCW - I expect that Women's title to be activated, again with the craziness with Medusa and Miss Madness or Mona. I also see Gorgeous George getting some skills as well to take them on. Pretty women fighting for a wrestling title..hey that looks like a copy of something.

David Flair - I see WCW, for some stupid reason which is beyond me, to keep David Flair as champ for a while in effort for his wrestling skills to catch up to his title status. That won't happen, but WCW will still be behind him. He will continue to piss me off by having his outside interference help him defeat deserving wrestlers. Makes me sick.

Wrestlers like Lash Leroux, Eric Watts, Norman Smiley, Dave Taylor and Steven Regal, Lodi and Lenny Lane, Van Hammer, Mikey Whipwreck, and many others - They could have some decent matches, but they will struggle to get any spotlight. Lots of Saturday Night, some Thunder, and rarely Nitro for them.

Tony Shiavone - He's getting his Nitro job back, but that isn't an angle. I'm guessing that Scott Hudson will always be available from now on for replacement if needed.

Oh yeah, forgot the one of the biggest names in this!!!!!

Bret "the Hitman" Hart - How could I forget him? I didn't, I just wanted to save the man for the last one to close this up. Ok, I do expect the Hitman to return. I think he'll return sometime in the early fall only to go after Hogan. He probably won't be involved with Goldberg until later, but WCW has had talks with Bret for when he comes back. Hogan has agreed that he would job cleanly for Bret at World War 3 or something around that time. So when Bret comes back to wrestle again, he's getting a MONSTER push. He's getting the push that he's deserved from the first time he stepped into the ring for WCW. When used properly, Bret will be big, and I think the recent events, unfortunately, has generated fan interest in Bret again. Unfortunately, it took him Owen's death for him to finally get recognized in WCW. Many will e-mail me and say that he was getting pushed before this tragedy, but he's been promised MANY times about this push. Putting all of my personal feelings aside, Bret is going to finish out on top at WCW. He does have the third year option thingy to worry about, but I think WCW will make him happy to stay, not to mention his hatred against the WWF will keep him in WCW.

I probably forgot someone down the line...but oh well, I'm not perfect.

Note: I really hope you have enjoyed the WCW possible angles update. I worked my ass off on them today, and I hope you like it. Please remember this segment is OPINIONATED, and NOT FACT. It comes from my thoughts, and not from any real source. Last time I did a Possible Angles thingy, it was copied and pasted on other various newsboards without crediting moi, who like today, busted his ass to do this. If you are using this, please credit me. That's all I ask. It's not hard to do either, and people do know when it is taken from me because everytime I'm copied, I get e-mailed about it. All I ask is to credit me, that's all. :)

@Phew! That's all for today. I will say this, in my opinion, that's one of my best Phat Daily Columns that I have ever done. I just want to say thank you to everyone who reads my column and to those who make this column possible everyday. So until the next one, chill till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, thanking God that he can type really fast, signing off!

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