Hello, once again, to the Wonderful World of Tito. Today is Saturday, and that means it's WEEK IN REVIEW day here in the PDC office (if the Compaq from Hell in a room is considered an office). It's been a pretty busy week in the world of wrestling, especially with the WWF pushing hard to hype Invasion, since the past 3 Pay Per Views (Backlash, Judgment Day, and King of the Ring) have buyrates that the WWF has been hiding for a while now.

For those of you who are asking, I about went to Invasion, since it is in Cleveland after all. However, when the opportunity presented itself to buy the tickets, I was pretty much short on cash at the time to get seats, as they are expensive up there. I've looked on Ebay for any sweet deals on scalping, but I didn't find anything good that I wanted. However, I have been looking into going to Smackdown in Pittsburgh, especially since I caught wind of the Ross Report, stating that tickets were still available.

And you know what? I called a Ticketmaster outlet, and I found out that a whole bunch of tickets were available for Smackdown in Pittsburgh. Right now, I could get some decent section C tickets in the center of the ring view, if I choosing to do so (waiting on a few phone calls to see if anyone wants to come up with me). Hell, if section C tickets are still available, imagine sections D, E, and F at the Melon Civic Arena. D, E, and F are total nosebleed sections, as section C is bad enough on the view. I've been in section C for a Penguins game, and it was a distanced view. I'm still pending whether to go or not, especially when the ticket prices for those seats are badly overpriced. But the point is that Smackdown in Pittsburgh seems to be far from a sellout, whereas a 2 years ago, the WWF had no problem selling tickets there within an hour of the first day.

On Comedy Central, the rerun of the Rock Saturday Night Live. Damn, those get shoved into rerun circulation quickly these days. Anyway, I couldn't help but laugh my ass off again at one of the BEST SNLs ever. The Rock was brilliant in acting like other characters, and I had to wipe the tears from my face on the Superman sketch. The whole Kryptonite and to his knees comment is hilarious! If Saturday Night Live knows what's good for them, they should invite the Rock back on as a host. However, note that Lorne Michaels and Vince McMahon aren't on the best of terms, thanks to some of the low rated XFL games delaying the starting time of Saturday Night Live during certain weeks (like the Jennifer Lopez show!). I can still remember that the WWF and SNL were having talks of having Steve Austin on SNL, but after the XFL pissed off Lorne, all talks were off!

Wow, I about wrote a whole column on the intro message alone! I should stop while I'm ahead.... No, wait! Must go on... must do Week in Review! On to the PDC.

So who wants to see WWF Invasion?? I sure as hell do, as I haven't been this pumped for a Pay Per View since Wrestlemania. The card has shaped up nicely, and the ECW Invasion has proved to be a great idea. It looks like the WWF finally has a compelling storyline to live off of, and grow in the ratings once again. It's about time, because the whole Steve Austin/Triple H vs. Undertaker/Kane feud really hurt the WWF's momentum after Wrestlemania.

The ratings for this week, however, were rather strange. On one hand, RAW is WAR shot up in the ratings by a nice margin, while Smackdown slipped a little bit. I don't get it. Well, I somewhat do, as RAW wasn't that excting, at least in my book. Smackdown, I thought, was one of the stronger shows ever since the ECW Invasion started. I do, however, think that Invasion will create some sort of buzz that will provide a little extra spark in the WWF's momentum, which started from the ECW Invasion. Then, the WWF will definitely benefit from the return of the Rock, unless ECW/WCW fans get turned off by having another invincible wrestler, just like Austin, on the current WWF shows.

Oddly enough, Jim Ross said that the WWF is very interested in Scott Steiner now, and probably will sign him once his injury ends. Hopefully, the violent and disrespectful attitude heals as well. You could say that Steiner will just bring in the ratings as a WCW star, but note that the ratings did drop to record lows when he was champ. However, also note that Steiner was involved in ridiculous feuds, swerves, and other crap while he was champ, thanks to the ignorant bookers *cough*Johnny Ace*cough*. Word is that the WWF is "trimming the fat" of their talent roster. No, the Big Show wasn't cut, yet, but that a lot of never been used WCW wrestlers (bye Kwee Wee) or lower end OVW wrestlers will be gone. I bet that the cut will be even bigger, involving certain WWF midcarders who haven't been productive as of late, but since the word got around about the talent releases, the WWF will hold off on anything drastic, for now.

Nothing much in terms of news happening this week. You'd figure more news would occur with a Pay Per View coming up, but oh well. On to the awards!

-Match of the Week-

RVD/Kidman vs. X-Pac/Jeff Hardy from Smackdown

From Smackdown, we had a nice pool of great matches to choose from. However, this one stood out from all of those matches with great workrate. This match, say a few years ago, would never thought to humanly occur. However, thanks to ECW and WCW going down in early 2001 due to stupidity or money problems (or both!), this match was made possible.

