Ah yes, Invasion Sunday. It's finally here! Without WCW or even ECW putting on Pay Per Views, the months seem slooooow with just a WWF Pay Per View to focus on. But hey, Invasion features ECW, WCW, and the WWF together.... but it's still just once a month, as they are both under WWF rule.

Reading the article that Mr. Robert Fallon sent in about Chyna, I about fell off her chair, laughing, when she suggested that Stephanie was the one who broke her relationship with Triple H. Yeah right, what a liar! See, this is why I hate Chyna so much. In her book, she says that the reason Triple H and Chyna couldn't remain a real life couple is that Triple H is too dedicated to the business and that he wasn't willing to commit to the relationship just yet; possibly marriage or close to that. So Chyna ended the relationship, as Stephanie had NOTHING to do with that. Chyna also claims that she confronted Triple H and Stephanie if they were having an affair, to which they admitted it. Yet again, that was never mentioned in her book.

But hey, she's talking shit on the McMahons. That's GREAT news, and you want to know why? The McMahons NEVER forgive, at least at most instances, when someone talks smack on them. Therefore, Chyna will NEVER come back to the WWF, to which I say YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!

The written word will always come back to haunt you. On to the PDC.


So how did Invasion come about? In the wake of the WCW purchase, around in April, it was decided by the WWF creative team to have a Pay Per View to really jumpstart the new WCW product. Their original plan was to find a timeslot on TNN for a WCW show, and after building up the WCW product to a respectable level, they would eventually collide for a interpromotional Pay Per View. Invasion was just going to give the fans a "taste" of what was to come, as the 5 on 5 brawl would have been just an introduction to what was to come.

That was several months ago. Since then, lots of things have changed. For one, TNN hasn't given the WWF an inch in terms of giving them extra time for a WCW show. After the WWF has given second life to TNN, The National Network is able to say "fuck you" to the guys who made them successful. So the new plan was on to eventually make Monday Night RAW a WCW show. So with that, there would have to be more interaction between WWF and WCW stars, instead of just a 5 on 5 brawl. However, disaster would strike in the week that the WWF would begin testing how fans would react to WCW matches.

The biggest damaging one to the WCW Invasion angle was Buff vs. Booker T, the match that exposed how worthless Buff truly was. That match would later hurt the hopes of how DDP vs. Booker T and Gregory Helms vs. Kidman would be perceived. This week and this week alone pissed off Vince McMahon, so much, that he was very willing to change his product completely. Enter Paul Heyman, who was the owner of ECW.

On a Monday in Atlanta, the ECW stable quickly formed under the guidance of Paul Heyman, just in a matter of moments! ECW and WCW would eventually form as one big stable to take on the WWF. Now, the door has blown off, for we saw lots of interpromotional matches, and a lot of them booked for Invasion as well. It's rather amazing just to take a look back on what Invasion was originally supposed to be, and what it is now. The WWF never intended to give the fans so much WCW and WWF interaction, but with one failed week and TNN being assholes, things change, very much.

Here are my predictions.........

Hey, do you know what's great?? When I re-installed Windows, and later re-installed an updated version Internet Explorer, I unchecked the box for installing Flash 5.0 onto my computer. Therefore, Flash or Shockwave will NEVER load on this computer cause I rigged it like that. Whooooooo! No more bullshit slowdown or lagging because of senseless Flash. Take that WWF.com. I'm the King of the World!!

Referee Showdown: Earl Hebner vs. Nick Patrick
If you've watched Nick Patrick lately, you'll know that he's a dirty, dirty referee in favor of team ECW or WCW. That being said, Patrick will probably cheat his balls off to win this match, and win the battle of senior referees. The funny thing is that Patrick will carry the match, since he was a wrestler, which I keep reminding you, huh? Patrick wins, but it will be cheap and dirty. However, I wouldn't doubt that Jericho helps Hebner to win the match.
Tito's Pick: Nick Patrick

Tazz vs. Tajiri
Oh, give this match 10 minutes please!!!! Both wrestlers have a lot to gain out of this match, for both are probably looking to climb the WWF ladder. I finally think that the WWF is serious about allowing Tazz to wrestle again, therefore, he'll beat Tajiri but it will definitely be a very physical match. Don't doubt a William Regal screwjob, though.
Tito's Pick: Tazz

