Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Lots of WWF stuff today!! Yipee! Kinda strange how the wrestling world works..news one day, nothing the next. Anyways, Fully Loaded is tomorrow night, so I have the predictions ready. On to the PDC!


-According to the Ross Report, Savio Vega and Mark Canterbury(Henry Godwin) have been released from the WWF. Savio Vega, although useful for the WWF Astros programs, became expendable as the WWF gave up on any come back to wrestling for him. As for Mark Canterbury, he also became expendable since, well, he most likely wouldn't get over in the singles ranks these days, plus his former tag partner is really messed in the head, so his plans for returning to tag action is nixed. It seems that the WWF is cutting off the fat so to speak, as they have released a few decent names lately. Ha, they'll probably go to WCW, maybe even do a shoot. Please.

-Ross Report also stated that the Road Dogg is negotiating a brand new 5 year contract. This is great news, as the Road Dogg has really became an asset to the WWF. He is one of my personal favorites to watch wrestle, and he is really over with the crowd. Although he's re-signing with the WWF, don't expect much more than an intercontinental championship, as the WWF feels he is not World Title material(must be that dirty Armstrong curse). Anyways, I'm glad that he'll be around for more years to come.

-Mick Foley had a good tour of Australia, so is he ready to come back to the ring? Well, according to many wrestling fans, he just might show up at this upcoming RAW!! The fans have told me that he might show up since many advertisements around the area stated that Mick Foley would show up! Great news for Mick Foley fans, and I hope he takes it easy this time. We don't want to see him out of action again.

-Taka Michinoku isn't very happy with his current status in the WWF. He was brought in, hyped, and became a serious letdown..or so we thought. It seems that the WWF somehow closed the door on his career by having him lose the title to Christian, and putting him in the stupid group with fellow former Michinoku Pro wresters. Then, the Lightweight title was made a joke when Duane Gill defeated Christian for the title. The title seemed to have died, and the WWF for some reason never put Taka back on television. The WWF is really using their investment well, eh?

-Look for the WWF to do lots of remodeling of ALL of their television shows. For one, look for shows like Heat and Shotgun to have much watered down shows, because you simply can't book great cards for every show. Speaking of Shotgun, is was renamed something stupid like WWF Metal. Anyways, RAW will be live, and Smackdown will be taped on the Tuesday after RAW. Ouch, just think of what happens after a Pay Per View. The wrestlers have 3 straight days of televised wrestling. That's a lot of work!

-According to the lovely WWF.com, they officially announced the Sable settlement, and they announced that Marc Mero was no longer with the WWF. Oh darn, the man who gets the most television time although he is a jobber got released. Sure, Marc Mero was cool when he first arrived, but then Sable outgrew him. He was only known for his relationship with Sable, not for that graceful Shooting Star Press he did off the top rope. No loss here by the WWF releasing him, since he truly is a loser. I hope he, and his wife Rena enjoy the rest of their lives, knowing that they were a joke in the WWF.

Hey, how about Mr. Tito's FULLY LOADED predictions?

=Al Snow vs. Big Bossman for the Hardcore Title. Al Snow, lately, is very boring to watch. I think the WWF will give the Hardcore title to Bossman just for a change. Hey, change is good, right? Winner: Big Bossman.

=Jeff Jarrett vs. Edge for the IC title. This will begin Edge's great push, as he will defeat Jarrett. I think, somehow that Jarrett is going to be moved up to main eventer, thus dropping the strap would be necessary to do so. Also, I think Debra will have something to do with it, since she and Jeffy are having problems. Winner: Recently Engaged Edge(Congrats!).

=Blackman vs. Shamrock in the Iron Circle Match. I somehow am confused on this one, as it could be Ken Shamrock's last match in the WWF for a while, since he's returning to the UFC. BUT, why would they job him in something like a UFC match to ruin his reputation in the UFC. Having Shamrock in UFC, he could somehow promote the WWF. Hmm..I'm about to sit on the fence on this one, but I'll go with Shamrock. What the heck. Winner: Shamrock.

=Mideon vs. D-Lo. I think D-Lo will win, but he'll think he's the European champ again, but he won't be declared European champ. Winner: D-Lo, the man.

=Kane vs. Big Show. Poor Kane..gets no respect. Big Show is going to chokeslam him..1, 2, 3. Winner: Big Show.

=Rights to DX match, with Road Dogg/X-Pac vs. Mr. Ass/Chyna. I think the discruntled Rock will help the good guys win. Winners: X-Pac and Road Dogg..the new DX. Hey, hopefully, if this happens, Kane will officially join DX on Monday, thus making Mr. Tito very happy!!!

=The Rock vs. Triple H in a added gimmick to recycle this feud, I mean strap match. This one is for the #1 contendership for the World Title, and Triple H is due to take the World Title at Summerslam. Winner: Triple H.

Hardy Boyz and Micheal P.S. Hayes vs. the Acolytes. The Hardy Boyz seem over with the fans, and appreciated, so they will win. Acolytes are a badass team, but the Hardys are too exciting now. Winners: Hardys and P.S. Hayes.

Stone Cold vs. Undertaker for the world title, in a added gimmick and stipulation to recycle this match, oh, I mean the first blood match where if Stone Cold wins, Vince is off television, and if Undertaker wins, no more Stone Cold title shots. Ok, this one is easy, as Vince will never leave television. Undertaker will win, but look for the anger from last RAW to carry over, thus somehow maybe giving Stone Cold another World Title shot, and bam, 5 time champ!! Winner: Stone Cold.


-Well, Konnan's life seems to be always going down hill. Poor guy. First, WCW keeps putting him in the doghouse because the bookers simply don't like him, next, he gets in trouble for partying too late, and now this spousal abuse. It seems that Konnan can't win anywhere, and this recent spousal abuse will really hurt his reputation, as well as WCW's for employing him.

-Wow, it really pays to watch Chunder, I mean Thunder. It had some stuff that would influence Nitro. For one, Kevin Nash announced that he had some kind of mystery tag team partner. If it's Scott Hall, although I loved the Outsiders, I would be disappointed for lack of surprise. Also, Hennig, who has lost a few times to Bill Goldberg, challenged Golderg to a match on Nitro. This will be Goldberg's first match back to Nitro in a long time. Goldberg more involved in the angles could be what WCW needs to draw some ratings.

-Well, Insane Clown Posse is ALREADY in bad terms with the WCW management. Last Monday, they were giving out some rather stiff kicks to Konnan while he was down, plus Shaggy 2 Dope later gave Konnan a concussion from the guillotine leg drop from the top. (Trying to refrain from ripping on ICP, Trying to refrain from ripping on ICP) Shows that WCW is getting a full package when they signed ICP, as they still give stiff shots to wrestlers. I just hope that ICP can respect WCW, and make their stay worth while.

@Phew! Yesterday..no WWF stuff, today, a plethora of WWF goodies! Rather strange, but oh well. I'll attempt to be back with another Phat Daily Column. So until the next episode, how about chilling? This is Mr. Tito, the real meaning of the word DAILY, signing off!

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