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Note: Yesterday, I had an error in my column. I think I spelled disgruntled wrong and I listed Stone Cold as winning the match tonight instead of who I thought would win, Undertaker(that was later corrected on LoP). Anyways, that, once again, proves that I'm only human.

-Alright, since most of the WWF news is centered around tonight's Pay Per View, and most of WCW news is centered around Nitro, I figured I would shake things up a bit. Many readers have requested that I should do a Top 10 wrestlers in each federation column. Hey, that's a great idea! My ratings will be based on wrestling skill, crowd heat, and their successes recently.

WCW's Top 10 Wrestlers

10. Rick Steiner - Geesh, how can I not leave the television champ over a few months off of this? Of course, who has he fought..which is why he is #10.

9. Buff Bagwell - Real potential here, but he shouldn't get such a big head about success. It's killing him. If his willingness to be patient for a push was bigger than his ego, than he would be dangerous.

8. Hollywood Hogan - Since I was surprised at the crowd response, and since he's the world champ, I was like "what the heck", and put Hogan at 7. I hope this run, in his 40's is better than the run back from the retirement.

7. Ernest "the Cat" Miller - I'm surprised at how many people love him, but hey, what's not to love? He's funny, and he's always makes a match interesting.

6. Ric Flair - Although way past his prime, the Nature Boy is still one of WCW's greats. Great mic skills along with his trademark cheating still make him one of the best in WCW. I wish he was about 10 years or so younger, just so he wouldn't frequently get hurt.

5. Macho Man - Although I don't like the angle with the spousal abuse, I have to say that Macho is still a draw in WCW. He was originally supposed to be a badass type character like Stone Cold, but he ended up WCW's top heel.

4. Kevin Nash - Although a bit slower, heavier, and sometimes annoying, Kevin Nash is still one of the top wrestlers in the sport today. One good thing I noticed, is that he can interchange between heel and face. I wish he would book a little better though.

3. Goldberg - Easily, what WCW really needs to put together a much better show. Goldberg is one of WCW's biggest draws, and he has great energy in his matches. I'm glad he's back.

2. Diamond Dallas Page - I really like what he is doing with the Triad, and I think he's molded nicely into a heel, which he originally didn't want to be. He can draw heat, and he is a great wrestler now. Great job DDP.

1. Sting - Geesh, couldn't you have predicted this already. Ok, I believe that Sting is still the man in WCW, and I think he should be pushed like never before. He can still wrestle, unlike some of the other older wrestlers. The crowd still loves him. Since he doesn't sleep with the booking crew, he won't get any titles soon.

WWF's Top 10 Wrestlers

10. Hardcore Holly - What can't you say about him? Ha. I think Holly deserves this spot because of all of the lame gimmicks he's went through, only to get over as being Hardcore. I love the angle with Big Show.

9. Big Show - Big Show is a very powerful wrestler, but he really hasn't proven himself greatly in the WWF. He will continue to grow, but he needs a new look somehow to make him fresher. I still see him as the WCW former champ that never got a chance.

8. Edge - Edge has come a long way since I caught first glimce of him. I saw him first wrestling in a dark match before a RAW I went to before he debuted, and he was good then. Edge has the talent to become great, and now he's receiving the push to make him great.

7. Kane - I do mark for Kane, but you have to respect him and his character. He too, has come a long way since he first arrived in the WWF, and his gimmick works! I just hope, someday, that the WWF pushes him to become a lengthy World Champion, instead of a Main Event jobber.

6. Mr. Ass - Billy Gunn is molding nicely into a good main event heel wrestler. It takes time, but he is really proving that he has what it takes to go to the top. Yeah, he's not just a tag wrestler.

5. Jeff Jarrett - If you would have told me a year ago that Jarrett would be over, I would laugh at you. Well, Jarrett, with a little help of Debra, has catepulted himself into superstardom. He's doing great now, and he just might become a World Title contender now. Great work Jarrett.

4. Undertaker - Undertaker has been pure evil lately, but it seems that he's a tad slower and less mobile than he used to be. I don't like what he stands for now, as I prefer the taker that actually acts like an Undertaker.

3. Triple H - This man has also come a long way, and it will finally pay off! I have been a Triple H fan for a while now, and I'm glad that he's getting the world title coming up. I think his wrestling skills are better now than ever as well.

2. Stone Cold - Still gets great crowd reactions and puts on good matches in main events. I wish he would wrestle a little more on RAW, but oh well. He will always be in the title hunt, and it doesn't seem like he'll be taken out of the spotlight soon.

1. The Rock - It was close between the Rock and Stone Cold, but I'll give my props to the Rock because I think he's the best all around wrestler in the WWF. He, by far, puts on the best matches. I'm not a Rock fan, but I do respect how entertaining he is.

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