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      Submitted by Mr. Tito on 7-25-00 @ 07:56 EST

      Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, this week, we had to watch both shows on one night, instead of relaxing with one show on Monday and one show on Tuesday. But hey, that means we have competition! Now would that drive one federation to be suddenly better? You would think that, right? You'd also think that a federation would put on a monster show after a good Pay Per View, right? You'd think that the other federation would stack their show to fight this show coming off the PPV, right? On to the PDC.

      If you are attending Smackdown tonight, please send in a report to anyone here at LoP. Thank you.


      Booker T defeats Goldberg!!! Holy Cow!! I consider it a clean win too, since Jeff Jarrett nailed Booker with the chair, just before the Cat nailed Goldberg with a rather stiff kick. I call it a clean win anyway, due to WCW's crazy new rules too. But Booker T just defeated Goldberg! That's HUGE!! Then again, how did this win occur? I'm sure a deal was made backstage, and Goldberg will get the last laugh. Ugh. Their first match of the night was ridiculous with the arm bar submission.

      Caged heat? More like Hell in a Cell with a stronger top to walk on. That match in the cage was terrible! In fact, it's so bad that it rivals the Hell in the Cell match from Wrestlemania 15 with the Undertaker and Bossman. It was just ugly!

      Nothing like a typical feud where a guy now has another man's girlfriend. Gee, do you think he'll have some evidence that would anger the Franchise? So predictable, as I hope this feud ends so that the Franchise can move on. WCW needs to look at old ECW tapes to see how well Shane did with Francine back in the day, and to see how great of a heel he was then.

      Too bad both Buff and Kanyon can't shut up and wrestle. Lord knows we can't go a week without Judy Bagwell getting involved now.

      Good old Sting came back, as he was voted to fight Booker T. Man, I really wanted this match too, but Goldberg attacked Sting, and hit him with the Concussion Kick, which started Bret Hart's misfortune. Looks like this gives Sting an excuse to take more time off......

      IT'S A SWERVE!!!!! The Great Muta just joined Vampiro and his little "Posse". I liked how they just looked at Demon weird when he hit his "Love Gunn" move. I'm sure Gene Simmons will have a lawsuit cooking very soon. As for ICP....the Cat destroyed them! Then again, the Cat should considering he's a former Karate champion.

      Please, somebody tell me the whole point of this David Flair and Ms. Hancock situation. It gets worse by the week!

      Hardcore Canadian Champion? So what is he going to do? Combine them to create the ECW World Heavyweight title? Interesting that Lance Storm even won that title, with good old Vito putting up a decent match. I wonder if any wrestlers in the back mind seeing Lance win all of this gold so early in his career.

      Nitro Phat Stats

      Matches: 9
      Clean Wins: 5
      Screwjobs: 1
      Disqualifications: 0
      No Contests: 0

      Last Word: This show had it's high points, and of course, low points. Good ending saved this show in my Gradebook, and bumped the grade up some extra points. I'll give it a


      due to the clean Booker T win on Goldberg. Not that it's a marking out for Booker T, but it's just that someone convinced Goldberg to lose for once! I predict a 2.7 in the second hour, against RAW.

      RAW is War

      Yet another long interview, and it gave me an excuse to watch the first match between Booker T and Goldberg. I just don't get why the WWF tries the same format each week. Maybe I just don't get it?

      Road Dogg and Steve Blackman, probably the two best Hardcore Champs(besides Foley) that the WWF has had(besides Crash), and they put on a terrible and boring match. Oh boy, we get Xpac and Blackman on Smackdown! Blackman better watch it with Xpac though, cause he's had one too many concussions.

      Nice to see the Big Show back, as a newer face to the fold is always nice. More on him, however, in a second. This segment had Lita really giving it to Stephanie, but Trish "the dish" Stratus, 50 pounds of silicon and all, came down and attacked Lita, and joined Stephanie. Hey!! I have an idea! Why not join those two as a tag team and call them "Almost Natural"?? Wouldn't that just earn the ratings?

      Oh noooo, Godfather will have to lose his gimmick or whatever. I am curious where this angle with Steven Richards will end up. I'm wondering if they will let him wrestle eventually? Well, I guess only time will tell there, as Bull Buchanan will fight the untalented slugs of the WWF with "adult type" gimmicks. Hey, Malenko has some hos with him lately...

      Back to the Big Show. Ok, let's look at the outcome of the Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle match. Shane McMahon, Kurt Angle, and the Big Show walk out after attacking the Undertaker. Now does that make sense??? I guess Big Show is ok, because the Undertaker left the WWF an evil guy, and returned an American bad-ass. However, Big Show had a heated feud with Kurt Angle, and he also had many brush ins with Shane as well. Yet, they join forces to kill the Undertaker. I suppose the Big Show is uniting for Shane's stable, but still. I guess the past is always supposed to be ignored.

      Jericho and Triple H had an interview together, and they then fought backstage. Yeah, what a cheap way of setting up another rematch between these two.

      Wow. Edge/Christian defeated the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boys cleanly. Impressive. Now if they can do that, why can't they get a win over the Acolytes at Fully Loaded? Strange booking by the WWF, especially in their tag division.

      God, typical RAW with "let's set up a tag match", with Rock and Kane vs. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. God, you'd think it's Pay Per View week or something. Terrible main event, with of course, a DQ finish. They should have Disqualified the whole show!

      RAW Phat Stats

      Matches: 8
      Clean Wins: 4
      Screwjobs: 1
      Disqualifications: 2
      No Contests: 1

      Last Word: Damn this show bored the hell out of me! If you aren't convinced that the WWF is rather stale lately, this was the show to look at. What has been accomplished? The same guys are wrestling each other from Fully Loaded, which means NOTHING else new has been started. I'll agree with many who claim that the WWF just doesn't have that fire anymore to ignite surprising and exciting shows. In my opinion, they need to do some soul searching with themselves, and get back on track and gain higher ratings than ever. It's not like Viacom likes seeing the current ratings slowly dropping everyweek. I'll give it a


      for this week's show. Go ahead and call me what you want, cause I stick behind opinions, especially when I was bored as hell watching this show. I predict that they will get a 5.7 in the first hour against Nitro.

      Overall, one fed had some brightspots, while the other one needs help.

      @That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the Ratings Analysis, and other stuff. Why not check out the Phat Pharm?

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      Take Care, and Thanks for Reading Everyday.

      Mr. Tito 2000 Exclusive to

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