Thank God It's Friday! It's been a very tiring week for myself, as the night of the Thunder tapings has killed all sleep for this week. Sorry for the slight delay today, as I didn't feel like staying up to late hours to watch Smackdown this I watched it this morning! Today, if you didn't know, is WWF we'll discuss, of course, Smackdown, and any other WWF topic that comes to mind. On to the PDC.

But first.....

Thanks to D. Duran for the sign at the Smackdown tapings! As always, it's greatly appreciated.


Before we start, I have something special. Reader Brian Hart wrote this wonderful parody of The Real Slim Shady, entitled "The Real Vince McMahon". Here it is:

May I have some new ideas please?
May I have some new ideas please?
Will the real head writer please speak up?
I repeat, will the real head writer please speak up?
We’re startin’ to get repetitive here

Ya’ll act like you’ve never heard of repetition before
Jim Ross is on the floor makin’ us snore like Rock fought Triple H a little bit more worse than before they first settled the score way the hell back in ‘94
It’s the first ever, oh wait, no way, you’re kidding, McMahon didn’t just book these two again, did he?
And HBK said, nothing you idiots HBK's dead the Undertaker killed him
WWF owner Vince McMahon loves the Hitman
Chigga Chigga Chigga “The Hitman, I’m sick of him, look at him, walkin around wearin’ black and pink, sayin’ that I stink, not carin’ what the f*ck I think,”
“Yeah, but he’s so good though”
Yeah, he’s probably just a dumb injured pink Canadian but no worse than Rikishi using his ass to pull a win
Sometimes, after RAW I wanna break the TV,
But I can’t, because I wanna watch Monday Nitro next week
“Your show is getting stale, your show is getting stale”
And after Monday night I wanna throw up in a pail
And that’s the message that you deliver deep in our hearts,
You can have a crappy show and still get high ratings on the charts
Of course you’re gonna get the high ratings every week,
Seeing a pair of tits and an ass makes our parents shreek
“We ain’t nothin but marks…”well, some of got smart and refuse to watch any of your crappy art
But if you get really desperate and show the skin of someone’s cheek then there’s no reason that you guys wont win every week
But if you feel like I feel and like good wrestling, Forget about RAW is BORE and come watch where you won’t snoorrrre

You’re Vince McMahon, yes you’re the real Vince
All you do is rant about how you guys always win
Just wait til the ratings do go down,
do go down, do go down

You’re Vince McMahon, yes you’re the real Vince
You’re show is getting old and you soon won’t win
Just wait til the ratings do go down,
Do go down, do go down

Again, thanks to Brian Hart for that sometimes very truthful parody.

-Smackdown Thoughts-

Again, we had an interview. WWF was so clever this week, as they threw a match before it. So it's a second segment interview. Same format, different people. Please try something new here!

However, this show was NOT like Monday Night RAW...or should I now say RAW is Bore? Again, that's my opinion, which many seem to skip over when they curse me out every Tuesday Evenings. Anyway, this show was, overall, pretty good.

I enjoyed the Triple H and Stephanie stuff. Things for that angle with Kurt Angle will just begin to fire up now that Stephanie has a reason to possibly "shine" Angle's medals. That was a funny segment where Stephanie walked in Trish and Triple H "practicing" wrestling holds.

However, we've seen the Rock fight Kurt Angle WAY TOO MANY TIMES! Seriously. At least 3 times on Smackdown, I swear. I guess I am the only person who counts this stuff, as I seem to do for all of the other repetitive matches in the WWF.

I really enjoyed the Chris Benoit/Trish vs. Lita/Chris Jericho. The WWF really has some good stock in Lita, the best woman performer in the WWF now. She hit two sweet flying moves last night. One on Chris Benoit(the fast frankensteiner) and the cross body over the ropes onto Trish, about crushing her. "Attention WWF cleaning crew...we have a silicon clean up by the ring. I repeat: Silicon clean up by the ring"

For some odd reason, I enjoyed the hardcore match with Xpac and Steve Blackman. It was just like watching HBO late at night! All I can say that nobody will win that Hardcore Title for a while. It's a good thing too, because Blackman is getting better attention as the hardcore champ now than ever!

The "Good Father"! Hey, it's something new from his old, long drawn out gimmick of being a pimp, which was taking him no where. However, how are we going to get our weekly installment of hos?!?!


Stone Cold should return within the next few weeks to hype Summerslam....or at least that is what we are led to believe. From what I've heard, he's just about ready to get in the ring again and open the biggest can of whoop-ass or whatever. I actually can't wait for Stone Cold to return, just because I'm interested on who he'd feud with. I'm just dying for someone like Chris Benoit to push him to a great match.

Many wonder about my feelings on the Rock. Don't get me wrong, I believe that he is a great performer. However, I feel that his actions and ability to cut good interviews are becoming repetitive. Do you remember in 1999, his great interviews? I have many saved since they were that good. He'd put you in tears from laughing. Now, he just cuts a promo, and it's like ZZZZZZ, I heard that yesterday! I think what is killing the Rock is that Ed Ferarra left. Mr. Ferarra, now Vince Russo's right hand man in WCW, is a great comedy writer, as he wrote for the USA Series "Duckman" for years. I noticed that the Rock's interviews sort of died when Russo and Ferarra jumped to WCW. Just a thought, as I'm sure I'll get flamed by Rock fans who feel every interview he does is great and fresh.

