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On this edition of the Phat Daily Column........ Tonight should be a great night of wrestling, for the WCW Invasion will be in full scale, therefore, we'll hype it today! Also, I FINALLY have a book review for you today, after a few months of waiting.

Indeed. On to the PDC!

RAW Hype!

Tonight, the man behind the crown returns to WWF television. Jerry "the King" Lawler, after walking out of the WWF when his wife was fired, will indeed return tonight as part of the WCW announcing team. Along with Scott Hudson, who I've always considered a good announcer when he's away from Tony Shiavone, Lawler is going to make a splash on the WWF tonight. Hell, he'll probably use his real life leaving of the WWF to get his point across that he's a part of WCW. I wonder if Lawler will shoot on Chyna, the one who really tattled on his wife for having an attitude?

For tonight, we are going to see some WCW matches. If booked well and if they don't involve the sloppy Hugh Morrus, they should be very entertaining and well worked matches. I've always said that WCW had the talent back in the day, but they just never had any good direction. Now, they have better direction, although I wouldn't call the McMahon idea of wrestling, as of late, to be that surpreme. But hey, it's lightyears better than what the Time Warner WCW wanted.

I'm guessing that we'll see Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell, since it was at a houseshow this past weekend. Also, maybe we'll see the tag belts defended by Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo, since they were beat down on RAW? Maybe even Shane Helms vs. Chavo, since they fought at the houseshow too? I wouldn't doubt if we saw the WCW debut of Rob Van Dam, or the return of Lance Storm. Now, all of this is unknown at this point, as the WWFE has kept a tight lid on who is showing up and who won't, for this week. The basically mentions just having one match for WCW, while WWF television has been hyping a few matches for RAW. Hmm......

I'm hoping, at least, that we see ONE WCW vs. WWF match, because Mike Awesome is the hardcore champ. It would be great to see a rematch with Rhyno over that title, or to see Spike Dudley challenge the awesome man for the title. It's fun to see Spike get folded up when he takes an Awesome-bomb. Mike Awesome is indeed, a WWF champ, so that gives us good reason to see at least one crossover, right?

Since we're on WCW... I just want to say that their current logo is way better than the logo they last had when Time Warner owned them. I remember when Eric Bischoff made the change from the block letters to the stupid looking logo, along with a set change, Bischoff got cocky and said it would boost WCW's ratings by over a point. Little did Bischoff know that the product he put on was terrible at the time, and that his turd polishing skills were never good because the logo and new set sucked to high heavens.

But what about the WWF? If Steve Austin is healthy, which is very doubtful, he may face Tazz. I told you guys that Tough Enough would be great for Tazz, and this match would prove that. Hell, he basically punked out Austin on Smackdown, so there you go. ECW fans want a little too much when it comes to Tazz.

Other than that, it's unknown, from what I know or have read, about RAW. The WWF is keeping quiet about any surprises, other than Lawler. Plus, the preview is quite half-assed this week, making it hard to write satire about it.

Mr. Tito's Phat Book Review

Well, this book review has FINALLY arrived! Ever since the April 20th, 2001 Column, I've promised a book review of Wrestlemania: The Official Insider's Story. Well, school, work, and many other things have got in my way to not allow any free time. Either that, or I just didn't feel like reading, since this last school year doubled the amount of books I've ever read in my life! On Sunday, already halfway through the book from various other days, I set aside 2 hours in the morning and finished this book off. So let's get on to the review, which has been over 2 months in the making!

Wrestlemania: The Official Insider's Story

(Picture courtesy of

Overall, this book is mainly a coffee table reading, with "fun" stories about Wrestlemania and big, flashy pictures. It says Insider's story, but what do you define as being on the inside? I could probably write a book about all of the sleeze or backstage politics that went on for each Wrestlemania, so the title is somewhat misleading. Also, I'm still angry at the WWF for not having Hulk Hogan on the cover. His 3 championship wins and 8 main event spots can't be denied, although I'm not a big fan of Hogan. The WWF has Stephanie on the cover, which shows you how much she has the fed by the balls these days.

However, this book is a pretty good read. It discusses a lot in terms of the site areas and how they had to promote the shows in months in advance for the early Wrestlemanias. I was laughing on the Pontiac Silverdome story about the natural lit ceiling, and how Vince McMahon planned around that. I also really liked hearing about how they dealt with celebrities, and so forth. The authors (Layden and DeVito) only discussed those celebrities who they got along with, so if there was one who was a complete asshole at Wrestlemania, they refused to tell it. But I guess this is an official WWF publication, and dirt like that or any of the stuff I questioned in the first paragraph won't be included. The authors did say a few tough things about Hulk Hogan's attitude during Wrestlemania 8 and 9, but that's about it.

This book has some awesome pictures from over the years. That's probably why this book was standing at $50, because you get some full page spreads of certain parts of Wrestlemania. Damn good photography. I'm sure the price of this book was jacked up by the included DVD, too, which I have yet to see because I haven't given into that technology yet, like many people already have.

LAST WORD: Pretty good read overall, and it's very good on the visuals. If you are expecting Hard Copy like insider stuff, you're better off finding another publication to read. However, if you want to learn more about Wrestlemania as a whole, like the sites, celebrities, or information about the top matches, then this is your book, especially if you want to see the beautiful pictures. I'll give this book a


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