Welcome back to another installment of the Phat Daily Column. We are fresh off Fully Loaded folks, which had it's own oddities or triumphs. Tonight, we'll see if the WWF shoots in a different direction than they currently are in. They'll need it, especially against a WCW machine that is trying to clean up its act. Let's hype tonight up, on to the PDC!


-Fully Loaded-

Did the WWF blow the roof off the building or what with Chris Jericho vs. Triple H and Chris Benoit vs. the Rock? Though I may bash the staleness of the storylines, I know that the WWF puts on a great "wrestling" product when they want to. They obviously did last night, both matches topping the ones before them...or at least coming close.

Something did intrigue me after the show. None of the up and comers won last night. Benoit, Jericho, and Kurt Angle all lost in their matches. Is this the sign of proof that the WWF tends to favor the main eventers only, and that nobody can join them? Many will argue that this is true. Many could agree with the Rock and Undertaker wins(I don't for the Undertaker one), but for Triple H? Here is a man who is going to take time off next month for an injury, and they put him over a man who he has beat before. It would have been a shocker or at least exciting to see Jericho ride off this win, but we can't.

Perry Saturn is your NEW European Champion. Can he do something with that title? Eddie Guerrero made it into a decent title again, thank God, so will Perry keep this momentum up? Well, only time will tell with Perry, especially with Terri by his side. I bet the whole farm that Eddie Guerrero and Chyna are NOT finished with Perry and Terri(hey, that rhymes!).

Tazz, once again, interfered with Rikishi's match. Why is he still doing this? Sure, I can see attacking many wrestlers, but why Rikishi more than others? Argh. Hello? Do you remember who injured you Tazz in the storylines? I guess his new made up attitude against Rikishi is making him forget those incidents. Val Venis is still your IC Champ, and being shoved down our throats.

Wow, the Hardy Boyz, along with Lita won their match! Holy cow! They actually defeated T&A at something. Simply amazing, because I could have sworn that the Hardys were more over and were more talented. It's not over though, as T&A and Silicon Stratus attacked the Hardys and Lita. Yipee, more of this feud.

-RAW Hype-

The only real thing I can see happening tonight is a possible set up for Summerslam, possibly with the Undertaker and the Rock. WWF has been rumored to be wanting for this match to happen, with proper build up. Who knows, maybe Triple H will be tough and ignore his injury for a 3 way dance at Summerslam? It's rumored, that's why I'm mentioning it.

Many are predicting that Stone Cold Steve Austin will return tonight. Well.....I wouldn't guarantee that if I were you. Just rumors going around, but it would be a great momentum builder for the WWF, especially after a Pay Per View, for Stone Cold to return. It would help jump start the ratings for the WWF, which is needed lately. HBK is also rumored to be returning tonight, but again, NO GUARANTEES or proof of that. I guess since the WWF is in Texas now, and since HBK and Stone Cold live in Texas, it's assumed that they will show up. Look at the word assume. We have "Ass", "U", and "Me", so don't believe everything you hear.

I'm sure Commissioner Foley will be PISSED off about Edge/Christian getting disqualified last night. Oh my, he just might set up a rematch for the titles. That's my prediction, as they are SO in trouble now with the commish.


-Nitro Hype-

Nitro has a tough task this week....how can they top last week's Nitro? Well, we'll see how their momentum is when they go ONE ON ONE with the WWF tonight, in their second hour at least. I'm sure this show will be STACKED beyond belief to gain some ratings, or at least smell them.

WCW.com is hinting something with Jeff Jarrett and Bill Goldberg getting a piece of Booker T tonight. I bet it COULD be Goldberg vs. Booker T, as I'm hoping. Of course, I bet Goldberg learned his little lesson last Monday against Scott Steiner, and he won't sell a damn thing if he does fight Booker! He'll probably hold out for the World Title as well.

We will see something with Lance Storm, who has apparently made a whole bunch of enemies for turning that poor US title into a Canadian title. Oh, Bret Hart is so proud right now. We'll probably see something to hype up the match at New Blood Rising with Mike Awesome, a rematch from the great finals last week. For that match, Storm will get the boos, and Mike Awesome will get the moos!

SMELL THE RATINGS!!!! We have Lt. Loco Chavo Guerrero and Major Gunns vs. David Flair and Ms. Hancock. Hey, maybe they will **hint** nudity, and then tomorrow, some internet poster will plug ****EXCLUSIVE: Nude Wrestling Pics of Major Gunns and Ms. Hancock rolling around on a Ring!!!****. What on earth am I talking about? This is just a cheap way of WCW's to hype a rematch between Chavo and David Flair for the title at New Blood Rising, where I bet David Flair will win.

Mike Awesome vs. Shane Douglas tonight, as we are pitting the ECW Champ of the past, and the ECW Champ who didn't want the title recently. Why not throw Bam Bam Bigelow in there too, who will be returning soon(bless his heart), to have a 3 Way Dance of World Champions. Hey, Terry Funk is still under WCW contract...why not throw him in there as well? That way, the WCW crowd can chant "ECW, ECW, ECW", because it would really put each wrestlers at their best points in their careers!!

Uh oh, WCW is promising Caged Heat tonight! Who will get thrown in the cage? Well, you must tune in to find out, because RATINGS are in the air!

Also, Vampiro is promised to be there. Whether or not his "Posse" will be there or not, well, that's unknown right now. Kronic will be there, and on hand to give out stiffer than hell shots, and to sell nothing! Big Vito, who in my opinion, looks ridiculous in his new tights, will be there to defend that Hardcore Title.

I'm very sure WCW will do some kind of main event to spike the ratings, especially since the Goldberg vs. Steiner match drew a strong 3.7 rating on a Tuesday Nitro. Should be interesting!

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow to do the normal Monday Night Impressions, to you know, look back on what happened on the two biggest shows of the week. See you later!

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