Welcome to an all new edition of the PHAT DAILY COLUMN. I'm your host, the one that annoys you, Mr. F'N Tito. Today, we'll talk about the ratings that came in yesterday for RAW. WOW is all I have to say. Or "About damn time", etc, etc, etc and why the WWE scored a big rating for that show. And I'll BS about other things in wrestling as well.

Man, people jumped all over me for my RAW review, and I gave it a good grade of a B for Christ's sakes. I liked having 3 really good television matches and a few other things. I just thought the storylines were either rushed or downright bizarre, and by saying that, everyone thought I was negative. Huh? Tell me how much sense the Triple H turn on HBK made, especially when HBK got Triple H over to RAW? How about rushing the title unification between Hardy and RVD? (although it gives us Benoit vs. RVD next week!) And the many squashes that RAW had.

Again, a "B" is NOT a bad grade. Recently, all of the RAW shows have been receiving grades in the C-range, so a "B" means I liked it better than average. And it means that I liked parts, which I said above, and disliked some things. It's fun repeating yourself, over and over again.

When you go to college, you'll see that "B" grades are like saviors there.

On to the PDC.


-Congrats to the WWE. RAW improved greatly on their ratings, scoring roughly a 4.3 off of hours 4.1 and 4.4. And why an increase this week and not in previous weeks? Well, they hotshotted plenty of things, such as a ladder match between Hardy and Rob Van Dam, Booker T vs. Benoit, and the Triple H swerve, they had the Rock on their show and wrestling in a singles match, and some intrigue at the end with who was going to get swiped off the RAW roster. It was a show that featured a lot of effort and changes towards the storylines, whether it's good or not. This is something the WWE must continually build on.

And DON'T GET COCKY! Don't you dare tell TNN to send out a press release, bragging about how improved the ratings were that evening. Don't you dare begin to halfass your shows because one night of ratings looked good. Just keep trying to make the shows interesting, and make sure you milk the star of the Rock as much as possible. Wrestling him in a SINGLES match was a very smart idea, because many casual fans live for that.

I wonder how much of it was Eric Bischoff's presence? Whether you want to compare RAW to Nitro anymore, I don't care, but I think he's a good personality for the show. He's a cocky bastard that you just love to hate, not want to hate like Stephanie McMahon, who I hear has a problem with kicking people in the testicles. Bischoff really does have some good mic skills to keep the heat on him too, and newer fans are immediately picking up on why people hate him.

-I forgot to comment on the Triple H rip of Steve Austin on RAW. It was uncalled for, in my opinion, although the WWE has every right to be mad at the man who walked out on them. Still, it was somewhat weak of Triple H to do it, especially given the position he is in backstage. I'm sure that if Triple H wasn't able to change things for his liking, he'd be frustrated with the WWE as well. Now whether he'd walk out, I don't know, but I'm sure he'd look for a different job if he ever broke up with Stephanie. How about that? All it takes is one dispute between those two, which I'm actually hoping for.

-1wrestling had something on Bill Goldberg having a very high asking price right now. That's understandable, as he was paid $2-$4 million in WCW, and he liked those large and guaranteed paychecks coming in. Plus, he KNOWS the position he's in, wanted by many federations in the land and a possible big short run guy for the WWE. It should be acceptable that he's asking for the money. Now, only time will tell if there's a federation desparate enough to boom business for several million dollars per year, if he can actually help a federation with a lot of time that has passed.

-WWE made a good selection of the Boston Garden for Royal Rumble 2003. Boston usually features hot crowds, and the Rumble is a show to be fired up about. It's like the true hotbeds for the WWE are in the Madison Square Garden, the Boston Fleet Center, and one of the arenas in Chicago, I forget which one (Nick Ponton can help me with that one, if he's reading). Toronto and Edmonton feature hot crowds, yet the WWE only travels to their area every so often (I know the Canadian currency is hard to change over!). I wish that the WWE would hold more Monday Night RAWs in the Madison Square Garden, but that's wishful thinking. Survivor Series 2002, by the way, will be held there. Can't wait for that.

-What's with Kanyon anymore? He's very, very injury prone, and coming off of his ACL recovery, he suffers some sort of shoulder injury. Luck is not going his way. He's one of the more talented wrestlers out there, yet he can't show it because he's always out for a period of time. Don't doubt that the WWE gets rid of him sometime after he fully recovers, ala many other wrestlers they've dropped after the injury bug has hit them.

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