Oh joy, we have Kliqs or groups forming in the WWF. Let's see what we have:
1. Shane McMahon Dynasty: Big Show, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Edge, and Christian
2. PTC look a likes: Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan, and the GOODFather
3. Definately a group involving Raven
4. I'm very sure the faces will join up to combat Shane

It's DOA vs. NOD vs. Los Boriquas(sp?) all over again! Well, I'm kidding there, so settle. I hope the WWF works on these guys, because if you have too many groups, it floods the product, as past history has shown.

I find it rather funny that the PTC is enjoying being mocked by the WWF. Why? Well, the joke is on them. The advertisers, especially lately, are finally realizing what a cult of retards that this group is. I think that the WWF's recent angle with Steven Richards is helping to ease strains of advertisers, as they see the WWF finally fighting back and sticking up for themselves. Before, the WWF went to their knees whenever the PTC blamed them for anything, and they even toned their product down drastically for them. After doing that, this evil group of jealous parents kept blaming the WWF for bad programming.

However, does the PTC realize what the WWF has done exactly? Do they see that the WWF single-handedly turned UPN around, as that channel was in deep trouble if the 1999-2000 season didn't bring in great profits? Obviously not. Do they know that many of the WWF superstars take time out of their busy schedules to do autograph sessions and to do charity work? Not at all. Do they notice that wrestling kinda gives a kid a hobby, or something to look forward to on Thursday Nights, instead of going out and doing something stupid or taking up a hobby that is bad? Gee, no! So this Parent Trash Cult can really FUCK OFF for all I care.

I'll agree with many that the Undertaker is no where near his best right now, as he will now take some time off to sell the injury, and to recover from his small injuries he suffered when he came back. Sure, the Undertaker can't do it anymore like he used to. I think that's the product of him NOT taking any time off until he couldn't walk from a torn groin. Before that, his back, knees, hip, and a few other injuries did NOT keep him off television. He could have taken so much time off if he wanted, but he didn't. He wrestled his heart out while in extreme pain for most of the time. So the Undertaker you see right now, is just one that went too hard for us before. Plus, he's 38 now, and coming off injuries at that age isn't that easy.

-Tito is WAR-

Alright, I guess I'm a WCW mark now, eh? Yeah, the same ones who called me a WWF mark a month ago, are now calling me that. Why? Cause I'm just too hard on the WWF anymore. Awwww.... First off, it's just my opinion, and I'm very sure everyone else has their opinions on the current WWF product. Many are addicted to it, and many like myself, are bored with the so-called "staleness" of the WWF. It seems like a split on that as well, as I get cheered by half of my e-mails, and questioned by the other half of what the hell I'm writing.

I'll tell you what I'm writing. When I watch RAW everyweek, I see the same format for each show. Opening interview or second segment interview where all of the main eventers show up, and the main event for the show is shown. Then, we get some of the usual tag matches with Too Cool, T&A, or something else. We will also get a decent midcarder match as well, and maybe a hardcore match. 'Special' tag matches are formed as well, pitting two guys feuding with the other two guys, who will fight at the pay per view.

When I watch RAW anymore, especially the second hour, I'm getting bored. It was never like that before, as I used to look forward to my weekly installment of RAW the second Monday Night RAW ended on Mondays for the next week. Now, it's like yay, this is RAW, and if I don't get any chains or handcuffs for this chair I'm sitting in, this is going to be so boring to watch.

I enjoy the "wrestling" product of the WWF. Although we get our repetitive matches, like Triple H vs. Rock, Rock vs. Angle, Triple H vs. Chris Jericho, Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit, Chris Benoit vs. the Rock, Kane vs. Triple H, or whoever else who has fought at least 3 times, they are usually good matches. The Pay Per Views reflect the great "wrestling" of the WWF.

However, it just seems like they follow the same patterns for every feud and for every show. Plus, as I'll agree with Scherer a few weeks ago, the WWF just doesn't have that "spark" that it used to. You know that spark, the kind that gets you so fired up when watching their programming. They used to leave me very satisfied with their shows, and now, it just doesn't seem like it.

Don't get me wrong though, I enjoy many of the things in the WWF. Everyone knows the Benoit mark that I am, along with the rest of the Radicals. I've liked Triple H since he was a snob back in 1996, and I was even sad for him when he jobbed to the Ultimate Warrior at a Wresltemania. I enjoy the Rock, but you could say I'm "picky" with him since I've watched him from the start. Same with Stone Cold. I love the midcarders and the tag teams in the WWF.

I don't know. Maybe I expect WAY too much from the WWF or something. But I won't apologize for being hard on the WWF, as it's my opinion of them, and I'll stick behind them. That's why this column is an opinionated column.

By the way, I recently had an interview with Ryan Volkime over at We discussed my column, video games, and other topics. His column that the interview is in is called The Chamber.

@That's it for today. I'll be back with "ECW Day", which means it will be NOTHING but ECW thoughts and of course, LoP's ECW on TNN results. See you tomorrow!

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