Welcome back to the Sunday Edition of the Phat Daily Column. I hope everyone is having a safe and fun Independence Day weekend. Well, there is NO pay per view to talk about today. Ugh. My Monday Night hype is saved up for tomorrow. Hmmm, I guess I'll just have to improvise here, on to the PDC.

Show of the Week- By a close race, Smackdown is the show of the week. The whole show was packed with good matches, although it continues under the same storylines. Smackdown had the best 6 man tag match in a long time, along with some other good matches. Monday Nitro finished in a close second, and almost won this week's recognition.


Ok, many of you are criticizing me on saying "to hell with USA Networks" when I first felt sorry for USA when the WWF broke their contract with them. Well, after I said that, a top USA Networks executive made that comment that they don't need the WWF to be the top cable station. After they made this comment, USA Networks filed suit against the WWF. So why would you try to sue someone you say you don't need? That's my whole point, so there you have it!

The PTC cult has struck again! This time, they convinced 7up and Dr. Pepper to stop advertising on WWF shows. Those two are the latest to cave in to this brainwashing group of parents who don't know how to manage their children; so they blame television, like the WWF. You know, we could boycott these products....but Dr. Pepper is just so addicting..and good too! Now that would be hard to boycott. It's a shame with 7up, because I have one of those "Make 7up Yours" shirts. So now if I wear that, I'm sponsoring a product controlled by the PTC. Oh damn.

Smackdown received a wonderful....well, ok I guess, rating of a 4.6. Now many of the readers blame these lowered ratings on baseball games pre-empting Smackdowns in certain areas. True, but during the winter season, many basketball games were pushing Smackdown around in local areas, so we can cancel that out. You can look at this rating in 2 ways: One, it's summer, and everyone and their mother is out enjoying this super hot weather, or Two, there are no other shows on television competing against the WWF now, so why the lowered ratings?


WCW is really going to have a rough week, this week, as Vince Russo comes back. Many wrestlers have reportedly sided with Terry Taylor for booking 2 weeks without the "crash TV" and with decent, understandable storylines. Whereas, Vince Russo has crammed angles and hard to understand concepts about what he's trying to do with the storylines. It's going to be a HUGE power struggle this week, and it could hurt the WCW product greatly.

You know things are bad in WCW when many WCW employees are speaking out about how the locker-room is divided, or how nobody likes Bill Goldberg. I mean look...first you have your older wrestlers...like Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger, DDP, and a few others who don't like the concept of Crash TV, and they would just rather wrestle. Then, you have a pact of primed wrestlers who don't like Russo or his system, like Bill Goldberg or Scott Steiner. Then again, Scott Steiner can't agree with Terry Taylor. Bill Goldberg is just out for me, myself, and I when he's thinking wrestling. Then, you have the blind individuals who don't see how by being thrown in a supergroup, it's only an excuse to get you on television. The midcarders are really suffering on this, and they don't see how Russo is NOT using them correctly. Again, with this power struggle here, you must consider that many favor the Taylor system, even Russo supporters, so there will be a nice war over this.

Many rumors suggest that Hulk Hogan is really being pushed out of WCW. Yeah right. With WCW struggling in the ratings, the oldtimers at WCW won't let that happen, because many still hardcore Hogan fans will watch WCW for Hogan NO MATTER WHAT. So why would they let new bookers push him out? But you know, if he stays, the locker-room will be miserable, right? True, as he'll go on radio stations and say how he hates "crash TV", but he'll then say how he likes Russo's system. I do, however, have a great way to get Hogan over in this time of age: bring back Thunderlips. Oh wait, if you haven't seen Rocky 3, then you'd have no idea what I'm talking about. Thunderlips was a VERY cocky wrestling heel who fought Rocky in a charity event. As Thunderlips, Hogan proclaimed himself as the "Ultimate Male" and the "Mountain of Multen Lush". He also ripped on Rocky, and he had lots of women escorting him to the ring. Just a thought since Hogan goes through a whole bunch of gimmicks.

@That's all for today's Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with the Monday Night Hype...and then some. Just chill till the next episode!

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