Welcome to the Sunday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Yes, one of the few columns on the net who do Sundays. Well anyway, last week was an interesting week for me and my column, and I'll look forward to what this week will bring. Well, let's jump into this column.

Show of the Week

WWF Smackdown- In my opinion, this show was a vast improvement from Monday Night RAW, which of course, I felt was lagging. Smackdown planted the seeds of the end of the Stephanie-Triple H Era, which really became dull after Wrestlemania 2000. This event featured a very good match between Chris Jericho/Lita vs. Chris Jericho/Trish Stratus. Each gave it their all on this match, and Lita turned it up one more notch. By the way, who's Essa Rios now? Steve Blackman continued his good hardcore streak, and a few other things happened to make this show the top show of the week. I'd say Thunder and ECW on TNN were close, but the WWF was the stronger one.

By popular demand!

Wrestler of the Week

Jeff Jarrett- The, the, the Chosen One! Yes, I do hate this man. I won't lie there. Probably one of my most hated wrestlers, but I know when to see a good week by a wrestler. He escaped doom on Nitro against Kronic, and he then fought Booker T and defeated him cleanly in a "bunkhouse brawl" with a nasty Figure 4.

Tag Team of the Week

Edge and Christian- Their RAW win, alone, against two of the top teams in the business gets them this honor easily. They accept Mick Foley's challenge and defeated the Dudleys and Hardys by NOT CHEATING! Holy cow! Tag action was sort of weak this week anyway.

Match of the Week

Little Guido vs. Psychosis from ECW on TNN- Big Sal and Guido attacked Tajiri, and I was like "oh fuck, this match will suck". But it didn't. In fact, it was very physical, with some great moves throughout the match! Pyschosis even whipped out some moves that he wasn't really allowed to do in WCW. I guess Pyschosis is ECW's gain.

Ok, we'll see if each of these categories will last. It was hard to pick the individual things compared to the "Show of the Week". No pay per view today is making this column a little tough.


Alright, the WWF criticism continues. Many want my suggestions, so here they are to maybe improve any staleness of the WWF:

1. Rid the McMahons or freshen them up. They are obviously a HUGE part of any WWF shows, and they are aiming too much at "screwing" the faces. For a while there, like around Wrestlemania 2000 and a few months after that, it was all McMahons.

2. Try a new show format. I'm always against the Interviews, which always set up the whole night. Maybe try an "off the wall" show, where something else besides the interview. Not to compare the WWF to WCW, but the shows like the US Title tournament or the Battle Royal shows have been very interesting as changes to Russo's "shock" storylines.

3. Actually let the guys like Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and Chris Jericho go over the main eventers like Rock, Triple H, and Undertaker. I know that the WWF loves to "build the drama", but the drama, in my opinion, needs to end, then they could have an exciting World Title scene.

4. Get the World Tag Titles around. WWF is so loaded with tag teams that those belts can't stay on one team. Edge/Christian are great champs, but if they hold the titles for a while, they could become the second incarnation of the New Age Outlaws.

Those are just some ideas off the top of my head, as many were asking me for specific reasons. Well, there you have it.


I do have a few ideas about WCW too. What the hell is Kiwi doing on WCW television? It's a very bad rip off from a popular SNL character. Now, he's going to wrestle as well? Well, let's hope that his talent saves his ass.

Better yet, he's feuding with the Artist. Artist had NO REACTION at the Wheeling Civic Center Thunder Tapings, and he won't help gain you any ratings by having him fight Kiwi on Nitro. Get this crap of WCW television, along with some other dinosaurs...

Like Kevin Nash, among others. Nash, and a few other fossils, will just drag the product down. The ones who are out with injuries and/or just taking time off will eventually return and dilute the product to the pre-Russo era again. Better yet, Hulk Hogan is coming back, and there's NOTHING that WCW can do to stop him.

They also need to put a plug on the attidudes...namely: Bill Goldberg
Scott Steiner
Buff Bagwell

It seems that these wrestlers get away with murder at WCW, and yet they receive a constant push. That does NOT make sense. Especially Goldberg, who is helping WCW become a trainwreck by not cooperating with anybody.

Their future is in their hands.

@That's it for this wonderful improvised column. I'll be back tomorrow to talk more about the Monday Night Shows, as it is Monday Night Hype according to the schedule. By the way, Bad Tito has arrived!

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