Welcome back...to the one and only, Phat Daily Column. I learned something yesterday. I will NEVER do a Top Ten wrestlers countdown again! I just did it because of the slow news day, and plus many readers wanted to see me do it. So I did it, and everyone threw in their two cents about it. Remember, my column isn't life or death, so settle down. It's OPINIONATED. Anyways, I'm hearing great reviews about Fully Loaded, and lots of news is already generated from the results. On to the PDC!


-Well, Stone Cold is STILL the champ. Looks like it sets the stage for Triple H, the man who won the #1 contender match vs. the Rock, to win the World Title. I'm wondering how Jesse Ventura will be involved in that title match, if Triple H is supposed to win. Stranger things have happened in wrestling.

-I hope tonight, with X-Pac and Road Dogg winning the rights to DX, that they finally induct Kane into DX. He would be perfect! Why not have him? If they want DX to be a force, what better way to become one with the Big Red Machine?

-Wow, it shows that the WWF is either not favoring Al Snow, since they made him drop the title and they kinda keep him away from RAWs, or they just wanted to change it up a bit with Bossman winning the title. Either way, Bossman as a hardcore champ is a joke.

-Well, Edge's IC title run is very short lived, as Jarrett won the title back. I hope they give it back to Edge, possibly on RAW tonight. If they don't, it's kinda cruel to have someone win a title at a house show without knowing ahead of time, and having him lose it back in a few days.

-Well, I suppose the WWF wants to develope the Hardy Boyz more, since they lost to the Acolytes. They are a great team, but the WWF probably wants them to gain more fans, and build them up to become a great team for recognition. They will obviously win the titles in the future, but they will polish their tag team before winning the titles again.

-Poor D-Lo will probably get stripped of the Euro title by Shane tonight. :(


-The buzz around WCW is who on Earth will be Nash's tag partner? Well, as of right now, WCW even know. Some say it will be Scott Hall, but that's too obvious. New rumors, like from Calvin Martin's hotline report, suggest that Hogan could be the tag partner after Nitro did nothing in the ratings with Hogan as a face. That means the stupid NWO could be reforming, thus repeating history one more time, and thus I'll be puking. I'll go with my Hummer driver prediction, Lex Luger as the tag partner just for the hell of it. Hey, the tag partner angle will probably be eventually dropped like the Hummer driver was.

-The recent word is that WCW officials aren't too happy with the way the Toughman or Hardcore division is going. The hardcore matches, whenever they are on, are very weak to watch and it usually involves Hak taking a severe beating. Also, the higher ups aren't pleased with the $100,000 bill for the junkyard match. That's way too much to spend on a match that many viewers struggled watching. Also, a few harcore wrestlers, like Brian Knobbs, don't sell the shots during hardcore matches. This explains why you haven't seen any hardcore matches on Nitro lately. I knew the hardcore division would become weak, because I knew it would only be for Hak being used as a punching bag.

-Hopefully, WCW can put on a good show after last week's great performance. Their show did catch viewers attention, and a few people who didn't watch Nitro were wondering why everyone was excited about Nitro last week. WCW needs to put on a little stronger midcard than they did last week, and then maybe they can steal some viewers. We'll see.

@That's all for today. Thanks for reading, and just chill till the next episode, which will be the lovely Monday Night Impressions. This is Mr. Tito, just too Daily, signing off!

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