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Welcome back to the PDC. Well, this is the second time I'm typing this column today, as my stupid computer crashed when I was making it. So, without further ado, I'm re-F'N-typing it just because I am loyal to the streak. After a few loud shoutings of curse words, I present you today's column. Enjoy, on to the PDC.


-Well, as you all know by now, I read the spoilers now to make sure none of my columns contradict anything that goes on with the WWF. I read this week's, and I must say, the door is open for WCW for to properly plan their show and grab some ratings. The WWF seems to have lots of repetitiveness in their new show, with the exception of an outcome of one match that makes me extremely happy. I know many of you are like: "why the hell does Mr. Tito think the WWF is crumbling?" I don't think it's crumbling, but I think it has come to the point that they are repeating themselves, and it seems that they have no shock value left. But hey, the WWF always knows how to turn things around and make stuff interesting for me again.

-Look for the great Mick Foley to return real soon to WWF television, as he is set and ready to wrestle again. Many say he'll instantly go after Triple H, who is going after Stone Cold. Mick Foley will probably be Mankind again, since he was so over with the fans when he left. Mick Foley could be what the WWF needs to spice up the angles, as Mankind always made an angle or a storyline interesting. If Mankind is going after Triple H, then he'll probably be involved with Stone Cold too, and I smell a three way dance at Summerslam with Jesse Ventura as ref. Now that's a main event.

-Many are wondering what is up next for the Rock, since he's recently jobbed to Mr. Ass and Triple H. Well, he's paying his dues by losing to them, which means he's in store for a massive face title push. He only jobbed to Mr. Ass just to help establish Mr. Ass as a main event wrestler, and he only lost to Triple H for Triple H to go on to become a champion. The Rock is paying dues now, just like everyone else, just so he can be in store for a great title run. Things are looking bright for the Rock's future.


-WCW executives aren't too thrilled with the recent WCW spending lately. Everyone and their mother knows about their high spending on the junkyard match and Master P, but it's other stuff which they are concerned with. Stuff like the Nitro and Chunder, I mean Thunder sets are very expensive, and it takes extra man power and extra trucks to unload those puppies to set up at an arena. Of course, the wrestlers salaries, which are high and they are still paying some that are never on WCW tv, is still a large factor. You can do the math of WCW with low numbers at House Shows and weaker merchandise sales from a year ago, and you can see that WCW has lost some money. Of course, they are still making a great profit, but it's not as big as it should be with all of the expenses.

-Many readers keep asking me when Bret Hart will return. Well, it's up to him whether or not he'll ever return to wrestling or not. Sure, he came on the Georgia Dome Nitro for an emotional interview, but he's been taking time off to persue the WWF lawsuit and to think about his own career. It has been really hard lately for Bret, which it should be, and I only wish him the best. I'm hoping to see him back in the ring one more time, but that's his decision and it will be accepted if he doesn't return. I only wish the best for Bret.

-According to Kirk Huffman's post earlier, Hulk Hogan may have re-injured his knee from Nitro. If he's injured, again, he will probably take some time off, and of course, come back to win the WCW World Title on his first night back! Now, I'm going to be nice to Hogan, as I admire the crowd response he gets when he does something or comes down to the ring. WCW has most of their storylines around Hogan, so if they lose him, again, they will be confused again. They better hope he's not on the shelf, again!

FACTOID - Many people ask what the term JOB means. Well, here's my opinion what it means. To JOB means that you are losing on purpose. So in wrestling, when a wrestler loses to another wrestler on purpose, because wrestling is scripted, then that wrestler is jobbing. A jobber is a wrestler that does a job frequently, or loses on purpose more than any other wrestler. When I say a wrestler did the job, then I mean that he lost on purpose, since wrestling is scripted. I hope that clears something up..or maybe I made it more confusing? Either way, I get asked this question many times a week because I use the word "JOB" very much in my column, so I'm hoping this lovely FACTOID makes a difference somewhere.

@That's all for today's column. I'm impressed. I rewrote it better this time than the first time I did today's column. Good thing I remembered what I had earlier. Anyways, thanks for reading, and until next time, how about chilling till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, just too Daily, signing off!

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