Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Wow, everyone is declaring me a WCW mark. Ha! I was a WWF mark last week. Why doesn't everyone make up their minds? Geesh. Well, the lovely ratings are in!! On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.6
Second Hour: 3.1
Third Hour: 3.3
Composite: 3.33


First Hour: 6.0
Second Hour: 6.5
Composite: 6.25

Head To Head

Raw: 6.25
Nitro: 3.2

-Ok, another week with nothing changing!! I think there is something happening, that I've figured out. I thought Nitro was great this week, and that RAW was a bit stale. The ratings show that the WWF has a solid fan base that only knows that one show is on Mondays. Now did I say that was wrong? The WWF has been putting on solid shows, but they are beginning to repeat very much. Take the opening of RAW. A usual Corporate interview with Stone Cold eventually coming down. The main events are repeated a bunch too. I'm sure the WWF is kinda worried, because Nitro proved that they can put on a helluva a show. Don't ever count out WWF though.


-Great vibes are present in WCW, as the company is happy with how Monday Night ran. The company was very pleased with how good of a job Scott Hudsond did filling in for Shiavone, as he never gets to be fired up doing Saturday Nights. Also, WCW was pleased with the Nitro debuts of ICP, Shane Douglas, and the comeback of Goldberg. It was a very good show, and the crowd for the recent Nitro was the loudest yet this year. A few angles were confusing, but they somehow went over nicely, and I hope we see more of this in the weeks to come.

-With Sting winning the Presidency match, Ric Flair will now take some time off. He will rest his back, and take a trip to Japan. With Shane Douglas most likely forming the stable with Benoit/Malenko/Saturn, the question is will they form the new Horsemen? It would be hard to be Horsemen, because many feel it's not Horsemen if Flair is not included in the group. Maybe it is a good time to form the new Horsemen without Flair around to avoid any legit heat between Douglas and Flair. Either way, the former ECW wrestlers will have a stable of some kind.


-Well, according to WWF.com, the Lucas section, Goldust's name is being removed from the WWF superstars section of WWF.com. This pretty much seals the fate of Goldust in the WWF. Also, according to Brander's post which came from Sharon Austin, Dustin Runnels and Terri Runnels are getting a divorce. That explains why Terri resigned with the WWF, even though Dustin is on his way out. For some reason, Hogan has aspirations for Dustin in WCW, so we should be seeing the Gold one in WCW sometime.

-Many consider the WWF product to becoming stale. I have a theory which might hurt the WWF. It could very well drown the WWF product. Just look what adding an extra hour did for Nitro. It dragged and extended their product, forcing them to put on more of a show and making us watch more. That burns us out on wrestling. Adding Smackdown will really burn the WWF out. Maybe it won't, but it's just my opinion.


Mr. Tito's Theory on WCW Viewers and WWF Viewers

Alright, I figured it out! It struck me that both have very unique viewers. When the Monday Night Wars began back in 1995, both WCW and WWF had their core fans. Neither attracted viewers, but the WWF was ahead in the ratings. Then, the New World Order arrived. The WWF fans jumped to WCW because their former favorites, Hall and Nash, had teamed up with their all time favorite, Hulk Hogan to start the most interesting angle of all time. That created a long WCW ratings run, which the old school WWF fans enjoyed watching. WCW became stale, but the old WWF fans still enjoyed seeing old favorites wrestle. Meanwhile, the WWF decides to change their product..

WWF now is an adult themed show, and their new edge attracted brand new fans that might have never been a wrestling fan before. They just like the women, the language, the interesting wrestlers, and the crazy angles. This attracted a few oldschool viewers, but many still liked the WCW product because they like pure wrestling better. Therefore, WCW never really dropped, and the WWF jumped with new viewers! This explains the reasoning behind this week's ratings or any other week when many feel that Nitro was a better show. The new viewers are hooked on the WWF, so they will never watch Nitro. If you wonder why Nitro had a few controversial segments, it was because they were attempting to lure the "new" WWF fans, that's all. At least, that's my opinion.

@That's it for today. Until the next Phat Daily Column, how about chillin? This is Mr. Tito, non funded hardworking daily columnist, signing off!. Thanks for reading.

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