Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, another Monday Night of wrestling just went by and of course, the Monday Night Impressions are ready to serve. Remember, this is opinionated. On to the PDC!

Monday Night Impressions


-The opening interview with Hogan and then the pummeling with Sting saving the day was pretty good, as it set the stage for what I was hoping a consecutive good Nitro.

-Nothing like a good screwjob with the interference of the rest of the Country team against Juvy and Psychosis. I like the Country stable.

-Damn, Vampiro is tough as hell. Poor Rey getting that powerbomb from the top, but oh well. Shows how stupid Vampiro is having ICP coming in to cause a DQ when he could have won the match.

-Stevie Ray vs. Vincent was horrible..period.

-I love a good Sting interview, but if you didn't know Sting would eventually tagging with Hogan, then I'm not too sure what you're watching.

-Yay, Prince Iaukea vs. Lash Leroux for the opening match against Monday Night RAW. Great booking there, and Savage eventually came down to ruin this "great" match.

Doh! Evan Karagias beating the Cat. That's an embarassment to the 3 time Karate champion. Oh well, it heats up the feud vs. Buff.

Regal vs. Whipwreck...zzzzzz.

-Looks like Macho is pissed about Wormy sliming his way with George..hey George, don't get drunk with him, you might end up getting married!

-Hmm..no clear cut winner in the hyped up Goldberg vs. Hennig match, where Hennig bailed out of the ring. I want a clean win people, not a joke.

-Who was that lady who fought Medusa..oh well, we were watching...

-Boy, Shane Douglas is a fatty. What the hell did he do on his time off before WCW? Sit on his ass while watching old Dynamic Dude videos?

-David Flair vs. Benoit..what a joke to have David Flair continually beat these guys. Nuff said.

-Rick Steiner vs. Chase Tatum was rather tiresome to watch, as who cares about Chase Tatum? Is this a match to be before a Main Event?

-Well, the Main Event was alright, with Hogan getting pinned via chairshot. If Nash is pinning Hogan here, that sums up what will happen to Nash at Roadwild. Yay, I was sooooo surprised to see Sid as the mystery partner.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 12 <--Impressive
Clean Wins: 6
Screwjobs: 4
No Contests: 1
Disqualifications: 1

=====$Eek! Why does WCW do this? Everytime they put on a great show, they drop the ball and put on a horrible show. The Main Event was the only highlight of the night, with the Biggest Icon in Wrestling getting pinned. Other than that, it wasn't up to par. I see a ratings defeat, only worse this week for Nitro. I'll give it a


because they can keep momentum up and they have jokes for midcard matches.

Professor Frank McHone says: It finally happened. I have waited 15 years to see it, and then damnit Sting ruins it. Hogan is getting punked, and the I have no mic skills, take three months off twice a year, and I am now president bastard ruins it! Too much Hogan on this show for me also. He irritates the hell out of me. He did his job to Nash, but only after a chairshot. What a pus. This show had me hopeful after a good showing last week, but WCW has proved once again that they can't put two good shows together in a row. Anyone else notice Nash got a bigger pop than Hogan? I am sick of David Flair also, he is a disgrace. Someone please hurt ICP now. I want to see them take a stiff shot on Scott Steiner. That would be hilarious as ICP were scrapped from the ring. Overall this edition of Nitro blew chunks. It gets a C- for it's efforts (or lack there of) tonight.


-Oh my God!! Raw didn't open up with those interviews I love so much!! Great way to start off a show!

-Poor Edge..losing the IC title, then getting pinned in the tag match. Looks like he's paying his dues for a super push!

-Nice way to say goodbye to Vince..but he'll be back..

-Val Venis/Godfather vs. Droz/Prince Albert was a streetfight? Nah, more like a tag match without tagging.

-Poor Kane, getting pounded all Night by 'Taker and Big Show. Even though DX and Kane were getting pounded, they still were fighting together!

-HHH vs. Shamrock was kinda lame, with HHH, who was on RAW all freakin' night, getting the win.

-Oh joy, Rock vs. Mr. Ass/Chyna ended in one of those network cutoff things. I hate those. I was impressed with how much pounding Chyna took, and how Stone Cold made the save for Jim Ross.

Too much behind the scenes stuff tonight. I would have been mad if I was there live.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 5 <--eek!
Clean Wins: 2
Screw Jobs: 1
No Contests: 0
Disqualifications: 1
Television Cutoffs: 1 <--Total Crap

====$Night after Pay Per View equals great RAW right? WRONG! Nothing spectacular happened, and this RAW overused Triple H. Now I like Triple H, but he did interviews and said the same stuff about Austin all night long. Too much with the Kane/Undertaker/DX/Big Show tonight as well. This edition of RAW recieves a


for a lack of anything really spectacular plus the damn television cutoff sucked. That television cutoff explains a chunk of the grade, because WWF has bragged about never cutting viewers off.

Professor Frank McHone says: Ok, let me say this right off the bat. I am sick of HHH already. He talks too much, and got way too much air time tonight. I also didn't like the ending. It goes off the air before we can see what happens in the last match??? This was a solid show though other than these items. Good storyline building. Chyna is one hell of an athlete, and a better worker than most men. Big Show and Taker together spells trouble for anyone involved with them. Shamrock has more internal injuries than anyone I have ever seen. Last, The Rock is beyond a shadow of a doubt (to borrow a phrase from the great Ric Flair), the greatest entertainer in wrestling today. No one else comes close. This edition of Raw gets a B- for good storyline building, and entertainment value.

Overall, the worst Monday Night I've seen in a while.

Wrestling Stuff

-Apparently, there is some kind of dispute in the back between Curt Hennig and WCW. Now Hennig is happy with his current role in WCW, but you must remember Eric Bischoff's promise to Curt Hennig when he signed him with WCW. Hennig was promised the World Title at sometime during his career with WCW, and it does not seem he will ever end up with the World Title on his waste. Eric Bischoff has made many promises to wrestlers about pushes and titles that have never come through. Maybe that's why there is so much heat in the locker room.

-Poor Fit Finley. He's serious hurt, according to John Costello. He stated that Fit Finley had a gash in his knee that was open to the bone, and he severed all tendons and nerves in his leg. The condition I was told was called "Droopy Foot", and he had no feeling in his leg. This is, most likely, a career ending injury. That's horrible news, and it's a damn shame for Finley who works very hard in his matches. He's a tough wrestler that can always put up a fight. I hope he can someday come back from this.

@That's what is shakin for the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back here tomorrow with some ratings for ya, along with many other goodies. So chill..till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, just too sweet, signing off!

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