Welcome back to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. I keep pumping these columns out, and it's only for the fans. Goldberg, here I come. I'm on 116 in a row now. Well, anyways, time to go to the PDC.


-Well, apparently, WCW wrestlers, mainly the undercard wrestlers, are complaining already about Hogan's involvement behind the scenes. They feel Nash's booking was bad, but with Hogan around it's twice as worse. If you noticed on Nitro, the large matches involved Hogan. The wrestlers feel this is only the beginning as they think Hogan will take up a lot of air time with his long interviews which he has done in the past. The wrestlers feel they will never get their promised push with Hogan calling ALL of the shots.

-Well, Chris Jericho had his final match in WCW Wednesday Night, as he tagged up with Uncle Eddie to take on Kidman and Rey Misterio. It was kinda of whoever gets pinned can't wrestle in WCW impromptu match. Jericho ended up getting pinned in the match, so I suppose he's leaving, right? Kidding. Anyways, Jericho, no matter how much Bischoff denies it, will be missed in WCW. Jericho is a young star with great mic skills that can always draw attention or heat. Jericho will have a promising WWF career that the WCW couldn't give him.

-On August 23rd, KISS will be on hand to play live at Nitro and to debut their new wrestlers. Hmm, now I could see them being there for their wrestlers debuting, but playing live for the crowd. Well, I saw KISS in concert, and they are very good, but my point is that bands should not play on Nitro if WCW ever expects to attract viewers. Hey, who knows, maybe the millions of KISS fans will tune in. Nah, that wouldn't happen because Megadeth's fans didn't tune in when they played live at Nitro.

-Already, reports are saying that Dustin Rhodes or Runnels was seen at the WCW offices. I suppose he really wants to reunite with his father, Dustin. Some say the reason for the father and son not getting along was because of Terri Runnels. Whether that is true or not, it seems like Dustin is heading back to WCW. He will probably go back to being his old WCW character, as I see WCW not even touching his old WWF gimmick. I wonder if he'll do a "shoot" when he enters the WCW against the WWF. Very interesting to see.


Well, I have nothing today on the WWF. The reason, I'm a WCW mark. HA, just kidding. The real reason is that there is absolutely no news, well, there is news, but nothing I feel right to comment on. Everything is set for Fully Loaded for Sunday, and all news centers around it. The WWF keeps their news and info under wraps, and they strike down all of the rumors on their webpage, therefore, it's much harder to find WWF news than WCW news. WCW always has transactions going, along with the many corrupt backstage occurrances that make it much easier to write about. Well, anyways, sorry for the lack of WWF news, but it is a dry spell in WWF news today.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some lovely Fully Loaded predictions, so until then, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, calling it straight down the line, signing off!

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