Lightweight/Cruiserweight Match: X-Pac vs. Billy Kidman
The clean win during the tag match should easily tell you who will win this match. There is NO question on the winner here. It's so easy to predict, as I knew it the second I saw Kidman pin X-Pac so that he and Rob Van Dam could win the match. NEVER bet against X-Pac if he laid down for his opponent in another match. NEVER!!
Tito's Pick: X-Pac

Edge/Christian vs. Lance Storm/Mike Awesome
Very solid match should occur here. In some ways, I see Team ECW/WCW getting some wins over the WWF, with this being one of them. However, Edge/Christian are multiple WWF champions and I don't see them jobbing out any more than they should. But hey, Edge was the King of the Ring winner, and the WWF has shit all over him ever since then (Billy Gunn feud).
Tito's Pick: Edge/Christian

World Tag Title Match: Acolytes vs. Chuck Palumbo/Sean O'Haire
Say Palumbo and O'Haire lose this match. What credibility would they have as WCW champions, this early on in their WWFE careers? It would be wise to have them win here, and then throw them into a bigger or better feud with another faster and younger WWF team, like the Hardy Boyz. Acolytes just don't match the styles of these Power Plant wrestlers. The Acolytes, do, however, have lots of credibility from incredible tag action over the years. They have nothing to lose.
Tito's Pick: Chuck Palumbo/Sean O'Haire

Hardcore Title: Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam
Jeff Hardy won't be sent out to be the fall guy for this match, unlike the RAW, a few years ago, where Hardy jobbed to the debuting Rob Van Dam on WWF television in 1997. Speaking of that, Click Here for a great article on that match by Denny Burkholder of Wrestleline.com. It describes the whole ECW-WWF angle back then, and it gives some perspective on where both Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam have went since then. Anyway, I do think that the WWF would want to have Rob Van Dam "pay dues" to test him if he really wants to be a WWF superstar. However, there is a RAW in Philly next Monday, and what better way to make the hardest-core ECW fans cream than to have a Rob Van Dam with a Hardcore title. Besides, Jeff Hardy doesn't need that belt, whatsoever, around his waste. On making my prediction, I worry that the WWF would want to redeem Jeff Hardy for gladly doing the job to Rob Van Dam in 1997. Who cares who wins? This will be a badass match in so many ways!!!! Possibly the match of the night, if all spots hit and it's given time to develop.
Tito's Pick: Rob Van Dam

Bra and Panties Match: Ms. Hancock/Torrie Wilson vs. Trish Stratus/Lita
Russo would be proud.... Like the Nick Patrick match, I see something screwy going on for this match. I don't know how you'd cheat in a Bra and Panties match, but I'm sure they'll find a way tonight. I'm sure a certain Monkey and a stupid BaBoone will have their capture cards ready to take picks to say "NUDE TRISH, STACY, TORRIE, and LITA HAVING LESBIAN SEX IN THE RING" as a plug for their terrible websites tomorrow. Are you two going to threaten lawsuit over me bashing you guys again?
Tito's Pick: Stacy and Torrie

Inaugural Brawl: Team ECWCW (Rhyno, Dudley Boyz, DDP, Booker T) vs. Team WWF (Jericho, Austin, Angle, Undertaker, Kane)
The whole point of having an "Invasion" Pay Per View is to focus on the ones doing the invading, correct? Therefore, the WWF would want to make themselves look vulnerable and actually lose this match, correct? I'd think so, but Stephanie is a total dumbass, so who knows? I'm still thinking that Austin's return to the "Rattlesnake" version is just a total swerve, for he'll join WCW to set up Rock vs. Austin at Summerslam... WWF vs. WCW! I'd be shocked if the WWF kept Austin as Team WWF, and had the Rock come in as a part of ECWCW. But I still say that Team ECWCW needs to win this match to give any interest in seeing RAW tomorrow.
Tito's Pick: Team ECWCW

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@That's all for today. I shall be back, tomorrow, with some Invasion thoughts and RAW is WAR hype, if you can dig that. This is non wrestling, but if the group Bon Jovi ever comes to your town, GO SEE THEM! I caught them last night, and it was just incredible. Anyway, see you tomorrow!


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