Especially the teaming of RVD and Billy Kidman. The WWF pairing of Hardy and X-Pac is strange enough, since they were just feuding a short while ago. Rob Van Dam graced the ECW rings for about 4 years since his last WWF appearance, so his television wrestling debut is big enough. But for him to get to tagged up with a WCW star, like a high flying Billy Kidman, is totally out of this world!

This match featured 4 young and very capable wrestlers (when they truly want to be) going at it in an exciting tag team match. The spots were executed to perfection, the crowd was behind it, and the finish was spectacular. What more could you ask for in a match? Most of all, Rob Van Dam looked excellent in his first ever televised WWF match since 1997, which is a good thing because RVD rubbed WWF officials the wrong way with his attitude back then.

I hope to see more excellent matches like this with the WWF versus ECW/WCW feud in the future.

-Best Tag Team-

Dudley Boyz

Geesh, these guys seem to land this award every week. You'd figure that with the great boom in talent from the invasions, the WWF would fire up the Tag division again. But nooooooooooooo... Well, on Smackdown, we had several unorthodox tag matches, but it would be especially hard to choose between the teams of X-Pac/Hardy and RVD/Kidman. So we'll cop out and go with the Duds, who did work two matches, including defending the titles against the Hardys on RAW, although it was cheaply.

An obvious problem occured with D'Von and Bubba Ray Dudley this week: their spots are becoming very repetitive. They did the chick powerbomb through the table off the top rope spot on RAW, and the 3D through the table on Smackdown. I believe that everything they used to do is hurt from their many feuds with the RTC, T&A, and whoever else when everyone was screaming "Tables, Tables, Tables".

At any rate, Tag Teaming is becoming an all time low in the WWF with the focus on "sports entertainment" pertaining to the Invasions. Invasion does have a few tag matches to keep in mind, so this selection or award should be better next week.... I hope.

-Surprise of the Week-

The Return of "Classy" Freddy Blassie

The man. The myth. The legend. One of the greatest wrestling personalities came back to WWF television this Monday, and delivered a great speech to team WWF about the Invasion. Last we saw Blassie, he was doing a commercial for one of the WWF: The Music cds, at least I think so.

Although Freddy showed obvious signs of aging, it was apparent that he still had the spirit to deliver striking words to the WWF locker room. Blassie has always been a good mouthpiece for whoever he's been associated with, and his magic was present during his pep talk.

You just have to ignore the brainless Stephanie's booking in attempts for very cheap heat to truly enjoy this week's Surprise of the Week.


Stephanie McMahon

Could she get any more stupid? With some of the BEST talent in the federation and an Invasion angle that could really set the world on fire, her booking seems to be taking things slowly. It was very present on RAW is WAR, with lots of lame angles and match ups.

But even worse, she can't even put over her own self on just being a regular bitch in general. She has to go out and tell Freddy Blassie (Surprise of the Week) that he's going to die like the WWF. That's garbage in terms of cheap heat, and it just goes to show you that she's NOT the right person to be head booker in the WWF.

Just remember that she said that Shane and Stephanie have SOLD their WWF shares, ok? I guarantee that Shane and Stephanie will somehow end up with having some ownership in the WWF, in the storylines, and her mentions of selling the shares will be forgotten... Anyone even DARE to bet against me on that one?


If someone could make me a PHAT 100 pixels (height) by 400 pixels (width) Jackson 5 banner, with some kind of association with the original Jackson members and professional wrestlers, I'd appreciate it. If you are going to send one in, be sure it's in .JPG form, with a black background to match LoP's HTML, and be sure to put "Jackson 5 Banner" in your subject line. You will be fully credited and mentioned in the first week that I use the banner.

5. Diamond Dallas Page: Great to see you in the WWF and finally with a good wrestling environment to work in. He deserves it.

4. Kurt Angle: Angle made Raven his bitch this week.

3. Rob Van Dam: Smooth transition to the WWF. His match, or should I say rematch against Jeff Hardy should be a classic.

2. Booker T: Solid match against Jericho. I just wish the WWF would have given him some more credibility going into Invasion, but hey, Booker is new to the WWFE. Gotta pay the dues, I suppose. Great entrance, by the way.

1. Chris Jericho: See down below.

-Wrestler of the Week-

Chris Jericho

So why did Jericho win it this week? Well, he silently had a great week, wrestling in two good matches against WCW's finest (DDP and Booker T). While others take the credit for being considered the WWF's "main eventers", Jericho is hustling in whatever match he's booked in. What else could you ask for?

Hell, and Jericho had both DDP and Booker T beat, but Nick Patrick was always there to screw him, once again. He had guys who have held 5 WCW World Titles, combined, down for the count! That's not bad at all. And to think that Jericho just main evented the last event. Too bad the current WWF main event cartel won't allow themselves to look vulnerable for Jericho.

2 weeks in a row for Jericho for this award.

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