Welcome to the Friday edition of the ONE AND ONLY Phat Daily Column. Yesterday, the wrestling material just wasn't there to write about, especially with a very weak newsday happening. So I took the day off, which I've warned about before on Thursdays and Sundays because Thursday is one of those dead days.

But I didn't exactly take a day off.... Instead of writing the PDC, I spent a nice amount of time working on a "special project", and I got a significant amount of work done in preparation for its opening. What am I talking about? Stay tuned and find out!

Anyway, I want to get on to the PDC now because I want to talk some Smackdown and Tough Enough!

We start off with an interview, to which I went blaaaaaaah to. At least Paul Heyman says intelligent things while he's on the mic, instead of putting himself over like SOME people. Excuse me, like SOME McMahons. How about those apples? I hope Heyman is correct about killing "sports entertainment", because wrasslin' is the way to go! Actually, Heyman is somewhat hypocritical here because he's taking part in the "sports entertainment" since he's doing this interview. Stupid heat with the Vince McMahon Sr. shot. Stephanie must be really out of her mind these days, and the same goes to Vince for allowing it.

Funny segment with Vince McMahon and Chris Jericho backstage. This would set up Jericho for a match against Diamond Dallas Page. Pretty solid match between these two, and I don't think they've ever met as WCW wrestlers. Jericho was just starting when DDP was climbing the WCW ladder, and when DDP was main eventing, Jericho was a midcarder being held back by dickheads like Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan, who DDP was carrying in matches, actually. Oh by the way, I miss the old DDP music. I'm surprised they did this for the first match, but Jericho doesn't get to be a main eventer or a headliner of a first hour. Oh no. I loved the DQ finish here. Normally, I hate them, but this one was dirty and cruel, as it represented classic heel Nick Patrick. He did that when he was the corrupt NWO referee, as well.

Yet another solid match (2 in a row) with the Christian versus Lance Storm match. Two great workers equals a great match, by the way. Not just one good worker versus a poor worker, with one carrying the other. Oh no! The fans were sort of divided on this match, for Christian was just a heel a few weeks ago, right? Great screwjob finish, as Pat Patterson must have really been on top of his game tonight, as he's the road agent in charge of suggesting finishes for matches. Patterson was on Tough Enough, too, so his star is shining bright right now!

My gosh, Tajiri is a lunatic! He was just going crazy in his skits backstage. I'm sure the Undertaker was trying really hard not to laugh the whole time, while Kane was probably smirking underneath the mask. Kane, Undertaker, and Tajiri took on Tazz/Dudley Boyz in a pretty entertaining 6 man matches. Damn it, the WWF knows my soft spot: I love 6 man matches! I can remember back when NWA/WCW had 6 man titles. Ahhh, those were the days.

By the way, has Lita bulked up on muscle lately? She's getting pretty thick lately.

Wow, another clashing of styles with the Bradshaw versus Sean O'Haire match. The WWF should put the team of Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire against either Edge/Christian or the Hardy Boyz to see some really good matches. The Acolytes are just brawlers, and O'Haire/Palumbo just don't know how to adjust or adapt to it yet. O'Haire just looked horrible against Bradshaw, and it's neither man's fault, as it wasn't Faarooq or Palumbo's fault for the match on RAW. It's just a drastic mismatch on the styles of wrestling, especially when the Acolytes like to work a little stiff at times.

Next, we have the arm wrestling contest between Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus. As some honest criticism, everytime you see an ARM WRESTLING CONTEST between two women, something corrupt will always happen and a cat fight or a beatdown will occur. It's very unoriginal WWF booking, although this arm wrestling contest was one of the better ones. The BEST one was the Sunny vs. Sable one, where Sunny slapped the taste out of Sable's mouth. That's a memory that I'll always remember. You know, I always wonder where Ms. Tammy Sytch would end up if the WWF gave their full attention to her, instead of somewhat splitting it with Sable. Sable would end up turning into an egotistical bitch, just like Chyna ended up becoming.

Well, Vincy-Poo gave us an explanation on why RAW won't be focused around the McMahon divorce proceedings. Vince said they were "put on hold", which is very believeable with the current court system of the United States of America. Looks like Vince is storing this so-called HUGE storyline on the shelf for future use, especially when he thinks that the ECW/WCW Invasion becomes a huge failure (which I hope NEVER happens).

