Welcome to the column that holds back on no opinion, the Phat Daily Column. I am your host, the daily serving apple guy, Mr. Tito. Today, we'll discuss a variety of topics, including what will be on tonight's Smackdown and whatever else comes to mind.

Those posting in "Ask Tito" wanted me to address the Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross versus Michael Cole and Tazz situation. The rumor mill suggests that Ross and Lawler both threw fits about Cole and Tazz commentating for the first half of Vengeance. I'd believe it to be true, just in Ross's case. Ross has always been very protective of his announcing spot, and he rarely wants a day off from it. I can see him going off about it, especially if he didn't know about it in advance.

But my question is this: why didn't this split-time announcing occur before? You've got two sets of announcing teams for two different brands, yet Ross and Lawler were always calling the Pay Per Views. That makes no sense. At least alternate for the shows, or do what you did at Vengeance. That could back up the case that Ross is protective of his spot.

I really thought Cole and Tazz did well at Vengeance, and much better than Ross and Lawler, in my opinion. Cole usually has to hype the main event feuds throughout the midcard matches, but at the Pay Per View, he didn't have to, and he just commentated the matches. Tazz has also improved, probably focusing all of his energy into commentating since "retiring" from wrestling. Reportedly, Paul Heyman is coaching the duo to do better, and that has Jim Ross mad, too? Geesh!

I do long for the days when Heyman used to be an announcer himself. Jerry Lawler sucks anymore.

By the way, download "Fuck You" by Wesley Willis whenever you get the chance. You won't be disappointed on that one. On to the PDC.


-Again, I have yet to catch the NWA-TNA recent show, but looking at the results, I'm troubled by not seeing a clear-cut winner in the Ken Shamrock vs. Sabu match. If you are an upstart promotion and living and dying on Pay Per View, you want to have your matches end with some satisfaction from fans. Fans don't just enjoy matches themselves, but finishes too. It just seems like protective booking to me, and in the long run, it does nothing for either wrestler.

-And while we're on the subject of NWA-TNA, it's NO loss to the WWE that Disco Inferno is somewhat involved with that promotion now. The WWE apparently looked into bringing in Disco for the creative team. Geesh. Nobody from WCW's writing staffs should ever walk through the WWE's doors, let alone create the shows. (Yeah, I know they let Bischoff on, but he's a television talent, not a creative member. They let in Nash and he did some things creatively, thanks to his influence on Triple H and Stephanie) Let Disco remain in NWA-TNA and ruin that promotion.

What am I saying?!? I want competition. But signing goofballs like Russo and Disco, along with pushing old WCW and ECW talent, won't create any threat to the WWE.

-Lots of developmental wrestlers losing their jobs lately... That's amazing, because I said something in my July 4th column, which was entitled "Predictions on a Declining WWE". Here's what I wrote: "It's said that Vince's greatest cost within the WWE is his talent, and with the fact that he's already forced many to take paycuts already, it's assumed he'll start cutting talent, left and right, to keep costs down. Who will be the firsts to go? The younger, yet un-established wrestlers or the ones that Vince just isn't using properly. Once this happens, I believe that start ups like the NWA-TNA will be watering at the mouth to pick these guys up. Just look at how well Jerry Lynn is doing after his WWE release, for example, and what will happen if the WWE lets another AJ Styles get out of their hands? Devastating!!!"

Guys like EZ Money and Mike Sanders are damn hot free agents out there, and many of the other HWA wrestlers will shine too. It would be nice to see the NWA-TNA replace their washed up WCW, ECW, or even WWF wrestlers with much younger, hungrier talent, and now that the WWE has released a lot of their developmental wrestlers, the time is now to sign them by the bundles and actually put them on television instead of holding them back.

-I saw the thing from 1wrestling about how Sting and Bill Goldberg MIGHT be wrestling on a charity wrestling show in Bermuda. I hope it gets their blood flowing for possible returns to professional wrestling. For Goldberg, it would be nice to see him one day show up in the WWE and see what happens, although it will cost a lot. For Sting, my wish is that the WWE signs him for ONE NIGHT ONLY at the Royal Rumble, just as they did Goldust and Hennig. Let him participate in the 30 man over the top rope event, and if the fans go crazy, like they will, then why not sign him for a short while? That's wishful thinking.

Even if Sting never would sign for just a Royal Rumble appearance, you have to admire how he's not seriously rushing himself back into professional wrestling nor is he giving into the WWE giant. Sting is WCW 4 Life, and will probably remain that way, aside from helping charities or any independent promotions he has connections to. Sting's the man, and he's easily one of the most respected wrestlers to ever hit that ring, in my mind. Damn it, I miss him!


Tonight on Smackdown, we'll see Stephanie's ass continue to get bigger.

Ok, I'm sorry for that comment, as I laugh at how South Park always cracks on Hillary Clinton in their news reports at how her ass continues to get bigger. They did it last night in one of the more messed up episodes of that show, ever.

Anyway, we'll see the debut of Brock Lesnar on Smackdown! SMELL THE RATINGS!!!! As if the fanbase cares enough about the guy to tune in to see his Smackdown debut. Good thing Brock has been wrestling 2 of the WWE's biggest faces lately (Rock and Rob Van Dam), or he'd be in trouble. As much as I want new talent to be pushed to the top, I worry if Lesnar is ready or not? We'll see as his feud continues with the Rock.

Tonight, we'll see Chris Jericho versus Edge in a cage match, which was made on last week's show. Well, not the cage part I believe, but still. Should be an exciting match, and to think, we have Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Benoit next week. I don't know if Edge will get the big win here or if Jericho gets the cheap win here to hype a match at Summerslam 2002.

Team Canada Volume 3 will take on the duo of Rock and Hulk Hogan. Hey, I wonder if Brock Lesnar will destroy the Rock to help Storm and Christian win the match? Still, it shall be entertaining to see the crowd liven up for this match, given that Hogan and Rock are a team here. It will bring out the best in everyone.

And finally... Rey Mysterio will make his big debut against Chavo Guerrero, in a match I'm very much looking forward to. I hope Rey-Rey still has it.

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