Welcome to an all new edition of the Phat Daily Column. Sunday is one of those days that I've always said that I COULD miss. Hey, I missed both days that I promised that I MIGHT miss every week. For yesterday, I had a pair of tickets to the Pittsburgh Pirates game, which I couldn't miss with the Houston Astros in town. Let me tell ya, PNC Park is a beautiful baseball stadium in which anyone from the Pittsburgh area should check out.

For the evening, I received a call from the fellas who do some backyard wrestling in my area, and I couldn't turn them down when they told me they were having a huge event. How could I not turn that down? By the way, I agree with the notion about stiffer matches making what looks like a great match, especially what I saw in their main event. It was great stuff, and I hope they hold another event again. Backyard Wrestling 4-Life.

I would have actually did a Heat review for y'all, but I got in too late to view the tape. I had all intentions to review it, since I saw the matches live. I did flip around on the television during one point last night, and I did see that the WWF put in the Albert vs. Hugh Morrus match. Ugh. The WWF should have edited Test vs. Chuck Palumbo, instead, for it was a million times better and more exciting than Morrus vs. Albert. I can't wait to view the tape, though, and hear the Kaientai speech. It was damn funny live, and I'm anxious to see it again for television.

Let's hype some RAW. On to the PDC!


IF YOU SMEEELLLLLLLLLLL.... What the Test is cooking at WWF NY. Haha, got ya, didn't I? Test will be the lucky wrestler hosting RAW from WWF NY, this week, since the WWF basically has nothing else for him to do. As I listed above with his match with Chuck Palumbo being a dark match over such crap matches like Morrus vs. Albert, Test just isn't getting any attention by the WWF. Of course, Test doesn't really have the charisma and mic skills, but that can be worked on... a little bit. He does have the in-ring ability, which you can't say for some of the wrestlers currently receiving pushes.

Alright, the Rock is indeed returning tonight. However, will he get cheered? When you have an ECW Faction, would the fans cheer Rocky or ECW? That's a damn good question, as I'd think that the WWF would want the fans to chant "Rocky", right? Just like when the WWF was taking away negative Rock signs during the Wrestlemania Austin feud, the WWF just might not use ECW as much in the city of Philadelphia for this week's RAW. If they aren't used much, I'll just say "I told you so" in tomorrow's column. The WWF is all about protecting the Rock's image, even if the fans get bored with him, just like they did when he was last in the WWF and the fans were cheering for Austin more.

I have a feeling that the Rock won't take either side. Vince McMahon screwed him over many many times, and Shane has done the same. I believe that the WWF is fully prepared to go Steve Austin vs. the Rock vs. Kurt Angle at Summerslam 2001, with the WWF vs. WCW vs. The Rock. Now if the Rock chooses neither side, will that mean that he's against the WWF? If so, and when the fans boo him, which they definitely will now that Kurt Angle has a 'head of steam' as a face now, will the WWF protect the Rock then?

But don't get me wrong, here, as I have a feeling that some little 14 year old columnist, who tries to write like his own shit doesn't stink, will say "oh, Tito is so negative against the Rock". No, it's not that at all. The only times I get on the Rock is for his repetition, like the same old catchphrases, his reliance on the right hand, and how the WWF tends to protect the Rock over others. Like for example, their censoring of the negative Rock signs when the Rock was going to wrestle Austin at Wrestlemania. The WWF was purposely trying to condition fans, watching television at home, to NOT hate the Rock. For one, the WWF is hurting the fan's freedom of expression, and for two, it's like the WWF is brainwashing or condition what they consider stupid fans to not hate the Rock. Those are my only complaints.

When the Rock is on, his speeches are very entertaining to watch, as are his matches. Just when he tells us what the Rock is cooking 1 Million times and then wrestling the same freakin' match, right hands and People's elbows, that's when I tend to criticize any of his material. He has a lot of traits like one Hulk Hogan. He has repetitive catchphrases, he's somewhat limited in wrestling ability, Rock is now trying to be a movie star as well as a wrestler, and the WWF protects him. That's a good comparison to the Rock.

HOWEVER, when the Rock is original with his material and doesn't swing as many righthands, he's WAY more entertaining to watch than Hulk Hogan and most of the WWF. That's when he's on his game and not just doing routine things. Tonight, we'll see if a long time off from the WWF was a good thing or not. I believe it was a good thing since the WWF fans were becoming tired of him, the Rock hardly took any time off before this long break to actually get away from the tough business for a while, and finally, it gave a chance for other superstars to break out for the Rock to fight now that he's returned.

And I'm a firm believer that the WWF lost some of their fans because of the absence of the Rock. Sure, many in the live crowds or watching at home were getting fed up with the Rock, but the Triple H/Steve Austin vs. Kane/Undertaker feud just wasn't entertaining to those fans who didn't get tired of the Rock's antics, night in and night out. His return SHOULD help the ratings climb that much more, especially when he wrestles a special match, say against one Diamond Dallas Page or one Booker T.

Speaking of Booker T, rumor has it that he MIGHT get a rematch against Kurt Angle, tonight on RAW! If they do fight, I believe that Booker T COULD win his title back. However, if the WWF is going to push the Summerslam main event of Rock vs. Austin vs. Angle, they might be wanting to have the WCW Title on the line or involved. Who knows? But what I do know is that the WWF shouldn't be whoring the WCW World Title around like it's an easy title to lose or exchange, as they did only hours before the exchange between Booker T and Kurt Angle at a booking meeting.

Tonight, we are indeed in Philadelphia, home of some of the BEST wrestling fans on the planet, and also, the home of Extreme Championship Wrestling. If Rob Van Dam has a match tonight, expect him to receive the biggest face pop out of anyone in the WWF locker room. However, with the Rock's big return, as I listed above, the WWF might do as much with the ECW wrestlers as you'd think, which is totally unfair, and you want to know why? Well, the ECW Angle has brought better ratings to the WWF recently, at a time when the WWF was just free falling from existance. Paul Heyman deserves something good in return, and that's a homecoming for the federation which changed the wrestling business forever, damn it.

Other than that, I have no more hype to deliver. The WWF books their whole show, on the fly, around 2 pm to 4 pm EST at their production meeting, instead of writing their shows, weeks in advance. That's why there are no official matches to look foward to until the WWF.com RAW match preview comes out around 5 pm, EST. Could you just imagine the quality of the shows if they were a little more prepared better? That way, we wouldn't have any Stefunnies (errors on Stephanie McMahon booking) in the storylines, which we've seen throughout the weeks, despite the recent good wrestling on the shows. Good thing mat wrestling is there to bail it all out.

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