Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. You know what time it is..RATINGS ANALYSIS! Ha, yes that's right. I was surprised by the e-mails yesterday, as the general consensus was that many fans didn't like the recent Monday Night shows. Let's see how the shows faired in the ratings. On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 4.0
Second Hour: 2.9
Third Hour: 3.4
Composite: 3.43


First Hour: 6.9
Second Hour: 7.3
Composite: 7.1

Head To Head

RAW: 7.1
Nitro: 3.15

-Well, this proves that Nitro needs to follow up on a good show, because the WWF raped them in the ratings. Of course, the Nitro ratings is just below the ratings, but RAW, in my opinion was the worst in a while. When RAW puts on less than average show, what do you do? Put on a better show to attract viewers! Nitro better read the spoilers carefully this week so that they can plan their show to grab some ratings. Nitro's main problem is their horrible undercard. What the hell was Lash Leroux vs. Prince Iaukea as the opening match for Nitro's second hour against the beginning of RAW. Stupid. All through the night, the midcard matches were enough to put a WCW mark to sleep. Think WCW.


-Ha, I caught the FOX Files tonight, and I must say, what a joke! Rena Mero is just a crybaby payed off by WCW to talk trash against the WWF. Now, I do agree with her on the stripping in the middle of the ring because of the young children in attendence. The reason she angers me is the fact that she made herself famous acting sexy, now she bashes the WWF for it. That's garbage. Oh well, the WWF won the settlement. Ha. Also on the FOX files, the lady who did the interview said that Marc Mero stole the tapes for the interview and it took an effort to get the tapes back. HAHAHA, shows what a loser he is.

-The WWF officials feel that they might need a new way to get Triple H over as a heel. If you were like me, you were annoyed by Triple H talking this Monday. He kept saying the same crap like "I know every move of Austin because I've been watching him for the past 6 months" or "I know Austin like the back of my hand". That was annoying, so look for Triple H to do something outrageous on the upcoming RAW. Damn, he was annoying Monday.

-Well, the recent word is that the real reason that Vince won't be on TV is the fact that he's taking some time off. He's busted his ass for the past few years, hardly ever taking a week off. Well, he's now going on a nice long vaction, according to reports. They just had Austin beat Undertaker for him to be off TV or anything on purpose. Vince definately needs a break, because busting his ass is one of the reasons WWF shot back up to the top.


-According to reports, Benoit was freakin' pissed when he found out he had to do the JOB to David Flair, and afterwards when it was over. He, like just about everyone in the locker room, feels that David Flair is the biggest joke ever in WCW, and terrible talent like him shouldn't get a title that WCW refuses to give to stars like Benoit. I agree, and I think some kind of stand should be taken against WCW by the fans. In fact, I'm tired of this. I want to lead a stand against WCW for having this lowlife, David Flair, getting the spotlight. In fact, CLICK HERE to let WCW know about the worst wrestler in WCW history, David Flair.

-Who on Earth is Chad Brock? Now, I'm not a country fan, but I've heard of the main country stars before, and I've never heard of him in my life. I'm not bashing him at all, but I don't really think he will attract any ratings. It just goes to prove my ongoing bitching about how Music acts don't attract attention. Just look what the 'great' Master P did for ratings. Ha, if they want ratings, they should have Insane Clown Posse sing a tune. That would be interesting.

-Poor Arn Anderson. Recently, he was turned down by doctors to come back to wrestling. Thank God they did that, because Arn Anderson has no business returning to the ring. Not to knock Anderson at all, but he suffered a drastic injury that could flare up if someone hit him hard again. Also, his left arm has bad nerve damage still, so his performance would be limited. Arn should just enjoy his role in WCW as enforcer to team Flair still. That way, he won't take any bumps by wrestling in the ring.

@That's all for today. I'll try and attempt to be back for tomorrow, so just chill until the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, the only Daily Columnist with 122 consecutive Daily Columns, signing off!

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