Sunday has arrived! Today, we look at Fully Loaded's wonderful matches, and of course, I'll throw my predictions on them. Also today, I will announce the Show of the Week, and if you've been reading throughout the course of last week, you should know who will easily win this. Anyway, on to the PDC.

-Show of the Week-

WCW Monday Nitro- By far, the winner this week. The US title tournament was one of the most exciting tournaments ever put on in 2 hours, as it had great wrestling and clean wins, for the most part. Lance Storm was built up nicely in this tournament to eventually become champ. The Great Muta, although his heat was killed Wednesday, put on a great show, defeating Vampiro and fighting Mike Awesome to a tough battle. Also, we had a great match between Bill Goldberg and Scott Steiner, which besides the stupid ending, was a spectacular battle. Steiner made Goldberg sell the moves, in turn, it made Goldberg, for once, look vulnerable. Great stuff! Jung Dragons and 3 Count thing was silly, but the rest of the show was great!

-Insane Clown Posse-

There is still a misunderstanding over Tuesday's column involving Mr. Juggalo. It was intended to rip those fans who flame others with bad grammar and stupid curse words, and not the intelligent ICP fans who enjoy their music. Every time I even mention ICP, I get flooded with ignorant threats and vulgarity by those certain ICP fans, so really, I was just making fun of them in the PDC Tuesday. A bunch of regular ICP fans seem to be offended, still, by the Tuesday column, but please understand that I was aiming towards one group of ICP fans, and not ALL ICP fans.

-WWF Fully Loaded Predictions-

Alright, I'm very sure that Stone Cold Steve Austin will NOT be at Fully Loaded this week. Sure, it's in Dallas, near his home, and sure, he's about ready to compete once again, but the WWF has made it clear that he wouldn't show up. They have stated on their website that he would NOT be showing up. Why would they do that if he was showing up? When Stone Cold does show up for a show, they will hype it to the moon. On to the predictions.

Hardy Boyz and Lita vs. T&A and Trish Stratus
I don't know about you, but I've seen the Hardy Boyz pay many dues to T&A this month. I'm hoping....NO! I'm praying that this has all been a way to put the Hardy Boyz or Boys over. Hardys get no respect in the WWF, when they are obviously much more talented than T&A. T&A have NO charisma, and they just have a pair of stuck up silicon to get them some heat. Hardys on the other hand, are very talented and they have paid their dues, ever since they lost the World Titles. Plus, Lita is a very talented lady, who paid her dues by getting thrown through that table on RAW last week.
Tito's Pick: Hardys and Lita

Tazz vs. Al Snow
WWF is high on Tazz now, finally, and they want to use Al Snow more. Interesting paradox here, but I think the WWF knows who sells T-Shirts, and who doesn't.
Tito's Pick: Tazz

Steel Cage IC Title Match: Val Venis vs. Rikishi Phatu
Hopefully, this is the final blowoff match, so that they can start fighting other people. I say Rikishi will get it back, as Val Venis needs a better gimmick for his new attitude. Back to the drawing board...
Tito's Pick: Rikishi Phatu

Possible Euro Title Match: Perry Saturn vs. Eddie Guerrero
If this match does happen, I'd say Latino Heat will win here, just because of weak advertising here. If this match happens, Eddie, in my opinion, will get the win here, and Saturn will defeat him on a RAW or Smackdown later.
Tito's Pick: Eddie Guerrero if the Match happens

World Tag Titles: Edge/Christian vs. Acolytes
Damn, this is a very hard one to call. Edge and Christian are a very good heel team, but Acolytes are WAY overdue. Let me flip the coin here...
Tito's Pick: Acolytes

Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle
Undertaker is a great man, it's true, it's true. Just like he put over the Rock, as listed in Rock's book, he's going to put over the next best Superstar, Kurt Angle. Angle is going to really heat things with up...oh wait, Triple H might be out for a while? He'll still win because he will probably be flirting with Stephanie while Triple H is gone.
Tito's Pick: Kurt Angle

Triple H vs. Chris Jericho
I'm going to go with the Al Isaacs rumor, which is that Triple H will pass out from the the Walls of Jericho, and then he'll take his little time off. Yes, by the way, Triple H is injured, and he will need some time off to recover. He's unlike the WCW superstars, who can take days off at their own free will.
Tito's Pick: Chris Jericho

WWF World Title: Chris Benoit vs. the Rock
This match should be another hot battle, with the Rock winning here. Why? While I think the WWF loves Benoit, I don't think he's World Title ready just yet. Maybe some more feuds with other opponents besides the Rock and Jericho, and maybe this title will be his. In time.
Tito's Pick: The Rock

-Miscellaneous Stuff-

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