AWESOME match between X-Pac/Jeff Hardy against Rob Van Dam/Billy Kidman. I never thought I'd see RVD in the WWF again, nor would I have thought to seen a RVD on top of his game, either. Hell, I would have never thought that RVD and Billy Kidman would ever tag up in my life time. Damn this ECW/WCW invasion is doing wonders, at times. All 4 guys worked hard and hit their spots (even RVD). Kidman and RVD even won the match against the WWF stars, with X-Pac losing cleanly to Kidman!!! Looks like we know who will win the battle of the Lightweights or Cruiserweights. RVD looked very crisp in his first actual televised WWF match in about 4 years, and I wish for continued success and no problems to occur. The Smackdown fans were really digging RVD, although Boston is partially an ECW city. Oh lord, can you just imagine the July 30th RAW is WAR when it's in Philadelphia?? Oh my.

I don't know what to say about the Austin guitar shot. Something is very fishy about the WCW/ECW vs. WWF brawl, because if team WCW/ECW loses, what do they have to show for on future shows? They must win to continue the battle, right? Someone is turning, but who? Austin? Just note that Summerslam's main event, which is the only long term planning by the WWF these days, has Rock versus Austin for the World Title. Rock is the WWF's biggest face, and to have him go against a Benedict Arnold like a WCW turned Steve Austin would be reason enough for a big rematch. Who knows? But what I do know is that something's up with the main event, especially on how stacked Team WWF is.

I really like what the WWF has done with Booker T's entrance. Myself and Coolbeans mark out everytime he comes out for a match. I really hope ECW/WCW does take over, because we'll get more wrestling than "sports entertainment". I was hoping for an actual match up, but d'oh, it was a hyper for the Pay Per View. I do enjoy a good, psychotic DDP. It's nice to see him so involved with some better angles or storylines than some of the crap he was booked in for the old WCW. DDP versus Steve Austin is a dream match, by the way. DDP vs. Austin at Summerslam? Then who or what would the Rock fight? Rock vs. Booker T? I only hope. Anyway, Kurt Angle got his at the end with the repetitive 3D through the table spot. Duds are getting old on some of the material they attempt these days, in my opinion.

LAST WORD: Very good show overall, as I had a near A+ riding for the overall grade, but the failed main event and just a few things keep this show's grade down to an A. That's just a few tenths of a point off from the big score, so don't sweat it. The RVD/Kidman vs. X-Pac/Jeff Hardy match could be a keeper.


This week's focus was the first cut, and it will really seem ackward since 3 people have quit already. Instantly, there's panic over who will get released, yadda yadda yadda. A few people were shitting themselves, seriously, because they thought they'd get cut. Throughout the show, the contestants pulled stupid pranks on Darryl, ate dinner with Pat Patterson, and did some training with Al Snow.

Al Snow continues to be the man, for he's not taking any crap when in the ring. He doesn't yell, but he just has that strict approach to which you wouldn't want to make him yell, ya know? Snow had a hell of a time with Darryl this week, who was blowing bumps and nearly hurting a few people on moves. With Darryl, I think his coordination is just horrible to begin with, and his laid back approach to something that must be taken seriously really hurt him. Darryl got the cut, by the way, and now the contestants will find another poor fella in the house to scapegoat in front of the Mtv camera. Now those are some apples!

I was cracking up at the WWF dinner on how the contestants were complaining about Taylor's ass kissing, especially Pauline. Actually Pauline, you're the one who sobs around the ring, expecting attention when you can't bump properly. Taylor is working hard and she's not purposely attracting attention to herself, based on feelings, like you are Chyna Pauline, mmmmk?

LAST WORD: Not much actual wrestling training featured. I'm guessing that the contestants are doing a hell of a lot more than what's shown on camera, like a lot of basic wrestling maneuvers and training. I'm still sticking with Maven, Chris, and Greg to be in hunt, but I must say that Taylor impressed me with her competitive fire that was lacking in someone like Chyna Pauline. Pretty enjoyable show, with the right decision made for the cut. Next week: Another cut will be made!

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