Welcome to the Phat Daily Column. Today, of course, is WCW day. We will look at Thunder, and I'm pretty sure I can take a good look after seeing it live and on TV the following night. At least I think I can. I also have some news for you about some rumors concerning some events at Wheeling the other night. On to the PDC.

But first.......

Wait a second! There's no Tito sign at the Wheeling Thunder. Of course not! Why would I promote myself at a show? Anyway, to the very far left, if you can see through this blurred digital camera picture, you can see the one and only Mr. Tito, in the white Sandman shirt, holding up the LoP sign. It was the one that read: Lordsofpain.net
Calvin - CM - Boyd
Brander - Ponton
Historian - Riggs
and everyone else! -LOP

My seats were off to the far left, and you can also see the sign hopping around during the Arm Wrestling match. I believe I walked the row during the Skipp vs. Artist match with it...I think.


There's my Booker T
is GO^oD
Eh Coolbeans

sign during the Booker T interview. Enjoy Beans!


-Thunder Stuff-

First off, I hope it was convenient for many to paraphrase or steal my Thunder Spoilers yesterday. The Whole internet was in on this one, and I hope they received their banner clicks and hits for having their reworded report from mine. Real nice. I like how many would reword mine and send them to other bigger sites. I guess it's too intimidating to actually credit the only person with a legit Thunder Spoiler report on the net. Oh yeah, be sure you let Joey Dambrose know how you feel about him stealing my report word for word without any credit. Any webmaster who lets a guy like him steal reports like this is a complete joke.

Alright, rumors are flying everywhere about a bomb threat on the Civic Center Tuesday night in Wheeling. Since *I* was actually there, let me tell you what went on. They started Thunder with the Cat segment on the screen. It froze for some reason, just right after he got out of the limo. David Penzer said this will take time because things need to be patched up with the crew down at Atlanta, where they are sending feed from. Now we get about a 20-30 minute delay....but during this delay, DJ Ran was playing and the Nitro Girls were dancing. Also during this segment, Shiavone, Madden, and Tenay left, and went to the back, and came back just before the segment was over.

Now this area, unfortunately, has its share of bomb threats. Retards are always calling schools, and threatening to blow them up. They've done the same damn thing at the mall or movie theaters. So it's somewhat relative around here, I guess, and if it ACTUALLY happened, it was just an opportunity for some savage to cause a delay to WCW's show. I don't know if WCW threw out DJ Ran and the Nitro Girls to make a diversion, to distract the fans from what actually happened or not. NOTHING is confirmed here, and I'll look in my local papers to see if anyone actually did it. If I see nothing, then it was just a rumor and NOT fact.

As for ticket sales....I can confirm that WOMP FM, the worst radio station around, was giving many tickets out just before the show. They announced it on the radio for anyone to come down to possibly win tickets, when they were really giving them out by the dozen. That's all that I know on this situation here, as the Upper decks not shown in the Television View weren't filled that much. Again, about 70% - 75% filled.

-Thunder Thoughts-

One thing I thought about at the arena, and last night, was the fact that WCW is ruining their New Blood Rising main event...already! Just like the WWF almost did with Benoit/Rock, WCW jumped the gun on the match between Jarrett and Booker T for a little "preview teaser" of the main event. Even worse, Jeff Jarrett defeated Booker T cleanly(in that match, it was a clean win). Credibility anyone? Of course, that figure 4 was a bitch!

Wow, the 3 Count Match with the Filthy Animals looked spectacular compared with seeing it live. It seemed to clustered and fast at the arena. That looked to be the match of the night on TV, but I'd say the Jindrak/O'Haire vs. Brothers in Paint was the best at the arena. Jindrak and O'Haire, I'd say, looked the best of any of the wrestlers there. They looked real good during their World Wide bout. Yes, this was their second match of the night.

However, at the Civic Center, we did NOT see the Goldberg segment. I guess that during the Tank Abbott/Nitro Girls thingy Tuesday, this was when they would have aired this segment. I felt that some of it was very truthful, but at the same time, just like Nash, he was full of it at times. I'm getting sick and tired of these "shoots", especially when they are NOT shoots. I did like how Goldberg said that wrestling has given him the opportunity to offer a helping hand. That was nice.

Other than that...I'd say the show was enjoyed the same on television and live. I felt that the whole show was somewhat clustered throughout the evening, throwing segments or matches at us here or there. No matches over 10 minutes for this event, and if you are a "wrestling" fan like myself, that annoys you. By the way, I saw how they censored the Kanyon Cutter on Judy Bagwell. He hit her HARD with one in the center of the ring. I can understand someone censoring that, you know, with an older lady with a neckbrace. Especially since he's destroyed her twice before with the Kanyon Cutters.


Bill Goldberg's ability to not work with anybody, or accept wrestling as a job, where he's contracted to do whatever they say in the ring, is really going to keep WCW's morale down. I can't believe that his politics screwed with the Booker T matches. He wanted a squash match first, and he wanted to get the last laugh after Booker T pinned him. How pathetic. WCW should just cut his ass from the roster. Sure, he sells a share of tickets, but it's obvious that the WCW locker room and organization could work better without him. WWF would pick him up for the "name", but I doubt that they too would want such an asshole backstage.

Lance Storm has really taken WCW by storm! Seriously, as I felt that besides the Franchise, he had the most crowd heat. Sure, he does resemble Bret Hart and his "I hate Americans" gimmick. That I'll agree. With Storm though, he's more of a snob than Bret Hart. I mean, he just doesn't care about anybody else in WCW right now, and he's always pissed off. Now that's a trademark of a good heel in the making, and I guess you could say that I've been underestimating him. Sorry!

Nothing new with Hulk Hogan this week, as he's probably enjoying his short time off to help relieve pain from his knee. His knee badly damaged, worse than even before the surgery, and time off is probably best anyway. Again, his return is coming, and there's NOTHING WCW can do about it. Anything that they build up now will just disappear once Bischoff and Hogan return to the scenes. 1998 all over again! 1999 all over again!

Well, NOT if Brad Siegal has his way. It's being said that he's supervising things with a close eye now at WCW, and he's trying to get the problems out of WCW. Yes, Hall, sometimes Luger, and a few others are problems, but why is he so damn blind when it comes to Bill Goldberg? Why doesn't anybody in that federation see how badly he's screwing things up with his Me, Myself, and I attitude? Is it that hard to notice???

Well, it appears that Booker T has now become the new locker-room leader, and that's good for WCW to have. Booker has NO ego, and he won't mind putting over another younger wrestler. He's worked hard for the point in his career, which he is at, and he's a great wrestler to look up to. I liked how many WCW wrestlers were pissed off at Goldberg for not selling Booker T Monday night. Hopefully, the do the same for everything else Goldberg does in angles with Booker T or any other respected wrestlers.

I think it's bullshit that WCW is starting to phase out their BEST announcer, Bobby "the Brain" Heenan. I was pissed when I saw Mark Madden walking down, Tuesday, at Thunder. Replacements like Stevie Ray, and a few others aren't even in the same league as Heenan. I'd love for WCW to release Heenan and let him return to his announcing roots...the WWF! By the way, let WCW know about your feelings on Bobby Heenan getting pushed off main television by clicking here. Total garbage by WCW's part here.

Besides, the only announcer that I could see taking his place would be Crowbar, who puts me in tears from laughing when he does commentary.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully, for WWF Day, reviewing Smackdown and other topics in the WWF world. Be sure to check out the Phat Pharm for many new Columns and Columnists! Also, I plan to have another edition of Bad Tito to show up later this week.....the follow up to one of my best feedback receiving columns ever!

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