Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. This has been a strange news week folks, and things can only heat up more. I'm sure, and hoping, that something big comes out of WCW this Monday Night. That way they can prove that their higher ratings wasn't because more viewers tuned into wrestling that Night. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-As I did yesterday, I mentioned that Jericho's contract ran out on July 27th. So I said, how on earth can he sign with the WWF if he's still under contract. Well, I completely forgot about the Hall and Nash situation. Doh! What happened with them back in the day is that they signed contracts that came into affect the day their WWF contracts ran out. I suppose Jericho signed one of those, therefore, he will be in the WWF once his contract with WCW runs out. Oh well, I can't call everything.-I'm wondering. Rumor has it that Luna is on her way back to the WWF, after being on suspension. Alright, just remember what her suspension was for. He got involved in an argument with the Meros. Ok, the Meros have been proved to be headcases for the WWF. Luna was right the whole time! The WWF should apologize for suspending Luna for her incident with the Meros. Luna is probably telling them "I told you so".


-It's official. Megadeth is going to be on Nitro. Ok, that equals horrible ratings. Now don't get me wrong, I like Megadeth. I buy every album that they produce, and I enjoy listening to their music. The thing is, they really suck live! They are a studio band, not a live band, and I guarantee fans will see that. Besides, what the hell is WCW becoming, a musical act? Of course, Megadeth is not under contract, they are just playing their song from the Universal Soldiers 2 soundtrack which Goldberg is in. Other musical acts, like Master P and rumored Will Smith, although their music is alright in my book, should have no part in wrestling.-Everyone in this world swears that the Hummer driver is either Sting himself or somehow Miss Elizabeth. Well, Sting doesn't want to become a heel, and using his creative control WHICH HE EARNED BY BEING IN WCW FOR ALL OF THESE YEARS, he'll strike that heel turn down. As for Miss Elizabeth...well, why on Earth would WCW want to repeat history for the 50th time and have her reunite with Macho? Besides, Macho is banging Gorgeous George in real life, and lots of heat would come in if Miss Elizabeth enters the stable. I still say it's Luger, like I've said from the start. Also, since the NWO Sting guy wrestled in a dark match at Nitro, I say he's also involved. That's just my opinion, so don't sweat it.-Since Big Poppa Puming Steriods, I mean Pump is out with a career threatening injury, his covetted United States title will be up for grabs coming up. I'm sure WCW will throw one of those confusing tournaments, you know, the ones where they make up the brackets as they go. I love those ignorant tournaments. Anyways, my money is on Buff to win it. Some people suggest the Cat would win it, but I see him as a strong television champ, not a US champ. Of course, he's very over as a heel, and he should be rewarded, so I can see a US title reign happening. It will probably, and most likely, go to Buff. WCW is finally impressed with him, and they realized that he's one of the most over wrestlers in WCW. The US title will be his sometime in the future, if he doesn't pull it off at the confusing US title tournament.

Here's just a rant...

Headline: 7 year old kills his 3 year old brother with a clothesline

Ok, I heard about this, I knew what this incident will trigger. But first, what exactly happened? Well, a 7 year old kid struck his 3 year old brother with a clothesline, and it killed the 3 year old!! You know who will get blamed..the WWF! WCW won't get blamed because WWF is a headline grabber, and they are on top. Wrestling shouldn't be blamed for this 7 year old's ignorance or his parent's ignorance. For one, his parents shouldn't let their 7 year old watch the violence that happens during wrestling. For two, that kid must be sick if he's hitting his 3 year old brother. Put him in a sanatarium, because he's truly messed in the head to hit his brother with a clothesline. The parents need to realize that wrestling has lots of violence involved, so they shouldn't let their kids watch it until they are mature enough to accept the violence. Unresponsible parents is the cause for this poor accident.


-Alright, 100 is only 4 days away! I think I'll make it, so in preparation for 100, I am working on an anticipated surprise. You'll see what I mean once I finally make it. The 100th consecutive PDC will be on Tuesday, which is the Monday Night Impressions as well. Expect a monster 100th column..hehe. Also, everyone keeps asking me when will Phat Chat return? Well, I'm screwed anymore for time. I usually have to work in the evenings, and if I'm not working, I'm going out. Plus, the guests are very busy as well, so it makes it twice as hard to have a Phat Chat. I'll see if I can have something Wednesday...I'll try. I'll keep you updated.

@Only 4 to go! So until the next edition of the Phat Daily Column, just chill...till the next episode. Oh yeah, have a safe, and fun holiday weekend.

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