Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Wow, I had some very interesting feedback on the last column, as I sort of went overboard on one topic, which I'm sure you can name. I'll discuss more of that later. But anyway, today is WCW day, with a column loaded with WCW thoughts and of course, the dose of Chunder. On to the PDC.


WCW Ratings Analysis

First Hour: 2.0
Second: 2.7
Composite: 2.35

Wow, talk about a lack of advertising or something! That's my only excuse for the low ratings for one of the best Nitros ever! I don't know if WCW advertised this much for other fans, but I know they were pushing for the time online. Oh well. This show did grab some attention, as it nailed a whopping 3.7 for the Goldberg vs. Steiner match! Wow! That is when the show is little known, just imagine the ratings on Monday Night or if they tried it on Thunder. The 3.7 alone is proof that this was a good show.

Speaking of ratings before we go off the subject, Part 2 of Nuremburg, the TNT movie who pre-empted Nitro this week, did a powerful 5.3 rating! Now that's amazing, but then again, that kind of movie attracts a much different audience than a wrestling one. So we can't blame this for the weak RAW first hour rating.

-Thunder Thoughts-

Wow, Lenny Lane returned last night, in fact, he defeated the Wall in a tables match to re-enter WCW. I suppose somebody noticed that Lenny was STILL under contract, and someone noticed that he could STILL have potential. Well, it could be a little late, as I know his contract is due in a little while. Might as well get him ready for the WWF now. Also, I'm glad that WCW has turned the Wall into a jobber. Finally, someone notices how he is such an untalented wrestler.

What the hell?!? Why did the Great Muta have to put over Tank Abbott? Ok, I know that Tank Abbott was a former street and UFC fighter, but this is a guy who tapped out the the Psycho Sid Crossface submission! I guess we might as well shoot down any credibility of Muta, especially since Tank Abbott is just there for the ride now with 3 Count.

It was a lame Thunder in my mind, as I bet many gave it their all Tuesday night. That's ok though, cause Tuesday Nitro was satisfying enough, so we'll let this one slide by.

Next week, I get the pleasure of viewing Thunder....twice! Once on Tuesday night, and the second time on television.


Ok, let's get a few things straight about myself and Lance Storm. In no way or form am I ripping on his native country. Many get confused when I rip on his catch phrase "From Calgary....Alberta, Canada". I've always ripped on htis, even in his ECW days. I am in no way ripping on the country, but just how he always finishes his interviews with that. It just sounds rather odd, especially when he's cutting a promo. It used to sound really weird when he was with Justin Credible, and in the middle of Credible's speech, he would whip out the "From Calgary....Alberta, Canada" thing, and it would really sound odd. Again, I'm just ripping on the way he uses it, and not the country of Canada.

Many are still wondering when the return of Sting will happen. Well, he already returned...he was the man under the mask 2 Nitros ago.... Ok, but when will he officially return and be involved in the angles? Well, I think it won't be for a while, especially with Vampiro starting his new gimmick with his fellow clowns, ICP. Then again, maybe the Demon could join forces with the Stinger, and attack Vampiro?

Or, Sting could be negotiating with Eminem for a REAL showdown with Vampiro and ICP. Yes, that was a joke.

Speaking of ICP, MY FAVORITE RAP GROUP IN THE ENTIRE WORLD(sarcasm), I had some interesting feedback on my column yesterday from that parody interview with that fictional character, Mr. Juggalo. It was really something which would explain my thoughts on ICP, and why I occasionally bash them for their involvement in wrestling, while ripping on the style or threats that SOME ICP fans love to send me. Why? When I get called "whack ass mofo" or other mispelled or ignorant words by certain ICP fans, it gets a good laugh and should be brought to someone's attention.

My questions is, with New Blood Rising coming up, who the hell is still in the New Blood? They are no longer a cohesive unit like they used to be, especially with ALL Millionaire Club members but Nash gone. They fight each other now, so why call this upcoming Pay Per View "New Blood Rising"? Well, I suppose the new meaning is that the New Blood, meaning all of the wrestlers under 40 who haven't been on top, are rising to the occasion, and becoming top stars in the company. Many of the older wrestlers are injured or just suspended, and that's allowing more younger talent or just the best talent to now take the top spots.

Well, Kevin Nash is back, so will he eventually bring back Hogan, Scott Hall, and Eric Bischoff to reform the NWO??? Well, eventually. When this eventually happens, any thing that has been hard to work for will just suddenly disappear. Hogan will then become the "top star" in the company, with his power coming back, and Bischoff backing him. So we might as well stop enjoying these good WCW programs for a while, and recognize that a big threat is coming, and that there isn't a damn thing we can do to stop it.

By the way....the whole situation with Russo and Hulk Hogan is indeed a work by the way....if nobody told you yet.

I've received a few e-mails concerning the ticket prices of the Australian WCW tour. YUCK! Talk about ticket price inflation, or just WCW trying to satisfy the demand for live wrestling down there. That's a damn shame they are charging so much though. WCW is USUALLY reasonable on ticket sales here in the states. It just seems unfair to me that WCW would raise the prices up to ridiculous numbers like that, especially for a country of wrestling fans who have waited forever for WCW to make the trip.

You know what's sad? Bill Goldberg was finally shown what paying dues were when Scott Steiner made him sell certain moves. I felt that the match was excellent because Goldberg wasn't such an unstoppable force like he was before. Steiner showed that Goldberg isn't such a powerful man, and of course, Bill Goldberg had to piss and moan about wrestling Steiner that night. Then, Goldberg was pissed about taking a powerbomb by Nash. What a damn crybaby. There's a good WCW problem right there that needs to fix that problem...somehow. Either that, or Goldberg will hold out for another pay raise!

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with WWF Day, recalling the fun and times of Smackdown, or whatever else. See you tomorrow!

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