Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, Monday Night went by, and I had this column all typed out, heavily detailed in all, but no, something had to go wrong. Damn computer crashed right when I finished the Monday Night impressions, and when I was beginning the news part. Now I don't mind spending a few hours typing this column, that's no biggie, but re-typing a column, well, I'm not about to do that. So today, I will have the very condensed Monday Night Impressions. I'll make sure when typing this column in the future that I don't have two browsers, e-mail, FTP, and three chatters open at the same time when typing the PDC. With that being said, on to the condensed Phat Daily Column.

Monday Night Impressions


-Well, tonight I thought WCW put on a great show this week. Hogan vs. Sid had a good ending, and Sting vs. Flair was great. I am beginning to like Vampiro, as he has some intense moves, and now he's teamed up with ICP and Raven!! Good old Shane Douglas showed up to maybe form the new Horsemen? Whatever happens, I want to say that Nitro put on an excellent show tonight, and all props go to them as I give them a


for a great show, finally.

Professor Frank McHone says: This was a very solid show. It shows what WCW can do if they actually think about it before they do it. Sting and Flair is always great to watch. Too bad the Flinger won. I see an alliance between Nash, and Steiner. Will this last when Big Poppa Pump comes back? I hope so. Konnan gets punked, that was great. Rodman, Goldberg, and Douglas all make appearances or returns. I just don't want to see too much of the great face trio. If this show didn't have Hogan on it, it would have gotten a higher grade. He brings it down a letter though. This edition of Nitro gets a


for it's efforts.


-This edition of RAW fits my stereotype of Taped shows being weaker than the live shows. Nothing spectacular happened tonight on RAW, and it could prove that the WWF may be becoming stale with not much shock value and repetition. I felt this edition of RAW was the worst one that I've seen in a while, and they can do much better. I'll give them a


because of a less than average show.

Professor Frank McHone says: Taped program, but still entertaining and fun to watch. Edge finally gets his push. The Rock is the man, and I love to watch him wrestle even though he lost. The tag match kicked ass! I love the Hardys. Will someone please shoot Mideon? Shane and Stephanie is a good angle. HHH and Taker put on a good show. Kane and Taker are already split up. I am really beginning to like Hardcore Holly now. This was a solid effort by the WWF going into their PPV this weekend. ECW put on a good show last night, and everytime someone does a good PPV, the WWF goes all out to top it. We'll see how it plays out. This Raw gets a


for it's efforts.

Wrestling News

-The word is that WCW is paying Dennis Rodman $1 Million for 4 appearances, which is $250,000 when you do the math. Gee, they could have used that money to maybe resign Chris Jericho or something. Why do they have to do this? Celebrities, lately, have had no crowd reaction, and they have been taking up a lot of television time. That time and the money should be spent on the much deserving wrestlers, not someone who dresses up like a woman for attention.

-Oh my, yesterday I listened to the Dudley speech made at Heatwave Sunday. I was on the floor laughing. They killed the crowd the worst that I have ever heard any wrestler(s) kill the crowd. Joel Gertner also made some great comments as well. Great piece by ECW, but it's a shame that they have to keep the language down and violence down when they debut on TNN. TNN, besides rollerjam, is a clean channel. They have lots of former hour long shows, country shows, and they have a few sporting events like racing. ECW is very new to them, and I wonder if they are ready for their product. ECW has already been told to tone it down, but I'm sure they will still be extreme. Another thing to realize about ECW is the fact that it isn't an infomercial like the current ECW TV show is. Now you will get to see Normal television commercials, but that's worse than seeing the same ECW promos over and over again. Oh well, I can't wait until I can see ECW again!

-According to Calvin Martins's hotline report, which many reword and use, Chris Jericho might have to pay his dues to become the main eventer. That is very fair of the WWF, as they did the same thing with Paul Wight when he first entered the WWF. You aren't handed anything in the WWF, but the WWF does need a new main eventer. Their current ones have fought each other many many times, and they are forced to tag on a gimmick just so the match might get over. New is good, and the WWF needs new just so they don't fall from the top. Maybe they should push Jericho the second he arrives.

@That's all for today. I'm sorry that I couldn't produce the long Monday Night Impressions, but if you knew how long I worked on them originally, you would hopefully understand. Anyways, I'll make sure to be safer next week. So until the next PDC, just chill till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, trying to be fair, signing off.

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