Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Well, lots of reaction regarding the theory yesterday. It seems to be true. Also, I'm now a WCW fan, according to the disgruntled WWF fans. Please make up your minds. Am I a WWF mark, or am I a WCW mark? Geesh. On to the PDC.


-Many are wondering why Raven came back so early. Well, WCW just wanted to bring in new faces and old faces as shock value for the recent edition of Nitro. Speaking of Raven, his shoulder is healing nicely, and look for him to return in 6 long weeks. Raven will be mainly used to possibly form a new flock with Vampiro, or he will just accompany Vampiro to get him over with the crowd. WCW was happy with how ICP entered, and how the beating of Konnan and Misterio went.

-Well, it might be a mixed tag match instead of a singles match with Macho and Rodman. WCW wants to put together matches that have shock value, and what better way to do it with a lovely mixed tag match with Macho Man and Miss Madness vs. Rodman and Medusa. Rodman is the worst wrestler in this match, as both Medusa and Miss Madness have skills. Don't look for too much wrestling in this match, because I can't imagine Macho giving one of his stiff elbows to Medusa or Rodman. But wait, he doesn't mind hitting women.

-Well, it looks like old WCW has returned, with Hogan and Bischoff running the main parts of the show. Now, I'm not going to rip it, because it presented an entertaining Nitro Monday. Let's hope old WCW, the one where the NWO's were deteriorating doesn't return. I enjoyed the way Nitro was ran Monday, but if the matches ended differently, I would have ripped it badly. I loved the ending to the Sting vs. Flair match, as well as the Hogan vs. Sid match. The real return of Goldberg was probably the best highlight of Nitro this year. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong with WCW, because watching a horrible Nitro, like the previous weeks, is painful.

-Alright, a few people have told me about rumors of Tony Shiavone being replaced full time by Scott Hudson. That is not true, as Tony Shiavone is taking a few weeks off. I guess he was getting winded from saying "We're running out of Time!! See you next week on Nitro!!". Whatever the case may be, I enjoyed Scott Hudson. He can be boring, like on WCW Saturday Night, but he did great because he finally had some good action to call. If I were WCW, I would put Shiavone on Saturday Night, and put Hudson full time on Nitro!!


-According to many reports stemming from Meltzer, good old Bart Gunn's contract is running out real soon. That's a shame for Bart Gunn, as his career was really ruined when Butterbean destroyed him at Wrestlemania. Poor guy. He became the laughing stock of the WWF, and he the WWF didn't allow him to come back on camera after his defeat. Also, that knock out also affected Dr. Death, as Bart Gunn defeated him. The WWF thought that having someone who lost to a wrestler that was destroyed by a Toughman Boxer wouldn't be good to get a wrestler over.

-On August 9th, get ready...for the Millennium man! Yay, I suppose that will be Jericho's gimmick when he enters the WWF, but hey, it's better than being called Excalibur like someone once thought, eh? Whatever the case may be, the WWF might have to instanly push him when he gets in. They desparately need a main event heel wrestler, and Jericho would be perfect because he can really generate some crowd heat with his mic skills.

FACTOID: Everyone is wondering how ECW and other independents can use the entrance music of various bands without having permission. Well, the truth to that is the fact that the WWF and WCW produce their own music. Plus, they are much more corporate, so they have to pay the artists when they use their music. Notice, however that the recent ECW cd only used cover songs of the real themes. That shows that they avoid using the real music when attempting to market or make money off a song.

@That's it for today. Another dead news day for the WWF, and thank God the Pay Per View is coming up. I'll try to be back tomorrow with another column, so until then chill, till the next episode!

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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