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Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. After what I thought was weakened Monday shows has proven to produce weak news week. Oh well, I always try to make the best of it. Hell, I've made the best of it many times during this streak of 124 consecutive columns. Still not burnt out...on to the PDC.


-Serious issues in WCW are really bothering me along with others. One issue that angers many is the fact that Tony Shiavone is getting his Play by Play spot back at Nitro real soon. That's garbage, as Shiavone is a turn off. Now I'm not saying Scott Hudson is a God at PBP, but Shiavone is so stupid and annoying. Of course, Hudson has been stuck doing Saturday Nights, and he's had some good energy at Nitro, which can only get better. Also, like I started the other day, David Flair must be taken down. He has a title that many wrestlers deserve, but he, since his daddy is Ric Flair, has the title and he has his friends cheat everyweek for him to keep the title. I just want to punch a wall everytime that happens, because it's so frustrating to see a boy pin a deserving wrestler like Benoit or Malenko. So let's take a stand. Click HERE to tell WCW to keep Scott Hudson on Nitro and to do something about David Flair.

-Reports a few months ago stated that Perry Saturn was suffering from a badly injured back, and that he might have to take some time off. Well, the limited house shows and the proper treatments have helped this former Eliminator out to almost fully recovered. He feels much better than he did a few months ago, as he used to be in so much pain after a match. Since he's recovered, WCW is using him more with Benoit and Malenko than when he was tagging with Raven. I think Saturn is the most underrated wrestlers in WCW, and I hope that they push him for something big soon.

-Well, if you missed any important matches on Nitro, then you would have seen them all on Chunder. Oops, I mean Thunder, which only had two decent matches this week, and they all had members of the Triad! The six man match was great, with Malenko/Benoit/Saturn vs. Ric Flair/DDP/Kanyon, and also Bam Bam vs. Booker T. I was disappointed, as I'm sure the biggest Booker T mark, Coolbeans, was when Harlem Heat reformed because I feel Booker T has much more potential as a singles wrestler rather than carrying the load for Harlem Heat. Also, I thought it was funny how no one in the reacted to the "Fatchise", oh, I mean "Franchise" Shane Douglas came down and bitched on the microphone. This show would have been much better if it didn't recap ALL of Nitro.


-According to, Stone Cold Steve Austin has twisted his knee and could be out of action for some short time. They say he sprained several knee ligaments, and they bid you to check out Livewire and Superstars for more info. This could be a devastating blow to the WWF is he is hurt badly, because he's the champ. Duh. This would throw a lot of storylines off, as most of the main event angles have him somehow involved. It's a good thing that the WWF has tapings, because Stone Cold can now rest his knee for an extra week. Maybe that's why the WWF keeps their tapings.

-It appears that every effort Terry Taylor has made to resurge the Lightweight division has been slapped down by WWF higher-ups. They turn him down everytime because he was the one who brought Public Enemy to the WWF, which was a joke. Right now, Taylor is used for some ideas with midcarders, and he helps with relations backstage during televised shows. Taylor feels that he can get the lightweight division over, but the WWF doesn't feel the Lightweight division would gain any interest, and that is why they don't care about Taka Michinoku(sp?) anymore.

-Many reports somehow say that Mean Gene might return to the WWF once his WCW contract ends in November. That's probably not true as the WWF feels he bores fans with his interviews nowadays. They feel also that his age and style would not fit with the WWF's current hip and young wrestlers. When Mean Gene interviews someone in the ring at WCW, it's usually a slow interview. WWF's interviews are much faster paced, and I doubt Mean Gene could handle it. Hey, I wonder if he does jump to the WWF, if the WWF will put him in Micheal Cole's role of having wrestlers push him around. I'd like to see that.

-Also, many reports say that WWF has signed the Dudleys. Well, those reports support no proof at all, nor has it been confirmed by, so don't believe that rumor until it's proved to be true.

FACTOID- Did you know that the Undertaker is undefeated at Wrestlemanias? Yes, that's right. At WM 7 he defeated Jimmy Snuka, at 8 he defeated Jake the Snake, 9 he beat Giant Gonzalez by DQ, 10 he wasn't in, 11 he defeated King Kong Bundy, 12 he beat Diesel, 13 he beat Sid for the World Title, 14 he defeated Kane, and recently at 15 he beat Bossman in the cage match. Impressive! (thanks to HUGEface for pointing this one out)

@That's all I can muster up for today. I'll be back tomorrow with yet another exciting edition of the Phat Daily Column. Ha, so until then, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, the most electrifying daily columnist on the net, signing off!

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